Battalion of COVID Lies Falling Apart

The Big Lie Conspiracy is Imploding!

Lori Colley does a fantastic and most comprehensive analysis presentation of the newest factual data compiled about the Covid Hoax which is correlated with and follows precisely all the previously presented data brought to light by the experts that have come forward!

Screenshot_2022-01-16 Battalion of COVID Lies Falling Apart(9)

The United States of America’s Biggest Pathological Liar is a toss-up between Biden and Fauci, but both are Guilty of “Crimes Against Humanity.” They will be Prosecuted and found Guilty.
Lori Colley does a fine job of breaking down the charade point by point with the new supportive evidence and documentation coming to light of all the lies and blatant cover-up that has been perpetrated upon the People of the United States and everyone around the Globe by the concerted efforts of BIG PHARMA, the MSM, the NIH, CDC and the current Criminal Infested Biden Administration. This now two year “massive global criminal conspiracy” with all of these culpable agents of death and ruin, which is still being orchestrated by the Nefarious Demonic Possessed Soul of Anthony Fauci as the Helmsman of this “Giant Monstrosity Ship of The Devil’s Own,” which is now sinking fast; are all going to be completely exposed!


The Truth is ripping its hull wide open and exposing the now countless lies and massive campaign of deception that these out of control evil maniacs have thrust upon the Human Race, all for their own power and greed for which they will suffer the torments of eternal damnation in hell.

Screenshot_2022-01-16 Kelly Huntson

Don’t be in any hurry, but, instead watch this presentation in its entirety as Lori explains succinctly and points to the specific documentation that is now becoming available, which exposes the absolute truth that is now crying out to the world; that Justice Must and Will be Served, so that all of the liars and perpetrators of these most heinous diabolical acts of evil upon the human race; will be held to account and punished to the full extent of the criminal justice system.
God bless.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Praying Citizen

You have made lies your refuge, and under falsehoods have you hid yourselves. Judgment is coming, when the waters shall overflow your hiding place. (Is. 28:15, 17)

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Congratulations, conspiracy theorists, you’re proven right yet again. The passel of lies that have been packaged in the pandemic narrative are being exposed, much to the chagrin of public officials. Most everything we have been ordered to do because of “the science” is now at odds with the evidence unfolding before our eyes. Let’s take a look at the liars and the truth that can no longer be hidden.

  • Not all are covid deaths

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, CDC Director, has admitted that covid deaths aren’t necessarily deaths from covid. Dr. Walensky said on Friday that more than 75 percent (it’s actually 77.8 percent) of vaccinated people who die from covid have four or…

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