Is to be Greatly Feared.

Thank you Brother Joseph for pointing out this crucial fact about God and His Son Jesus our Lord and Savior who is the perfect judge of all things! Nothing shall be hidden and because Jesus searchers the heart every action is seen exactly for what it is so there is no excuse because the heart of man will bring either victory through Salvation or complete ruin and eternal damnation for the cruel, malicious and wicked heart!

“They foolishly do not believe in a God of justice.

They are in for a rude awakening.” Say Amen.

“21Jesus also said to them, “Does anyone bring in a lamp to put it under a basket or under a bed? Doesn’t he set it on a stand? 22For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be brought to light. 23If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear.” Mark 4:21-23

And as my dad would tell me when I was able to understand for those that defy God and Jesus when they face Jesus for their own judgment regardless of any excuse they can imagine or try to give it will all be, “too little too late!”

Yes God is our Almighty Father who is all love when it comes to all the good He created and cares endlessly for the innocent and good; but those that manipulate and twist God’s intentions to suit their own desires and purposes not doing God’s Will are transgressors which is exactly what Lucifer and all of the fallen angels did! So one only need ask will God say it’s not a problem what Satan and all of his followers have done and grant a pardon to them someday. Never ever will such a ridiculous on its face thing happen because never made a mistake and He never will, so what should be the verdict for all those who behave in accordance with the Evil One and his transgression clearly not seeking to do the will of our Father who is in heaven but rather willfully seek do harm and hurt God’s good children!

God stores His wrath and meters it out in accordance with His plan and purposes to bring perfect justice in all things seen and unseen! So let’s us understand Jesus is not one to be angry or lose control ever but this doesn’t mean that He won’t come with force and power to condemn like a raging storm to topple the unjust and give the full just punishment they deserve when He chooses; it’s called “Righteous Indignation” and the Holy Scriptures clearly point out Jesus’ doing in when He was here on earth, as for example with regard to the money-changers who were conducting blasphemous practices in His holy house of worship and upon Jesus seeing their defiling of the house of worship he with a condemning wrath toppled their tables and tossed aside physically the objects of this transgression.

Jesus cast out moneychangers sm print adusted

“10 My shield is with God, who saves the upright in heart. 11God is a righteous judge and a God who feels indignation each day. 12If one does not repent, God will sharpen His sword; He has bent and strung His bow.” Psalm 7:11

And this doesn’t just mean those most terrible scheming malicious sort of persons who clearly are intentionally looking to do harm but even those who sit on their hands or give idle lip service to one horrible thing or another as the saying goes “just pass the buck;” they too are up the creek with God on judgment day! I wrote the following several months ago that even more clearly defines what I’m expressing here!

I believe we all use the excuse that “I’m just trying to get along and I don’t hurt anybody” but in doing that “trying to get along” “we are going along cooperating with evil” being a part of “the wicked and crooked ways of the world.” Not resisting or more importantly not stopping it; all the while giving “obedience to sin” while the darkest evil is planting seeds of destruction in your own garden, that will be manifesting as more absolute wickedness and Antichrist thinking allegiance, as we already see with the masses going along with “The Big Lie and Jab” to do your part as they tell you, and fall into line with being a minion of Satan! Which is what we’ve all allowed over the last several decades, being prepared like herd animals for the big slaughter! Very much like during the period leading up to WWII Nazi Germany with Adolph Hitler bringing the forces of hell upon the people; this was exactly how the people cooperated with evil, allowing it to build to a crescendo of debauchery, sin and death!

matthew-10 34-36-atheism-gnu-new-funny-lol-positive-strong-agnosticism-theism-religion

What did Jesus Christ say and do to the Money-changers! He tossed them out of the Temple not once but twice because they brought shady and greedy business practices into the place of worship and defiled the meaning and purpose of worship. Jesus pointed out that many were using the religious zeal of the people to make a buck and basically exploit! Do you recognize all of the various exploitation’s taking place in your face, and yes, very much so here on the internet daily! Do you see how materialistic and pagan societies have become, where church is ignored by a great majority of people in this current time, and replaced with personal pursuits most if not all of which are about making a buck, feeling good (lusts) or at least looking for attention and adulation, which is love of and worshiping self!

