MLB Players and Owners Reach Deal to End Lockout; Opening Day Set for April — TVLine

OMG! “America’s Favorite Pastime is Back” and they won’t be Playing any Woke Game anymore like most Professional Sports have been doing for far too long already! For this I pray! Bring back the “Spirit and Integrity of the Good Old Days” when Babe Ruth and all the other legendary pioneer good persons who were Athletic and Human Giants in their love of God, Country and Humanity, which gave them the capability to entertain the masses in a very cherished and God Sent Way, that was always; the Great American Way!

Even the Comic Book Heroes back then such as Superman signified goodness and honest moral integrity shaped with Love to inspire generations to live good productive moral lives!

Praise the Lord and I have Hope! Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Whipped Owl

Baseball is back: Major League Baseball‘s owners and players have reportedly reached a tentative agreement on a new labor deal, ending the 99-day lockout that has delayed the 2022 season. The report comes from ESPN baseball reporter Jeff Passan, who adds that the deal still has to be ratified by both parties, but that is…

MLB Players and Owners Reach Deal to End Lockout; Opening Day Set for April — TVLine

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