Is there something wrong with men? A non feminist view! 💗

Hi Hun, you’re so Dear to say what you have here! First I’m sorry about your niece because that did hurt certainly and it ended up affecting you too being the loving aunt that you are, but, the great take away was how loving and kind you were to step and advise her as you did to learn a valuable lesson in life which you and I know are endless and ongoing till the day we die! Your niece learned too that you love her dearly and she saw this in action not just typical pleasantries.

And I want to say here I wasn’t inferring that women are the worst over men; both have lowest common denominator examples and the opposite very noble, valiant and virtuous shining representatives of their respective sexes. And, I personally admire good women like they are goddesses in a sense because of the mother capacity and the beautiful innate feminine qualities that to me make them so specially gifted by God; let’s face it the mother’s womb is the most amazing and nurturing miracle and this humanity quality that only the woman can provide is why God chose to save humanity through it and by it becoming one of us and having a Blessed Mother, the Holy Mother of God! Man this blows my mind and I love good women just based on this and then all the cool things about them I have learned having been though not married but in very tender close relationship with a few of them over the years. Just not the right one for me or me for her; a great match is imperative as I see it. So I had to get this out, I do adore good ladies! My dad and granddad along with other men in my life growing up taught me right; and my heart has been in the right place too.

I’ll tell you a big truth about my personal life that may shed some light here on what I say or do at times and what I’ve learned about people in general but also some specific type of persons; or maybe more accurately but how human foibles one of which you mentioned jealousy really cause so much trouble and pain! Corrupted human nature or this poison in the heart causes people sometimes to want what another person has, especially if it’s a highly desirable object or quality to have. So you rightly pointed out how some girls will get so jealous that they pull out all the stops to trip up a supposed friend and even stab in the back figuratively speaking of course, to ruin the other person’s happiness or situation and deflate one’s ego! I’ve learned later in life even recently how adults do this same type of backstabbing too often, especially in the cyber world because in truth this is artificial, and a huge playground with many facades or faking and games being played! I mean people in person that fully engage and know each other play games and deceive so it’s exponentially more uncertain and so limited in a cyber-world! Just the whole likes and clicking for follows and so on is a game. Some use it to build a big set of numbers to attract business or a form of validation and success; maybe ego caressing.

Without going into much detail and getting carried away I can tell you that its gets much darker than this stuff I just mentioned, where people try to destroy another person’s life and reputation or just troll another person, to maybe just annoy and show they have the upper hand especially if it’s a person who can’t take no for an answer! And you know that whole; a “Woman Scorned” thing is true! Believe you me I had to deal with that in person and on this Word Press even, and I’ll be honest when you said men are the worst I did agree straight off, but, I know how I am and I was brought up as a gentleman and to be proper and kind to ladies and if my dad caught me mouthing off and I don’t mean swearing, I mean just being a jerk to one of my sisters or any girl, he would say what did you say to your sister; you better stop that right this minute and you apologize; so my dad being very old school and a very good highly respectable or regarded man by everyone; along with his powerful Christian and family oriented background with genuine character was not a man you could pull the wool over his eyes at all, and more than that, I had to learn to respect others starting right at home and then in school, around the hood or anywhere!

So I was always helpful and watching out for others not out to harm anyone in any way as all! I told you all this because later in life I found that as much as I was that kind of a good man and trying to be like my dad, but I admit I could never be as almost perfect as him; but still all my life I ran into men and women that tried to destroy me out of jealousy, hate and just mean evil in their hearts; I was maybe foolish or naïve enough to allow myself to run into some nasty persons! So I tend to point this out more than most guys in general will because if anyone went through some of what I had to over the last 15 years on and off caused by these sort of persons they would be toast, locked away or dead! I’m grateful God was there to back me up but it was a total uphill struggle or battle much of the time; and most of it I had to fix or fight completely on my own. You find out what few genuine friends you have when all hell breaks loose because nobody wants to borrow your headaches or heartaches and they just get too busy doing their things and haven’t got time for you when you’re in the shitter!

I might as well share a long comment that I just wrote to another blog here as well as it pertains totally.

This is a very compelling and totally open, raw and honest reveal of truth! A truth that so many younger people go through and I can recall often times feeling similar and doing much of this same kind of behavior based on or fueled by what we called peer pressure stemming from wanting to be accepted and thought of as special; or just craving attention; and I must say under it all love from others! Many a movie star or rock and roll artist rose to fame on this same kind of drive but it’s a slippery slope and a double edged sword as I see it like walking the tightrope where anytime you can come crashing down!

But worse these days is the digital age with everything whizzing by at lightning speed and with social media and digital video capture available to record our every move and even showoff; we now live in an age of attention seeking on steroids being a pastime or even a reason to live for many people as they become so ingrained in the cyber digital world trying to make their own mark and be well known, liked, even adulated and famous, and all ages are prone to this addiction! The world of instant gratification has turned into the bizarre world of dreams of instant fame or self-worship whether people want to admit it or not they crave the attention or what you pointed out perfectly; Validation! That they matter and their lives mean something more than the small sphere of family and influence which they grew up immersed in and protected by. I see the biggest danger in it all that people have become far more plastic and selfish and actually spending far too much time playing in cyberspace than actually living in the reality that God intended them to; while doing the Father’s will and seeking Him not all of this diversionary make believe I want to be somebody world.

This is all very thought provoking and I hope it does get at least some people to realize how off the mark or path to God this can become and change course before it’s too late for them!

For now I want to conclude with leaving this past essay I wrote about when I was in Hollywood and split that scene because of much I’ve already mentioned and also because there is literally massive evil all around that artificial play world! Think of this, the Screen Actors Guild has massive numbers of trained or talented artists registered as members and maybe a few to several percent of them get to work regularly and actually establish a career that we in the public eye see their fame and success stories; but do you realize how many go down the tubes trying to get that pinnacle of success to happen and are on drugs, alcohol or commit suicide; and then there are those who just kept banging their heads against the wall in defeat and could have just gone away to live a real decent happy life while they had the chance!

God bless you and yours,

Author: Lawrence Morra

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