The narrative is falling apart, piece by piece


“It’s Starting to Look a Bit Like Panic” “Everywhere They Hide”
In other words the blatant outlandish Lies and Cover-up that followed where they expunge or suppress any expert testimony or proof that the Fraud Pandemic was Trumped up Malarkey and scrubbed from social media!

And the Organized Crime Ring of Big Greedy Demonic Pharma along with their puppets in Governments and MSM have been totally complicit in propagating the biggest Global Falsehood Organized Crime in Human History, is now becoming all too apparent! And many of the Culpable are getting out of Dodge or heading for the Hills to escape prosecution, while some are offering to go States Evidence and report the Truth to the Authorities for Prosecutorial Immunity, which is looking more and more like the “Big Shakedown” is about to come down like a Giant Guillotine and Chop-Chop!


Hey Gates, Soros, Fauci and the rest of you Psychopaths are you getting a bit weak in the knees about now? Soros all the way back in 1979 you stated it was your life’s work to see America destroyed, and it’s my work and praying to God Almighty that I get to see you terminated on earth by execution; so you can hurry to your destiny in the deepest pits of hell you devil!


psalm 31 24

God bless and save all the suffering and innocent as I know you will and all the guilty will be sent to everlasting damnation!


Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

The Most Revolutionary Act

falling apart (quietly) | Enlightened Conflict

The momentum feels to me like it is accelerating… Here are four important new developments you should be aware of.

Steve Kirsch


Here are some narrative pieces that have been falling apart that were recently brought to my attention.

Here are the four new truths:

    1. The vaccines make you more likely to get COVID: It was supposed to make things better, but we’re basically mandating you get a shot that makes you more likely to get infected. That is totally insane, but that’s what we are doing. Check out the graphs here. No age confounding this time: UK Government Data proves the Covid-19 Vaccines DOUBLE your chances of catching Covid-19.
    2. The vaccines aren’t safe: I’m now hearing a lot from prominent formerly pro-vax docs that they are turning on the vaccine. This is great news. Nobody is going public yet, but they are all pissed and realize they have…

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