Democrats take McConnells offer. Electric vehicle hassles

McConnell is playing the game it’s all a CHARADE! He’s nothing less than a “greasy backstabbing partisan paid up crony member” RINO, of both the establishment and leftist radical agendas! He’s playing his base!

I’ve always called him Mr. Mumbling Mealy Mouthed Clown, Bubbles!

When will this misery and FRAUD end! These slimy gutter rat politicians should have all been locked-away for safekeeping long ago!!!

God help us, that is the only Hope and Prayer of escaping this nightmare that we have!!!

God bless America!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


Unfortunately we don’t get to see a government shutdown anytime soon, we needed it to bring the end to this administration but now the infrastructure talks will continue and this thing is a never ending nightmare. But the left and Democrats are full of nightmares the evil continues…

Well besides the U.S. not wanting to take electric vehicle batteries seriously or the fact people switch back to gas because charging is inconvenient, who would have guessed that?

but now we got another moronic program where you get an electric vehicle if you trade in your old gas clunker. Yep in the Bay Area in California we got another cash for Clunkers. Theyll probably destroy the vehicles like they did in Obama years despite the fact there is a major car shortage going on.

That doesn’t stop these evil people from killing even more vehicles…

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