Revelation Of Excessive Information.

Human beings are inundated and this is an off-balance scenario! AI is coming on strong and will be mankind’s Achilles heel bringing on its own demise; were not designed or meant to be machines or devices for storing or anything of the kind!

I just had this to say to someone that pointed out a fine bit of truth!

My Friend over the ages this great point you bring to light, which I’m sure most people are not even cognizant of in their deluded and brainwashed condition totally focused on triviality, mindless television and cyberspace; these were called mercenaries brought out to fight for one side or the other!

Direction photo God is there showing us

But, you are spot-on again I believe, because Trudeau is a traitor, who brought and welcomed into Canada former ISIS Jihadists from Syria who raped, murdered, and burned alive entire Christian families, but this creep cares about Canadian citizens health? Trudeau is as well over the top evil, just like Biden absolutely is, and if Biden is and has been for 50 years what does that tell us about the whole system such as America’s CIA, FBI, DHS, DOD and so on! I’m sure any would say I’m an extreme conspiracy theorist and even a nut to think such a thing, those bastards I just mentioned probably want to and will blow me away for daring to open my mouth and speak truth; because I’m an out of control conspiracy thinking freak, OH really, look what they did to the Kennedy’s and Martin Luther King! So I know better, and the real underlying conspiracy has been in motion for a very long time, which is all coming to fruition now; at an accelerated pace!


I even read a comment on Big Chute when watching videos of police offices that are speaking out where this one man said Trudeau and the Globalists are very irritated now, because, the idea of boiling the frog in the pot of water slowly isn’t working so well as they anticipated or planned! I know the bad guys out number the good now, not in sheer numbers but in force or active actionable logistics, they have had the upper hand Big Time! But, I have also spoken about the frog in many of my writings; as well how the billions of us against them is too formidable a force to reckon with no matter how powerful they think they are, and “think” is the key or operative word, because they are only legends in their own minds; as they have been able to trick, buy off or manipulate themselves into a lucrative position up till now, like those devils Soros or Schwab, while the masses have been sleeping at the wheel trying to get by! But those masses are a sleeping giant and when “it” is totally pissed off and willing to react with decisiveness those bastards are going down!

Brave Heart, William Wallace one of my heroes was an example of what the common people united can do, as he took down Longshanks and the brutal bastards that screwed the people over for centuries! This has been cyclical as we know from history, but, the Nuke and AI components are setting us all up for a big surprise! Look at the ugly bastards in power like those I just mentioned and Putin or Xi and all the rest of the madmen, despot devils that work for Satan; the Giant is awakening! Keep the Faith!
God Bless!

Brother in Christ Jesus,

The Baked BLOGGER!!

Just because the human brain can store up to2.5 million gigabytes of digital informationdoesn’t mean that you’ll crave every single available one. We inhale quite a decent amount of information. The easy availability of the Internet has made it easy to acquire every info regarding many-many things. Now, there’s nothing wrong but actually, there is.

Don’t take this route.

Many of you will be too young to recall, but there was a time, if you wanted to find a book, for instance, you went to this place called a Library. And you searched in this priceless artifact — a thing called a card catalog. The card catalog gave you a number that was assigned to the book. As of now, you’ve wiki, search engines, Goodreads, online free info, apps, etc. Tell me honestly, aren’t you often puzzled as to which platform’s information will suffice to proceed with…

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