OMG I never seen anything like it- run for your life! Hide under a rock or take the next rock-et launch with Elon to escape planet earth!

caption-by-kittyworks-run-for-your-life-thereaprestupid-peopleeverywhere-dont-walk-run-20894143 (2)

That cat is high-tailing it-heading to the hills man!

turning-point-usa-a-world-full-of-people-who-dont-30784094 (2)

Exactly man, see that Rod was a far out guy- way ahead of his time!!!

Screenshot_2021-11-29 ELON SPACEX web_ jpg (WEBP Image, 2000 × 1333 pixels) - Scaled (48%)

Strap me on that sucker Elon- Get me the Hell out of this nut house!!!

elon musk passports

Even has lifetime passports no more PCR testing and you can walk around on the moon all you want!!! HOORAY!
The Awe and Mystery of it is just too much to handle that reaches from the inner mind to the “Outer Limits!!!” Please Standby! Or is it actually- The Twilight Zone!!!
Lawrence Morra III – INCOGNITO! Or at least pretty Neto!





douuble-entendre (2)

Hey hold the phone folks, Rod Serling was the man and knew so much about that Twilight Zone and parts Unknown; while this Elon has more than a leg up on Space-shots and going into Orbit! But I have to admit I’m on my way to a safe destination already; at least that’s what the doctor told me, unless he is lying!  Would he do that? Well I’ll find out soon enough because here we go for broke! Going to give it a Whirl or even a Squirrel, can’t be all that bad right!

Onway to nut house sylvester cat sm print

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Somebody’s got a ticket to ride-This is the ticket-Let’s laugh these insane Globalist Despots out of town or out of their minds, which ever comes first or any combination of the aforementioned!

PA Pundits International

A Dry Bones Cartoon ~

Happy Hanukka to us ALL!

And Stay Safe!

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15 thoughts on “OMG OMICRON”

    1. Good thought! Rod had a great imagination! I think regardless of exactly what reality is or whether there is any way for us now as we are to truly quantify what reality is or from what perspective of Space Time Continuum it can actually be perceived if possible in this state we are in to its fullest capacity or in other words really know all there is to understand about reality; I like to think that at some point we do wake up or awaken to the mystery! And then know what has been going on and what we were missing; because so much goes over our heads anyway! Strangers in a strange land!
      Thanks for the interesting thought!
      God bless you! Additionally-
      Twilight Zone was and is a great show! I still like catching it on MeTV some nights; also have some DVD’s of the show! Though it was fiction Rod Serling did poke at some big ideas and questions about reality and our living in-between imagination and what we perceive as reality; that fringe area of both shadow and substance where reality meets the fullest extent of imagination or creativity of the human mind and consciousness! I like to sleep some nights just for the dreaming because sometimes I wake and it sorta blows my mind how real it was and so surreal at the same time; like my mind is being stretched to make a breakthrough! Some-kind of ceiling we have to get through or like Rod said the next stop is the Twilight Zone!!! I have had even an out of body experience a couple of times years ago that I think God allowed to help someone in dire straits as he would listen to me! I also had precognition occur absolutely no doubt! So what we perceive is visceral, tangible and shadowy all at once, a kind of blend of perspectives within existence! We are beings with immortal souls and physical flesh and bones life which is a pretty amazing combination by itself, and how does that work and what layers are at work in that combination to the core, of like peeling an onion, always more to discover beneath each layer of consciousness! Something to think about when not so tired or maybe actually when sleeping!
      Take care.
      God bless.

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  1. Always liked The Twilight Zone. >> Suppose you entered into a world where stupidity was a virus and a quickly concocted vaccine was mandated to bring about herd immunity, then all the sheep lined up to get vaxed until herd immunity was finally considered unachievable and they all began to die off from the vax. Welcome to The Twilight Zone! Or am I thinking about The Night Gallery somewhere in The Outer Limits? Or is that movie – A Nightmare on Main Street?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All the above; I said from the get goes don’t watch MSM or listen to the local and national politicians but so many didn’t want to hear me so now look at that, so many were proud to be doing their fair share and civic duty being proud to have all 3 jabs around here! Pride is a bad word in Scriptures! Too many poor people have been too brainwashed over the years, now they have that problem or a thick skull to begin with. I’ve seen it for years so many people not developing some common sense and acute discernment no matter how many years they’ve had! I used to tell all the guys stop smoking that weed you won’t last! They’ve been buying into everything the left tossed on them!


      1. True! Know how you feel. The Lord’s watchmen will be mocked as Noah was in his day. Stay strong brother and never let go of the faith. The Lord’s watchmen can only sound the alarm; they can notmake the people listen. It’s either too much wax in the ears or crap for brains! Ha! Can’t think of any other way to put it. It is what it is! Unlike some slick Willie’s, I know what the definition of “is” IS! Willie’s is a nickname for “Bill Lies!” Remember that finger pointing perjury to all the world to see in 1998? LOLGB+

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      2. Hear you loud and clear made sure there was no wax in my ears; or is that wax for brains or brains in my ears either way I didn’t blow my mind intentionally anyway; a person has to learn to use what they were born and blessed with at some point and when they refuse to do so they travel at their own peril! Seen it too much when that arrogance and defiance kicks in or worse blaming God for everything shitty in their lives; Bob Di Nero who I did meet once has that issue in spades, sure wasn’t the person I would have or did expect to actually talk with, where was his faith I thought, but, yes he needs help or an awakening; unless another who wants the darkness! Fail to realize God may allow burdens but He always lights the way out to any who will actually believe and listen with a humble heart; it is absolutely we who need obedience no doubt about it! To me Humble = God’s Grace but Defiance = His Condemnation! For shit sake a child can figure that out, look what we have been taught from the beginning and why the Devil who was Lucifer the Bearer of Light the most beautiful angel of them all, but now he will forever be at the very bottom of the bottomless pit when God restores all balance and order to “HIS CREATION” not ours, it’s only a taking ownership of what God created out of his abundant love to share with “His children” when we “inherit it,” if “deserving and we earn it!” Which isn’t too complicated because that comes down to “Trusting Him” and being obedient thus expressing our true humble, genuine love and appreciation for such a wonderful thing; as I say giving toral respect where it is due, if not that whole defiance thing creeps in leading to Transgression! Even a child gets taught about earning ya keep; well the ones that have real parents or some good mentor and teacher in their life but it is sad how too many don’t, but God has this covered also because His ways are not our ways and what we think is not what He thinks; duh, He is God and too far beyond our capacity to make it be all right just because we want it to be; but, Trust in Him and it will be fine! Just a bit sore butt at times, having to deal with this rat race; or the dads of some thick headed guys I grew up with, OUCH! Agree with all you said here and then some but; the Bill part is cute, of course I recall and “I did not have a sexual relationship with that woman!” That’s not the question you were supposed to answer, Bubba! I know you and Al Gore don’t inhale either so that doesn’t count! Depends how you define inhale right? Do you slowly and gently draw a breath hardly noticeable or really suck some wind! Is it a shallow breath not really too far into ya pipes or is it a deep all the way Macbreath! I went all the way many times; coast to coast, couldn’t drive any further if my life depended on it! In that case I would sure try swimming as far as I had to!!!LOL!

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      3. Haha! I am Bro and about to take hike! Not the negative get lost buster but a real nice one with my dog! Catch ya on the rebound or other side, somewhere over there, not quite over the rainbow at this point!
        Hikes can be as good if not better than laughs too!
        Check these out, 2 hikes in the past!


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