Ukraine: Putin has a Plan. Biden has no Plan. 

Very well done! But, I have one objection to add! It’s quite obvious that this despicable human being Biden does have a plan; which is to destroy America and serve Satan! He is serving remarkably well, especially after his appropriating 468 $Billion during his first 100 days in office exclusively for abortion up to and including full term day of delivery making him the all time Abortion King; and as far as destroying this One Nation under God; he’s on track so far!

Of course we can add that the lion’s share of the US government is just as much to blame as they facilitate the demise of this nation and its people with their lies, deceptions and greed (lust for power and money); but, as with all wrong actions there are always consequences to pay and many are going to have “hell to pay” when they stand before God Almighty in their judgment!

This is the escalation of the separation of the sheep from the goats as has always been occurring; but, only now humanity is on the fast track to the precipice and Armageddon!

China has been screwing over America for many decades now but especially since the Obama/Biden administration when Barry flies to China and the CCP made sure he got a proper welcome having him walk out of Air Force One’s tail end through a service door, no red carpet ramp as is typical; making him obviously look like the weak liberal limp noodle leader that he was, as he even admitted he was going to lead from behind! Now that is a total oxymoron and anyone but a liberal would see that!

Make no mistake about it, Russia, China and Islam the fake religion political ideology and even having the label the Nation of Islam; all three are taking their marching orders from the same source which is the fiery pit of hell. They are all atheist sadistic antichrist minions.

Biden is taking up the former Obama/Biden agenda that equally wicked Hillary was supposed to pick up, so he is finishing the job, this is a clear objective; an evil one!

God bless.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Praying Citizen

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Several days into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,that country reports 137 Ukrainians dead and 316 wounded. It’s plain to see that Russian President Putin has a plan to overtake Ukraine on his quest to reconstitute the old Soviet Union. It’s equally obvious that President Biden does not have a plan. He has ordered sanctions without teeth, claiming they are a “deterrent,” even after Russia began the invasion. Meanwhile, Americans watch gas prices skyrocket and wonder if Biden’s promise not to send in American troops to Ukraine will hold. There are so many broken promises!

Vladimir Putin outlined his strategy on Monday of the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk, and demanded that Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, cease hostilities. Putin also stated that Ukraine was created by communist Russia after the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. “If Ukraine was to join NATO,” he said, “it…

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