Why is Japan crushing COVID?

The pandemic is a hoax with a typical 99.98% survival rate for  this SARS2 Corona cold type virus if dealt with properly. The whole thing has been manipulated to create hysteria and fear to project a Killer Pandemic while the protocols being promoted by the WHO and government officials are totally wrong and serve BIG PHARMA and the global power grab agenda. Japan can’t fix the world’s idiocy or evil, but, they can treat Covid in their country properly with Ivermectin and other available low cost treatments. Not with “Remdisavir and ventilators” that cripple and kill the pulmonary system using these protocols especially with Covid; virtually drowning the pulmonary patient with pulmonary edema compounded by the inner lining of the blood vessels, called endothelium being attacked by the virus and that with the wrong protocols overwhelms the system to respiratory failure! I fought my own pulmonary workers industrial chemical injury case to my pulmonary system in court over a four year period because lawyers mostly suck; as they go with the crooked system and play ball with the Big Money, Corporations, governments, Big Pharma and insurance companies! They don’t care; just like you mostly see in the world now with this whole Covid mess, not being cleared up and many bad actors basically committing homicide and not going to prison; not going to happen, evil system equals evil results. I thank God I was able to get some divine intervention and was capable of fighting my own case sick and all without any Law course ever; some days getting no sleep as I prepared my motions or objections at home and worn myself thin doing it! Praise Jesus Christ the Lord God Almighty! Amen.
God bless.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

The Most Revolutionary Act

Ivermectin Japan

By Steve Kirsch


Could it be that ivermectin drug that doctors and pharmacists in the US will be punished for prescribing?

I cannot recall a time in American history where the medical boards would go after you for prescribing an approved drug off-label for a condition that is supported by over 60 positive studies and multiple peer-reviewed systematic reviews and meta-analyses which is the highest level of evidence-based medicine. Can you?

Is there a cost-benefit analysis somewhere that I missed showing that ivermectin causes harm?

If the cost-benefit analysis is clearly negative, how could those positive meta-analyses been published?

Why is the FDA to be on the warpath against ivermectin? Check out this article: TrialSiteNews entitled “Feds Coming After Doctors & Pharmacies that Market Ivermectin as Effective & Safe for COVID-19.”

Perhaps they don’t want you to take it because if people found out it works, the…

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