You’re No 007 with a License to Kill; Do You have One to Sin?

“frenzied desires and goals”
“shocked and awed into a regimentation”
“live decadently in stupidity and ignorance”


MGM/UA Communications Co. (United States)United International Pictures (International)

It’s far too easy for we human beings to get caught up in our “frenzied desires and goals” while we live for the most part our daily freewheeling lives operating under our own free wills; still often times getting drawn into the agendas of the world around us.  We can certainly attest to the fact how so many people are ready to grasp hold of one idea or another that’s promoted to the public via the various Mass Media Outlets, nowadays including Social Media Platforms.


For two years the populations around the globe have been “shocked and awed into a regimentation” of behavior and even belief that has people still driving around in their cars alone with masks covering their faces; for what rational purpose I’m still waiting to hear some brilliant and wise person tell me!


“Though sanity and reason tells me I’ll be waiting a long time for the conclusive answer to that one!” I do see a couple of problems in this one scenario straightaway that is beyond troubling on its face, no pun intended; but, how people can be so easily manipulated by the Government or Mass Media purveyors to allow their “own free will” to be controlled.  And then even more disturbing to me personally is how these people have so much faith in anything other than God Almighty; the One True God our Maker who has revealed Himself to the world over the millennia, through well documented prophecies, eyewitnesses and historical as well documented facts that have not only alerted civilization toward an understanding of the fulfillment of those prophecies; but have proven out over time how humanity is nothing without the Divine Providence of our Glorious Creator and His plan!  Which over time has brought people out of pagan, foolish superstitions and pure debauchery like that of the Mayan Civilization in more recent epochs, where human beings sacrificed other humans to many Idols and Gods, very much like the Ancient Egyptians and others had before them!

Apocalypto is a 2006 American epic historical adventure film produced, co-written, and directed by Mel Gibson. The film features a cast of Native American and Indigenous Mexicans.  Touchstone Pictures

Apocalypto pagan gods

We are truly witnessing the collapse of modern civilization due to a most prevalent pagan mindset and culture that has and is sweeping around the planet voraciously, as now we see even so many people today dress or even behave in ways that so many did back in those ancient pagan cultures with all of their many body piercings and ornaments to even complete body tattooing! While accompanying this reckless will, multiple sect like ideologies are on the increase where young people are told they can identify with anything they wish besides the fact of their being a boy or girl; if you think of yourself as a cat or “fish that is your wish;” and fully acceptable! Do these same people have real knowledge and understand actual history and more importantly do they know anything substantive about God, are they seeking to know God and understand a higher purpose other than living as basically savages that “live decadently in stupidity and ignorance” while just living for the moment? This now upside down inside out madcap world where being totally sane and sensible takes a back seat to children being told if born a boy and you prefer or wish to be a girl all you have to do is say you are a girl, because that is how you identify yourself, or the same for girls that decide they are boys! Now we even have Satanic cult organizations who are promoting after school clubs for grade school children to participate in, but, they say it’s not to teach them about Satan or to worship such things!  I would have to be a complete imbecile or out of my mind and out to lunch simultaneously to not see through that LIE!  As the promoters put it they just want to show that there are good alternatives instead of allowing children to believe in God Almighty and have faith in Jesus. In other words these are antichrists right out in the open like the Drag Queen Story Time Hour for children being offered to the kids in many schools now!

Drag Queen story

This out of touch with reality mindset has a strong grip on America now and far too many people are in our government and educational structures promoting or even passing legislation to allow for more of this. Far left of center Seattle Washington were the riots during the summer of 2020 were going full tilt and then some, where the powers that be in that municipality, went all out in Defunding the Police, because the ever so kooky liberals that think cops aren’t necessary! Nor should any people that are criminals and drug addicts need to be incarcerated, but, should be given free housing and plenty of drugs for their habits; like their doing in Los Angeles California, where as well these people are given upwards of a half million dollar condo to live in; as they do as they please in this degenerative lifestyle! All this the backdrop to what just recently occurred in Seattle where this Headline Statement jumped out in the media that do cover Real News; “SEATTLE, WA – “Horrifying” and “terrifying” are the words a prosecutor used to describe a deadly attack on a Seattle social worker.” ( The article goes on to explain this debauchery which I know is all liberal stupidity caused!


“So, there was this social worker in Seattle. She tried to de-escalate a homeless person. He stabbed her and killed her. No police, no guns, trained social worker. Seattle mayor and council are proud of their changes, am sure @AOC is too. Kristin Benson mattered too.” 

“The murder of Ms. Benson was horrifying, an unarmed victim, trapped in her own office, unable to escape or fight back against the defendant’s rage and blade. Equally terrifying was the defendant’s willingness to violently attack others who came to Ms. Benson’s assistance.”


Before fleeing, Van-Belkum also reportedly punched another staff member multiple times and tackled him to the ground before an apartment resident pulled him off.

The Seattle Times reports by the time police arrived, the accused killer had fled and Benson was dead on her office floor, face down, with a knife sticking out of her back.

The Seattle Times reports that security footage shows the man walk into the building carrying grocery bags and then pulls out a large knife. Carrying the weapon, he walked into the office of 42-year-old social worker Kristin Benson.

