Burning Batteries Pose A Huge Risk To EV Mandates

Very interesting and compelling article which I totally agree with the dismal picture it affords us in seeing the reality of the EV charade!
Here are a few excerpts from my recent article which I hope will provide some added helpful data of the reality of this madness that I compiled in this regard!

Just like the Junk Science highly political propagated nonsense of the Leftist’s and their minions in government, science, education and Big Tech/MSM have pushed for years the insane propaganda of first, “Global Warming,” then lowing the bar to “Climate Change” because they were hanging themselves with the original fiasco showing how “over the top insane” they are promoting to everyone, like “Chicken Little’s The Sky is Falling” scenario climate disaster; of how we only have 50 years or less before most coastlines will be underwater and the “weather apocalypse” will be upon us! But, it was so obvious that wasn’t adding up, and they couldn’t fudge or skew the numbers enough to support their fraudulent scheme for the globalists; while maintaining this propaganda aligned with their “imperative agenda” of reaching “zero man-made carbon emissions,” being added to the atmosphere!

All this effort to cheat mind you, so these same lying schemers can also push electric cars for example, which quite often totally turn into fire death traps with the batteries exploding, especially in hot weather or charging them in such overheated conditions! Not to mention the impracticable factor of not being able to charge them wherever, say like being as convenient compared to the ability to buy gasoline where and when you need it immediately, but, also the horrible fact that to mine all of the rare earth toxic minerals like lithium and cobalt needed to make all the batteries, which definitely don’t last long enough having a life span and “cost benefit analysis” (that somebody botched up Big Time) based on getting humongous miles from the life of the battery to make the purchase even worth it because of the exorbitant production cost. And the more they are recharged the faster they become useless, so overall being extremely expensive to purchase! That by itself is enough of a giant negative in what it takes to produce each battery, then that coupled with the truth of once they’re worn out this is constant producing of extremely hazardous materials an end consequence or byproduct; footprint, DAH!

While even worse than that, during the mining process huge amounts of water are needed and wasted with accompanying subsequent water table contamination along with massive CO2 emissions by all the earth moving equipment needed for such mining; and then that end result of used up batteries, many eventually being dumped into the environment even though people say they won’t; this subsequent earth polluting process finding its way into ground water or the water table further, unless recycled, which isn’t easy or cost effective! Add to all of this the need to completely switch over the whole infrastructure of gasoline stations to battery charging stations or such facilities wherever people park their cars for any length of time! NUTS!!! The Left think they have a better idea but it will destroy the planet and our societies; while making the filthy rich even much richer which is a win/win for the numb skull leftists and the fat cats!


PA Pundits International

By Duggan Flanakin ~

After a Volkswagen Golf (not an electric vehicle) caught fire in the underground car park in Eku-Platz, Germany, the city’s civil engineering department closed the car park for five months. Damages (all eventually paid for by insurance) amounted to 195,000 euros. As a condition for the reopening, however, the insurance company forbade the use of the underground garage by hybrid and electric vehicles.

There were several reasons. Lithium batteries can only be cooled with extinguishing water and continue to burn for several days. The car park’s ceiling is not high enough to pull out burning vehicles with heavy equipment. This means that every other vehicle in the car park, as well as the entire building, remains at risk of a fire or explosion that could have disastrous results. Yet as the fire protection report admitted, nobody had even considered the magnitude of the fire risk from…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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5 thoughts on “Burning Batteries Pose A Huge Risk To EV Mandates”

    1. All part of the game and Agenda; duping all of the leftist fools and pushing it down the throats of the rest by Edicts Like Lock-downs!

      Paul Rand talks a talk but where is the walk calling for Fauci to spend only 5 years in an Orange Jump Suit for what he did! Why the talk Mr. Rand if the evidence is there as you claim the charges should have been already served and Fauci should be in a cell not waiting for a five year sentence for what he has done but execution for high treason and crimes against humanity!

      All I see is lots of political theater to just blow smoke up the collective ass of the people!
      One big happy criminal conspiracy family in DC!

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