“Biden, Pelosi getting rich making deals with China”

In actuality he should have been tried and convicted of treason decades ago and by now with his list of selling out all Americans to atheist communists our absolute enemies should be executed, but, in today’s insane convoluted world where what was right is now wrong and what was wrong is now right this will never happen! So the world becomes more corrupt and evil! Heading over the Precipice!
Biden is nothing more than a minion of Satan and a useful idiot for the CCP!

God help us! Our supposed leaders are in bed with the worst enemies in history!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


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Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

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