The last kingdom within humans: Mixed with Iron and Clay ( end times invasion)

Absolutely true! This is a very comprehensive overview of many factors that are coalescing in the fully corrupted “Ways of The World.” This world is ruled by Satan, and all throughout history we have seen how any invention can be used to do some good but always a double edged sword that can and will be used to do damage! I was just talking to a man about King NEBUCHADNEZZAR and his ties to the future End Time when he lived here on earth.

But when the technology became so advanced and sophisticated as it now has reached levels previously not imaginable with gene manipulation and nuclear weapons the end has to be ever so close!

The development of Artificial Intelligence is the icing on the Satanic cake of “Man’s Demise” because now “Technology has taken over the world,” and multitudes of people are not of their own free will thinking minds! But instead, they are a “Product of the Beast System” here in Satan’s domain, that they are being “incorporated into” even via so called smart phones which are really stupid, in that people are being shaped or manipulated, and prepared for this Beast System! This system will swallow up what God created; making them “non-human beings,” but rather “creatures of Satan’s,” who is facilitating this process exponentially now to control the entire global populations; thus this was why the “experimental concoctions” came into play which “are not vaccines” at all! But they are instead actually gene altering tools to change mankind for Satan’s plan, and then because mankind is allowing itself to partake of this “Final Forbidden Fruit of Recreating Mankind” by means of “Maximum Technology” or “The Most Highest Tech,” they will all lose their immortal souls to Satan and spend eternity in hell.

This is an evaluation I’ve made over time and analyzing any information I can find that cuts to bottom-line; the only potential purpose and reason why all of this radical change is happening; which is this concept or depopulation and more likely both reasons!
God bless!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


When the world is filled with what is insane and makes no sense, let the Lord come to you and show you the way. This world was totally been corrupted by the emergence of technology. The hybrids descendants of Niphilims (Sons of God) and the Edomites bloodlines continuously manipulating inventions till it reaches to very core of humanity. Haven’t you wonder where this going ? Did you mind to know what’s your connection to this technology inventions?

“This only have I found: God created mankind upright, but they have gone in search of many schemes.”Ecclesiastes 7:29 NIV. ( schemes- inventions)

( note: For more understanding ahead please take a reading of the former articles about this kingdoms topic in Inspirational).

The Bible is never silent in the ideas of kingdoms and technology manipulations. Truths are best justified when it connects to the Holy Scripture. The book of prophet Daniel…

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