Here I see how two blog essays for Christmas perfectly converge and dovetail perfectly with my intention on Christmas being to spend time focused on the reality that Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior was born as one of us but the crucial difference being He is human perfection totally without sin and in doing so, He God Almighty could light the way ahead of each of us with God’s Absolute Truth Power and Glory in order to bring us to everlasting life with Him our Eternal Glorious Father; through His only begotten Son Jesus!

I read and hear controversies about this celebration of the birth of Christ Jesus and many say how pagan associations have been incorporated into this occasion which is true to an extent! But I say this; we are still here in the imperfect flesh and we must never as they say throw out the baby with the bath water! We can find fault with any human celebration, finding flaws or faults in what is being done, even with Easter or our own birthdays, which if we researched these particular dates or time frames would find that some completely foul or even some pagan act was committed sometime in the past which is associated with that date. But we would not cancel our own birthday celebration because of such a thing! Therefore I say it’s what is genuinely in the heart based on Truth and Love that we want to express our thanks and total appreciation for our being born; our being given a life with a purpose that comes from God!

The birth of Jesus is the most important birth in all time, that we must cherish and to the very best of our ability expressing our thanks as well as appreciation for this miraculous gift that could only come from God the Father Himself; which was a human baby was born who was named Jesus and would grow up to be our Savior in order to keep us out of hell and eternal damnation; instead bringing us to eternal life and peace in heaven! Think hard now about what that means to you personally and your loved ones; how vitally crucial and important this gift from God actually is, and put all of your heart and soul into expressing your own appreciation of this Truth and Gift from God on “this day and throughout the year” by means of placing your life humbly in the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ and “live the love” He has given to you with each breath and step you take; to the very best of your ability! This way you are doing no harm at all, but, instead are very pleasing to our heavenly Father in this showing true respect and adoration for Jesus who makes all things possible with His Birth and then shed blood as the only sacrifice for the redemption of souls that is worthy and capable of atoning for all sin; so that we might be brought to eternal life by “accepting Jesus and loving Him above anything;” even your own life!

“Mother of Salvation: The Gift of Love is intensified at Christmas”
20 December 2014 @ 4:25pm; Message 1292

“My dear children, the love of my Son is never more prevalent than it is at Christmas.

At this time, during the celebration of His Birth, He floods souls with His love. It is at this time that you must live the love that was given to you, naturally, as children of God. You must cherish the Gift of Love, which comes from God and share this Gift with everyone you know.

The Gift of Love is intensified at Christmas in the souls of all God’s children and it is at this time you must acknowledge that love begins in the family. My Son was born into a family and this was for good reason. God manifested Himself – not as an individual sent on a mission, with no one close to Him, but within the Holy Family.”

“Cherish the Gift of Love, which comes from God and share this Gift with everyone you know.”

“The Gift of Love is intensified at Christmas in the souls of all God’s children and it is at this time you must acknowledge that love begins in the family.”

“It was from the heart of a loving family, that my Son, Jesus Christ, set about in His Mission on earth to redeem man from sin.”

“Love and unity in a family is a great Gift from Heaven and you must strive, always, to remain united at all times.”

With these excerpts I quote here I acknowledge the profound “God Sent Truth” in all of these words contained in this message! And with these particular passages I announce while emphasizing my commitment to live them now and going forward regardless of how much evil has infected this human race as it’s spurred on by Satan, is ultimately a futile hopeless effort by the evil one and any of his followers; because of the “Absolute Plain Truth” from God that Light will always overcome the darkness!

Therefore we must see it’s only through God’s light that True Love can be born and flourish, where there is “Free Will;” Anything short of that would not be love!

Blessed are those who come in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

My Dear Sister Deborah states so perfectly in my eyes and heart what we need to focus on and convey in our actions during this most joyous occasion and season!

“Christians can use this opportunity to bring the message of hope and salvation to many. The message of Christmas is CHRIST. We celebrate Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was born as man and God so He could take all of our sins upon Himself and die on the cross. May the joyful season and the merrying be all about this truth.”

“She shall give birth to a son. You shall name him Jesus, for it is he who shall save his people from their sins.”
– Matthew 1:21 (WEB)

Merry Christmas to one and all. I wish you all good health, peace, happiness, and good success in what you do as you live in the will of Jesus Christ.”

Merry Christmas! All His Love Honor and Glory be received by those who genuinely open their hearts to Him alone and accept “His Gift,” the Christmas Gift of Eternal Love, which is Him; Jesus! Humble yourselves to Him, devoting your lives and love to Him, He loves you and you need Him; we all need Him more than anything else in existence, for He is the Savior of mankind! He doesn’t ever want to lose you! Amen.

Love and peace.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

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Christmas is for Christ. More than the gifts and delicious foods and great times wih family and friends, Christmas is really about Christ. It does have pagan origin and some Christians do not want to celebrate it. Others give in to the joyful buzz of the season and celebrate it in remembrance of the Savior Jesus who was born, and who died on the cross for our sins, and who rose again to give us the glorious hope of life in Him.

I always love Christmas. I enjoy the lights, the hanging decorations, and the festive mood. I love the gift giving, the shopping, the greetings, and the happy times with family. My family and I celebrate Christmas every year not because we believe in the pagan tradition or practice but because we celebrate this season in thanksgiving to the birth of the Savior.

Remember that Christmas is not about…

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