A co-worker soon heard Benson screaming and she ran to help.

Court documents say that the woman recognized her co-worker’s attacker.

She identified the man as 58-year-old Hans Dewey Van-Belkum, and told investigators that he was making “punching/stabbing” motions at the victim as she was face down on the floor.

The co-worker ran out of the office, later reporting that Van-Belkum chased her toward her office with knife in hand.

The security footage shows him falling during the chase, getting up and then trying to break down her office door.

When he could not get in, Van-Belkum reportedly went back to his attack on Benson.

I brought up this story as a spur of the moment decision as I was writing this article today about Sin, only because inadvertently hearing about Ms. Benson’s demise right then as I was writing, so I was so appalled by her horrible unnecessary murder I felt compelled to honor her trying and being a Good Social Worker, in this sick and evil infested world; but she became another victim of evil and derelict behavior being propagated now in our cities and throughout the world! George Soros who has funded Antifa, BLM and many crooked despot politicians or major corporate hostile takeover agendas in major cities to bring on deprivation; he gets a big thrill in his evil soul when this madness occurs as we know for a fact he has made it his life mission to destroy America; and he does serve Satan!

Soros scum hate

So all this evil that is being pampered and allowed throughout America is growing into a feeding frenzy by the Devil and his demon cohorts to hurt and destroy anything good! We are all part and parcel responsible for allowing this mayhem and evil to grow because of all the left leaning stupid policies and or adults raising their children as heathens and worse!  I had spent some time visiting Seattle many years ago along with San Francisco while additionally living and working in the Los Angeles metropolitan area! I had nothing bad to say back then about these areas and as a matter of fact I did love many things about them; of course there were problems and some negatives but that was few and far between, while what I mostly experienced was many decent sensible people living in a well-managed society, key phrase, well managed! Now I wouldn’t even visit those hell-holes let alone buy a home and live there!

Soros Puppet master sm 2 print

Then when the left wing nuts started taking over being fueled by George Soros and other powerful influences the decay of these areas took off in earnest to where we now see complete degradation and madness ruling instead of Rule of Law and not just Society’s Law but God’s Law being in control; what we now see is Satan’s Law, and the liberals brought this to bear on all of us but we allowed it! ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center and all lawyers that worked hand-in-hand with them are to blame, so they should be prosecuted and incarcerated for life at the very least!  In a Just and Law abiding society they would be, but you know it’s not going to happen and now the talk is too little too late, for the horror of the Devil’s Own Pandora’s Box having been released upon us all!  Because too many responsible parties stood by and allowed this to happen, when they should not have been so busy serving self-interests but instead should have jumped in to stop the coming War from happening!


I also came upon a very important story that was a report by Tucker Carlson that gets to the larger point and picture to what I am bringing up here in my article!  But before we get into that video let’s consider whether each of us is living a life of integrity and honesty while seeking The Higher Purpose of Lives on Earth with this backdrop concept that I started with.  How each of us having Free Will to function and do as we please day to day, and if we are honestly looking to be totally responsible for our own actions, then we can assess and make adjustments moving forward not backward into the Old Age of Debauchery and Stupidity, where Brutality and Pagan Superstition Ruled Supreme over the masses!

Screenshot_2022-01-24 Tucker We’re watching civilization collapse in real time(8)

So all this begs the question of whether or not we are allowing our consciences to be our guide in any and all of our own individual, as well in our collective societal behavior and actions; that we make each day!  I honestly don’t see how that is possible from the facts as they mount up exponentially all around us! I think too many people have become stupefied and derelict, as well they have been blowing off any true responsibility or accountability for the mess we all find ourselves in! And much of this began with the “removing of God from a moment of silence in public schools” to eventually the ACLU and others being allowed to rip the foundational precepts of what America was built on and stood for to shreds, with any cockamamie ridiculous and frivolous nonsensical stupidity to then reign supreme in our laws, culture and system, bringing this all to the inevitable head; when we will have hell on earth right here in America!

Screenshot_2022-01-24 Tucker We’re watching civilization collapse in real time(9)

The young woman in the above photo was heinously stabbed to death working in a retail store and the man pictured to the left of her who is heartbroken is her Dad! This is covered in Tucker’s News cast!  These are evil times for sure!

Fox News

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host examines how leaders are rewarding criminal behavior in cities across the country. #FoxNews #Tucker

Tucker is Spot On and it looks to me like somebody is handing out Licenses for just about anything goes to just about anyone; the only qualification is you have a warm body and know how to say Gimme!  And that doesn’t only spell trouble in my book; but it spells Absolute Mayhem and Madness, fast approaching!

Screenshot_2022-01-24 Tucker We’re watching civilization collapse in real time(9)

Gimme Arnold Swartzenegger

But bottom-line time here; what does this add up to and what can you and I do about it! It screams to me how if anyone hasn’t been putting God Almighty in the name of Jesus first in their life they should really get crackin,’ as in, get their butt in gear and start worshiping Jesus Christ!  Who is the Lord, Savior and Redeemer; who is the only way to make sure their soul’s won’t end up with all of these out of control wicked, who are multiplying my the second all over the place! Looks like all the Signs are Self-evident and Time is Running Out!


Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III

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