The markings of the image of the beast: end times invasion

There are so many people Serving the Beast right now on planet earth that its beyond sickening! Many of them even on these Social Media Platforms.

And when the time comes to take the Mark of the Beast, so Many are going to Jump with glee to get it, just like they have for the Jab! You better believe it when I tell Ya, that so many souls are going to hell for eternity! Does that scare you? It better, because you could be one of them without a doubt! Don’t play with fire getting up on your damn high horse! You modern day humans are so full of yourselves its putrid and God will condemn it! GENUINELY HUMBLE on BENT KNEE! I and You, We all Need and Must Beg for God’s Mercy! Do you see all of the Sin and Evil we all live in and by? This is the LOST GENERATION!

I said to myself people are so deluded that they still think they can trust men to pull some rabbit out of the hat or come up with some magical answer in the nick of time to pull off the big save, that will make things right so we can just go on with our ordinary lives as always, being a bunch of screwed up failures and dumb asses, that always get way too big for our britches, thinking we got our shit together just fine! I guess not too many people really pay attention to what Holy Scriptures Really Spell Out, how the actual Word of God prophesied and written over the millennia to make us at least informed enough to follow some very basic rules! First like the Ten Commandments! Then how we are doomed to eternal damnation unless we are “Redeemed through the Lamb of God” who takes away the sins of all who “believe in Him and love Him, our Savior Jesus Christ.” And then atone for our sins through his sacrificial Body and Blood that cleanses us of our sins, so that we can be perfected and then like Him enter into and be in the presence of the Most High our Holy Father in Heaven; and we must prove it by doing His Will at all times while continually seeking forgiveness for our own lack!

Either too many people don’t know about this or many that do don’t really believe it and that is why even talking with a Christian woman last night who told me to relax, things are going to be fine!

Here is a bit of the conversation, after I called Taylor Swift the New Age Jezebel, who is serving the Beast, and this lady said OK; no more posting about her until she redeems herself!?!

Look at this demented wicked hellish world!
Do you realize how easy it could turn into a nuclear exchange if one nut job says @3Ck it and then all hell breaks loose, and just what Satan wants; happens! But sure God is in control, like my Dad always used to tell me as a kid, God won’t allow it, but, that was then and this is now and the world is so much more evil now than ever before, with Industrial Scale Abortion of Helpless Living Human Babies like they are shit! The world is so @4cked and evil now, I don’t think it deserves a break, unless everyone practically gets on their knees and says OK God; we are so sorry and will walk the straight and narrow, but, do you see that happening? NOT!

Then this lady, she told me basically this: “Have faith. It’s hard for everyone. But, hundreds of thousands of pro-life people are pushing back hard against abortion. The wickedness in this world is ramping up and even accelerating; because all the resistance is breaking through their defenses, disrupting their satanic mantra. In time we will prevail and they will lose.”

Then I had this to say;
When I see actual arrests and executions then your statement will be valid, until then we are all being played! “End Time” is never going to be pretty or a soft landing do you get that?

Do you know Holy Scripture well enough; how it states clearly “the antichrist will rule the planet and the one world religion will be in place,” so this is all the slow heating of the pot to a boil before the frog can realize it was time to jump out before he is cooked! Do you see the strategy of Evil? Too many fall into this lull or false sense of “don’t worry things will be fine” if we just chill and wait till the Cavalry arrives; but we really won’t see any such thing come!

I hate to say it, but, so many were thinking this way, and did this relax all will be fine with Trump; who was just a “controlled opposition; a fake out!” Why else did he push the “Operation Warp Speed” to get the Vaccines out? And then having been so wise he had gotten the country in better shape than it had been in, for over 50 years, but, to only then suddenly be an idiot and fall into a Big Trap that Pelosi from an actual Mafia Organized Crime Family, with DC Swamp Company to be set-up for the now so called; “worse than Pearl Harbor Attack by Japan,” on January 6th at the Nation’s Capital voter protest/rally which was swimming with CIA and FBI assets mingled in, even along with known Antifa radicals tossed in with them? Who is playing who?

Do you think any of the masses matter to “those in power” who have most of the wealth of the planet and don’t believe in Jesus Christ, which tells us “verbatim” who they worship; Satan, so are they going to be kind and not depopulate the planet? It has begun, so it’s too late to cry over the spilt milk and now suddenly realize how stupid we all were to not kill them all off, before this got so bad; to the point where they now have us all “over the proverbial barrel!” We needed a revolution long ago!

“The Holy Scriptures tell it all,” and “The Final Battle between Good and Evil,” is coming! Just over the hill and ahead of us!

God bless you and pray like you never have before! You and I along with anyone who doesn’t want to rot in hell for eternity, needs the power of the “Holy Spirit” to guide us! He is the “Comforter” but only to those who truly believe unto the Son of Man, Jesus Christ! Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


In this life, the things dissectible to man’s mind are essential for life. All truths can only be proven when it’s declared in God’s word the “Bible”. End times prophecies are unfolding before our eyes. For the devil is not hiding the evil agenda anymore. The beast system is so huge, actively invading, conditioning and spellbinding anyone who submit to their control. We’re all nearing to dismantling the essence of man in replace of the scientific inventions by the wild imagination controlled for a plan of great evil occurrence which was also in an end times prophecy.

The Bible is clear that existing humanity will get through a times of great turmoil of faith. The Christ believing and Holy Spirit filled ones are going to an unimaginable tribulation. This event is in line with the marking of the image of the beast. From so much inhumane ancient ways of marking…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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One thought on “The markings of the image of the beast: end times invasion”

  1. The water hasn’t even started boiling yet. It’s a slow process to a frog and that is why when you put him the water then slowly turn up the heat, he won’t jump out, but put him in hot water and he’ll jump. There’s a huge herd of Bible thumping so-called born-again Christians who thinks a pre-tribulation rapture is coming to take them away from all the shit that’s about to hit the fan, but they can’t see they’re already knee deep in it. Think maybe you’re seeing what I’ beginning to see with all the Trump glorifications. Decerning spirits (mental dispositions) is no easy task and that is way we should always be on the alert. LOLGB+


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