21 March 2022 Uplifting Things

Excellent shots of the trees with fine contrast, depth of field and color saturation! I’d say you are keenly aware of these living organisms and their positivity reaches you through your inspiration like a connecting of God’s creative energy reflected in all living things! This all culminates in the words you chose and is absolute evidence that “you walk with Jesus” from this excerpt!

“I want to fill myself with positive spirit food today. I knew I could count on Jesus for that!”

The added touch or cherry on the cake for me is especially the pooch even casting a tall shadow, from the power of the light and God’s Truth encompassing this photo shoot event! I know personally that what I’m saying is solid manifestation from God, because my mother, so devout in her love of Jesus found this Beatitude as her favorite; and it directly applies to my own life over the past many years!

Keep up this great faith and purpose sent by God Almighty! Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III

To be

Check out 21 March 2022 Monday chat https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1432467449

Each day is another day in Gods Earth School

Yesterday evening Link and I took a walk and I remembered to take my phone. As I am getting more at home here I am spending more time getting to know the neighborhood trees.

Backyard tree

Evening sun through branches

Same tree with sunlight

Walking with my dear friend Link

Many in one tree

Another one of the Willow trees in our neighborhood

Some pine

Some uplifting words. I want to fill myself with positive spirit food today. I knew I could count on Jesus for that! A light in so much darkness that surrounds us these days. I encourage you to temper all the bad news with uplifting things! Be conscious of who and what you are allowing to feed your soul.

Matthew 5 – The Beatitudes

The Beatitudes(A)

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