Go to the Trees!

Rather nicely done and timely too with my current mindset being as it is about the internet or digital social media, maybe metaphorically Digital Meat Market! I actually started this blog site of mine over the “felling” of hundreds of trees in my community and then out of malicious spite by the powers that be for my being so vocal; my own personal property was invaded by these nefarious greedy souls to “fell my trees” some of which I planted as a boy! And like you I would sit with the trees and my dogs whether in the hot or cold days and many a night seeing them as living entities or organisms which they are that actually give us so much besides the life sustaining oxygen in place of all the CO2 we create! I would even see how some of them with the configuration of their limbs almost looking like arm like appendages or spires reaching up to the heavens from the trunk in a grandiose gesture of praise and glory as they appreciate life so much, I have to say even more than many humans these days! I can certainly see where Ian was coming from and I would have said similar things in that same situation and easily allowed my imagination and heart to come up with such a beautiful story about the Fairies! So I do connect deeply and understand where you are coming from with your specific and very special association with trees now along with how the eventual pain you felt was difficult while at the same time all of it the fantasy and reality was and is still a gift from your uncle Ian to you and for both you and he along with all who care a gift from God! Talk about ripping into someone’s heart and soul that is exactly what they did to me! But, I’m an absolute diehard believer in “Vengeance is Mine says the Lord.”

Romans 12:19 “Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but leave room for God’s wrath. For it is written: “Vengeance is Mine; I will repay, says the Lord.”

The good news here is you pointed out something that is near and dear to my heart, “Trees,” and for good reasons, some of which you have mentioned and your fine uncle Ian was so wise and kind to illustrate by heartfelt example to a little girl he loved dearly, and who looked up to him with abundant love as well as pride! Through that you both shared this love for the trees as well.


Here is a sizable portion of what I had written in my original entry to blogging, now a few years back.

“This onslaught has been bought and paid for by the people of my community and sold by the media, who are puppets for these same nefarious individuals that want me and others gone. Just like the over 600 trees that once gave the area life-sustaining oxygen that have been stripped from the Earth here recently, they also want to strip away human lives along with a way of life that interferes with their nefarious plans.
What is happening here is not unlike Arthur Miller’s the Crucible in tone and plot, along with similar strategies or tactics that were also used in the Tennessee Valley Authority project and story, which we know from the historical account that it too involved stripping away the lives of simple everyday people for and by the powerful in our society because they were in the way.

I started out in my dissertation here by saying this is EVIL, and that is absolutely true. The former pope Saint John Paul II in Rome had explained in many of his writings that we now live in a “culture of death,” and this activity that is occurring here in my neighborhood is a prime example of that kind of corrupted, destructive culture we now live in because the people continue to allow the wrong individuals to tell the rest of us how we have to live or get out of the way!

I woke up in the middle of the night today because of this harsh ugly treatment my life was and is being subjected to, then suddenly I had an epiphany of how I’ve been lied to or given a smoke and mirrors explanation whenever I called to ask questions about what they are doing here by this certain employee of AC yesterday. He’s been the go-between for me and actually the only person that will give me the time of day when I seek answers, but now I realize his job has been to keep me at bay as they, the enemies of the community, go about their nefarious plan. They want nothing more than to extract me and others from this area any which way they can, as long as it keeps the cost to a bare minimum for them, no matter how costly or unfortunate it will be for me and the community. My life is meaningless and valueless to those same nefarious persons that have their big agenda! Well, God is going to trump them and their plans along with chastising each and every one of them when it is time! It appears that, meanwhile, they are being allowed to show themselves for what they are and take their ugly plans to the limit, so they will eventually not only expose themselves for what they are but will convict themselves as well of all the crimes of which they are guilty! Crimes against other people, nature, and God!

I also just realized that I’m not going to get anywhere with my concerns by talking to my local politicians, media and others here in the community, but I will rather need to seek out divine intervention! This fact does give me some solace to know that we, the people, will always be heard and considered as human beings with lives of value and purpose that can ultimately never be discounted by the man-made world, but will rather be held up as having great significance within the Creator’s most high and ultimate plan.”


So I would like to say the moral to my story that I attached here is Ian and you are so correct about the trees as well what I know for certain is that all of this is in God’s hands and there is no justice truly on earth and never could be like God’s justice and it comes to all things, not always when we as individuals would prefer but it will absolutely be brought to bear upon all injustice, in accordance with God’s plans! There will be an accounting by all those who have done great injustices to God’s children and His Creation!

Meanwhile we make the best of and with what we’ve got and just keep appreciating those trees while keeping an eye open when alone amongst them; because one never can tell when a good fairy may suddenly appear out of thin air to say hello!


God bless you and yours!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III



I’ve mentioned before that one of my all time favourite movies is ”You’ve Got Mail”.

Whenever ‘bad’ things happen, I can hear Tom Hanks doing his ”Godfather” impression in the movie, telling Meg Ryan to ”go to the mattresses”. ”GO TO WAR! Use ruthless tactics, if you must! But fight fight fight!”

When I get off my mattress in the morning though, I go to the trees! 😉 (and I am ruthless about focusing on positive self talk 😛 😉 )

Somebody once told me that their peaceful place is a beach – the rolling waves and the cry of seagulls, the sand between their toes… it instantly calms them.
I smiled, because that isn’t my sedative 😉 and told them, ”I’m a forest and waterfall, mountains kinda girl.”

Neither option is safe for me to run to for some solitude in my area. BUT there ARE…

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