Believe it or not…

Most beautifully expressed and straight to the heart and soul of what God is saying to all of us! You have in my humble opinion hit the ball out of the park! I don’t say that to give accolades as though you seek patronizing or any build up, because yes, I’ve been around the track quite a few times, and I can tell immediately you are not such a person and I don’t know you other than by what you did here in expressing God’s truth that is all around us, in the midst of so much rampant evil. God’s Truth is Plain and Simple to see, it is so much in fact that the simplest of minds can comprehend His intentions and purpose for us!

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But far too many in this world especially in this generation are not willing to see this Truth and would rather be high and haughty being popular or getting lots of things to showoff and be somebody in the eyes of the collective manmade world putting all of that before Jesus; the “Crooked Ways of the World,” which is their Master and we who are enlightened by God’s Truth know who that Master of this material world really is! That is a basic fundamental block of Truth Stone, to build from and to build on such a Rock, will never disenfranchise the builder from the Creator of all things!

I just wrote out a strenuous part of my inner heart and gut to share with a reader and hopefully anyone else that needs to pause and take into account what is really going on! And, there is far more going on than meets the eye in this present out of control human race, because, so many of the worst persons are in control of the rest, and, those “rest” are in big trouble because they are not really listening to God, which as you have pointed out clearly is crucial!

There has always been this problem I speak to here in my comment; out amongst the people from the beginning, but, this particular time we are in is exponentially worse off I believe, because of the technology and science that too many have used to replace God with; all of which is making for a juicy sandwich that the Devil is going to take a big bite out of!

For now I would like to share this additional writing I offered today in another posting reblog, which I repeat here with the same intent of hopefully sharing a bit of honest insight and truth about the most pressing problem before the human race as I understand it! Amen.
God bless you and yours!

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A most beautiful horse and one of the amazing creations of our Almighty God!

Thank you for this exquisite publishing of needed insight and truth for anyone who will listen to the One and only “Great” voice, and is willing to see God’s Truth!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Jackie's Journaling Journey

View from outside my window

Good morning and Happy New Year ☃️

As the snow falls and covers all things, my prayer today is that all things fresh and new will cover every person dear to me this year. Not just to the loved ones in my life but to all people! May all sicknesses and sadnesses be covered and replaced with fresh new hope, new eyes to see, and new hearts to receive all that God has purposed for us!

He is the one who sends us the beautiful snow. And only in Him will we find true peace. I hope that all those who I love ❤️ will seek the Only One who can answer their hearts’ cry.

Jeremiah‬ ‭17:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬

‭Some people look at the snow and only see the science behind it. To me, that is very sad. I, and many others, see a beautiful Creator…

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