US Freedom Convoy and Canadian Rally’s

These are the Peaceful Heart and Soul People of America who are the “Backbone and Salt of the Earth Citizens;” they are “The Genuine Article” not all those slime bucket floor flusher phonies in Washington like Biden on down, the ones the Citizens entrusted with the authority and responsibility to manage the operation of the Nation’s safety and well-being that they have failed miserably in doing; even being treasonous in their actions or lack thereof; which in military terminology is called “Dereliction of Duty” and can be a hanging offense!

They all must be held to account for the damage they are doing to America and its People; they should be fired and replaced with any subsequent appropriate justice being administered to them.

God bless America and all Patriotic hard working Citizens and our Canadian counterparts up in Canada!
God bless them and you all!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Did You Know

Calgary freedom rally March 5, 2022

Hands Across Canada Sudbury March 5, 2022

Freedom protesters have returned to Ottawa.

Some freedom protesters have returned to Ottawa. Here they are forming a “human chain” in front of Parliament in support of convoy organizers that are still in jail.

FREEDOM CHAIN | PARLIAMENT HILL | MARCH 5 2022All the speeches are great.

Canadians Protest Outside | Innes Jail in Ottawa | Release of Convoy Organizer Tamara


Dr. Charles Hoffe reveals the horrors he has witnessed in his patients who have had the vaccine. There more dead and injured at this point.

Cancel Culture displayed at Ottowa Counter Protest.. i.e. Pro-Fascism Pro-Communist Protestors

Are these even Canadians? I have never met any Canadians that think communism is a good thing or fascismfor that matter. Are these more imports, bought and paid for by someone?

People’s Convoy: Truckers across Ohio and…

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