Why do I bring this up? Do we see and recognize what we have become in a world we have created where you turn on a television and most if not all of the programming is foolish trivial nonsense, but, what’s even worse is the viewing experience is riddled or bombarded with Big Pharma pushing drugs for anything they can pigeonhole as a human problem, from aches and pains and depression to anything that can be classified as human illness; as they brain wash the public to seek drugs to solve your health issues, so talk to your doctor and get your prescription that is what you need to solve your problems! And the doctors are more than happy to oblige and push those advertised cure-all’s unto a willing public, because they get incentives from Big Pharma and “make a Buck!”

Life has been so cheapened and defiled that people can actually say they are part of a system that promotes and encourages death over life, and Satan over God! That is where we are, and you had better make up your minds about it, people have become vile wicked creatures in many cases, with zero humanity; but plenty of lip service! In other words if you’re not a part of any solution to all of this evil, then you must be a part of the problem; so are you solving any of the biggest problems? Because we have allowed this world, along with us, to go down this “dark ugly road,” and we are still driving it forward; to “Perdition and complete destructive evil.”

1 Timothy 6:5 “Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself.”

2 Peter 2:3 “3 And through covetousness, with well-turned words, will they make merchandise of you: for whom judgment of old is not idle, and their destruction slumbers not.”

Now Jesus was angry because ministry was becoming a business or taking on the appearances of “money grubbing” and it should have nothing to do with such activity! But now carry that over into daily living if we learn from the Holy Scriptures what Jesus Christ is teaching the world about sin is to turn from such things and become sowers of charity and humility in giving, not taking; yet this world now is the worst it ever was and can’t get any worse other than for the human race to put their final nail in humanity’s own coffin; and make this “hell on earth” where there is no law, rules, love or God!


6:24 “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”

Jesus went against the Ways of the World and in so doing turned the world fully against him! Do we see how that action of His set them both apart and against one another for eternity? This corruption today far exceeds exponentially what was going on back during His ministry here on earth; do you really see that! Here is some of the background of what was occurring to give us understanding as to what and who we have become as a civilization and how far we have turned away from God and now seek the world, to solve all of our problems, even a “fraud pandemic” that is being used to manipulate us all to be worshipers of the “man-made world and science” that will be like saying, Satan I’m yours, I put all my trust in you!

Watch this short video and see how matter of fact this diabolical demonic influenced and possessed cohort of Satan’s speaks of atrocity and evil in our current society and do you understand fully what I’ve said here yet or not! Take a look at what we have for a president of the United States of America, the once “one nation under God!”

I know this is a lot to read for some but there is more and the whole essay with very important facts and God’s truth are contained in it here.

There are often times things in this world especially today that should make us angry. We should be outraged by injustices, violence, greed, poverty, and death all of which are a fact of life in this tumultuous sinful world going on all around us. If we are genuine children of God’s these things at times should stir up an anger deep within us by the pain we feel in our hearts, toward all those things which are so unnecessary and because “it’s just not right.” This anger is good; it’s a righteous anger. It’s the same anger that God feels when he sees the evil that is so pervasive in the world; and how it is hurting His children just like any parent should feel if their child is being injured or abused! The key is to never allow this anger reaction response to bring us to a point of returning evil with evil and actually do anything that God would not approve of; we can’t fight fire with fire! But the deep feeling in the soul and resulting emotion is understood by God where it is appropriate and genuine! His Righteous Indignation will be released upon the guilty!

God bless you and yours,

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


TheLord hates the wicked and those who love to hurt others. Psalm 11: 5 The Holy Bible The New Living Testament

Liberals are the most closed minded, wicked men and women I have ever met. They are arrogant, rude and cruel. If you do not agree with them they love to do everything they can to hurt you. Their lifestyle is selfish and destructive. It destroys not only themselves but every society where they flourish.

They laugh and hate those who have morals, dignity and love Jesus. To them we are weak and stupid and deserve to be abused.

They foolishly do not believe in a God of justice.

They are in for a rude awakening.

Jesus hates you and will severely punish you for your wickedness. He is not a God who loves you unconditionally even though you intentionally harm others with glee. His anger and strong arm of…

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