“…“Man is born as a man, and not as an animal, plant, or raw material …”

Thank you both Cardinal Gerhard Müller and Archbishop Charles Chaput for having the forthrightness and intestinal fortitude to speak out against this absolute heretical abomination! Also a sincere thank you to remnantdisciplesjtm for presenting this here in order that more of us can see and read this Truth! Which then should help God’s faithful to be motivated by the Holy Spirit; and stand up to this global atrocity, while in turn we also on bent knee pray for God’s mercy daily! This terrible wicked lie that’s been embraced by far too many supposedly responsible adults, society’s parents and authorities; in the foolish name of tolerance and diversity! All of which is a targeted attack on the innocence and wholesomeness of the youngest hearts and minds of our societies by non-other than the Devil himself!

This corruption and denigration has been allowed to go on for far too long causing massive damage and loss that is producing great pain and anguish, and yes the likely loss of souls to hell which is a guilt and burden on all of us as a whole for allowing it to happen in the first place; by not taking our responsibilities well enough and standing strong against this evil. First to protect the innocent and vulnerable and then secondly to promote, foster and protect a strong healthy society that is well equipped to do God’s will; being His servants on earth and not the Devil’s! I just wrote yesterday in another article response how a good Catholic man I once worked with who had studied and spent some deeply devoted prayerful years for our Christian faith while in a monastery; to become a priest. And how he told me that in this turbulent radicalized time we are in, how there are those who will gladly serve the beast, while many others will be doing it and not even know it; being so deluded and lost in the corrupted Ways of The World deception!

Let’s pray that a great awakening happens this Easter Sunday to pull as many of the lost back away from the precipice that they are now dangling from! I ask this in the Holy and precious name of our Lord, Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. Amen.
God bless.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III



Cardinal Gerhard Müller excoriated the LGBT movement in recent remarks, describing transgender ideology as “self-mutilation of mind, soul, and body”that supporters have given a “totalitarian position” in society at the expense of young people and religious and scientific freedom.    

Cardinal Müller was responding to controversy…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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