“The immune system of citizens, which has been more or less senseless measures imposed over the past two years, has been reduced to such an extent that many do not even have their own defenses.”

Yes exactly and this is the plan or part of the Agenda!

Restrictions on movement or all of the anti-contagion measures put in place from the beginning of this “Hoax” have retarded the normal immune system function of people very adversely; making them much more vulnerable to pathogenic infection during flu season; which is obviously when they should have their best natural immunity intact to ward off serious life-threatening illness. This natural order has all been compromised intentionally and the ongoing situation will only get worse unless there is a massive admission of truth and culpability made by all those responsible, of which there is ZERO potentiality of that happening; but that is what would have to be announced with counter measures to help restore human Herd Immunity and basically reverse engineer the Frankenstein Doomsday Scenario that “They Created!”
God Bless You!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

“Das Immunsystem der Bürger, das in den letzten zwei Jahren mehr oder weniger sinnlose Maßnahmen ergriffen hat, wurde so stark reduziert, dass viele nicht einmal über eigene Abwehrkräfte verfügen.”

Ja genau und das ist der Plan oder Teil der Agenda!

Bewegungseinschränkungen oder alle Anti-Ansteckungsmaßnahmen, die seit Beginn dieses “Schwindels” eingeführt wurden, haben die normale Funktion des Immunsystems der Menschen nachteilig behindert. sie während der Grippesaison viel anfälliger für pathogene Infektionen machen; Das ist offensichtlich, wenn sie ihre beste natürliche Immunität haben sollten, um schwere lebensbedrohliche Krankheiten abzuwehren. Diese natürliche Ordnung wurde alle absichtlich kompromittiert, und die gegenwärtige Situation wird sich nur verschlimmern, wenn nicht von allen Verantwortlichen ein massives Eingeständnis der Wahrheit und der Schuld gemacht wird, von dem es KEINE Möglichkeit gibt, dass dies geschieht; aber das müsste mit Gegenmaßnahmen angekündigt werden, um die menschliche Herdenimmunität wiederherzustellen und im Grunde das Frankenstein-Weltuntergangsszenario zurückzuentwickeln, das “Sie geschaffen haben!”
Gott segne dich!

Bruder in Christus Jesus,,
Lawrence Morra III

Lindas Einblick

Auf der Intensivstation lässt sich das meiste Geld verdienen. Aus diesem Grund haben die privatisierten Krankenhäuser, ein ureigenes Interesse daran, die Lage vor Ort zu dramatisieren. Wir kennen diese Übertreibungen aus der Vergangenheit.

Wer liegt auf den Intensivstationen?

Osteuropäer und Migranten, machen einen Großteil der Patienten aus, die auf den Intensivstationen behandelt werden. An dieser Stelle wird man doch die Frage stellen dürfen, ob die “schon länger hier Lebenden” nicht benachteiligt werden, zumal das in anderen Bereichen auch der Fall ist.

Dr. Jürgen Zastro sagte bei Maischberger: „Auf den Intensivstationen liegen die meisten, die dort nicht liegen müssten.“

Der Grund ist die Neuausrichtung der Krankenhäuser, eingeleitet durch Rot/Grün, Agenda 2010. Der Patient soll maximal gewinnbringend behandelt werden. Die Genesung der Patienten ist von zweitrangiger Bedeutung. Ein Intensivbett kostet pro Tag 10.000 Euro, auch wenn keiner drin liegt, und egal wer drin liegt, ergo liegen auf den Intensivstationen Patienten, die auf…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

10 thoughts on “Intensivstation”

  1. Thank you, Lawrence. Always nice to read from you. Try to understand the difference between Germany and the United States of America.

    The people here have had their backs broken. They have been punched in the face, but there is hardly any resistance.

    The division of society into the vaccinated and the unvaccinated is now viewed positively. One wants the division of society. They sow enmity and discord.

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    1. “Not interested in improving our situation.” You nailed it my Friend, and thanks again! I wish you were here then I could feel much more certain how to say what I want to say and when to shut up! You have great insight and ideas! Trump had said plainly “they are coming after you!” If he is as genuine as I had thought for some time until he got swept up in the Vaccine Fiasco and brought in Dr. Atlas far too late in my opinion; but what he said there is true! The War has Begun in Earnest now! Jim Caviezel said as much in his recent speech and I do trust him a good man, not just because he portrayed Christ but because Christ chose him to do it! I watched the whole thing unfold when I first saw the film “The Thin Red Line” I quickly saw a Christ like persona in him and as a casting director I would have cast him to play Jesus! But in that WWII story the character he portrayed and certain scenes stood out to me as him being a character that was willing to lay down his own life for his friends which he ultimately did in the story! Apparently I’m not the only person who saw that prior to the making of the Passion; because none other than Mel Gibson saw this quality immediately when he saw the film and called Jim not ever having met and had already decided this was the actor to play Jesus, and asked him to come out to his production office! So my point being; is that God’s hand was at work in all of this and still is! I’ve seen many things like this unfold in the world and in my life. Around that time I actually spoke to the Catholic Priest who ultimately Mel Gibson had asked to come out of retirement in Canada; to be his official Tridentine Latin Mass Priest in his then newly constructed Catholic chapel on his compound in Malibu California! My conversation with this priest was very beautiful and helpful; it still is having a strong lasting effect!
      Thanks again for all you do and for bringing me up to speed! Amen.


  2. As a preschool teacher (once), a good reason for putting kids in preschool was to expose their immune system. And it worked well! This hiding away and denying the importance of acquired natural immunity–yikes!

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    1. Hi Jacqui…Absolutely I couldn’t agree more in a million years if I had that much time here! We were designed by the author of the universe so we are fine if we follow certain basic simple SOP! My grandparent’s and especially my dad when I was a scrawny young kid would give me a love tap on my upper arm and say you’ll be fine you have to toughen up a bit is all; when I was down or sounding like I was worried about getting sick! Tried, Tested and Proven methodology worked for millennia and now all of a sudden some Greedy nefarious men are rewriting the human immunology; because they know better than God? Give me a break that is so ridiculous on its face and a bald face lie!

      Thank you Jacqui for the great comment!!! Got me thinking for sure!
      Genuine truth you bring!

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