They Do Run the World

Entertaining video presentation in an informative totally Non-Main Stream Media Way! And no it’s “Not Conspiracy Theory!!!”
These WEF cats do a lot of penetrating don’t they! And when they do they take complete advantage by sucking up all your personal data so they can use it in determining what you can or cannot do moving forward! WEF-WTF they sound like a bunch of “damn nefarious nocturnal Vampires” how they love penetration so much as they lust for more power and control over all of us, with their fangs and only God knows what else along with doing whatever other disgusting twisted or perverted things they want to do that invade your personal life and well-being; so maybe they want a lot of zombie slaves, you see my point!

To them we non-billionaire nation leader mental midgets are unworthy of conducting our own lives, so they are formulating a system whereby they watch and control our every moves and even get to eliminate any of us when they want to by sticking us in reeducation camps, or really concentration camps, where the idea is once you go in you never come out again to live any life; and all get to be turned into pot ash for the soil! Well at least in the final analysis we get to serve some purpose that they designate for us, which is to be helpful to some billionaires vegetable garden or some potting soil for some Orchid greenhouse.
What the hell has happened to the human race that it got this evil?
God bless you and help us!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


Russell Brand

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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