Searching for Wisdom: A Socratic Social Commentary

“Perhaps not every political leader possesses an elevated intellect.”

You won’t have to repeat that to me! I’d say it’s more about hoodwinking or giving lip service with these fellows or in basic terminology they are well versed in “snow jobs!”

“The poets believe their expertise in one area makes them competent in other areas. However, once they speak on topics outside their proficiency, their knowledge is proved narrow.”
“Today we observe similar behavior from our own “poet” class. Popular actors, singers, and other celebrities often venture outside their particular talents to lecture the public on political and hot-button issues currently being peddled by larger interests. Most of the time these entertainers have no expertise on these issues and simply repeat catchy slogans they’ve heard on social media. Certainly, it is not wisdom that guides individuals to speak publicly about what they know little about.”

That about sums it up for me! So all I can say to this well written observation and dissertation of the current situation in human affairs is; the more things change the more they stay the same; at least when it comes to human beings changing their basic internal workings or “Modus Operandi!”


Isn’t this really an indication of the general populace in these groups or subsets of humanity a sure sign of the human race being infected with too much stupidity?
I’ll cast my vote now to that question and make it an unmitigated, unabashedly, resounding, unequivocal and strenuous, YES!
Way too much chatter going on throughout the planet that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans! An emissary from some far off galaxy upon arrival here would assuredly arrive at the same conclusion, of that I’m certain and would turn around as quickly as possible and get as far away from this jungle of tribal turmoil’s to never return again!


Conclusion: Socrates and Plato summed it up rather well, even so far back in human history!

Now who out there has the gall to say we’ve made progress, far too many I suspect, further proving my yes completely valid; plenty of stupidity!
I rest my case (in point)!

Was interesting to read as a comparative overview of the Human Condition! Something I’ve been fully aware of for many years but this is better entertainment than what the MSM and current pop culture have to offer for my edification or even as a distraction from the chatter, hint, hint!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


Few people are more renowned for their knowledge and wisdom than Socrates. Though a legendary thinker himself, the ancient Greek philosopher struggled to find the root of wisdom in the greater world around him and was executed for exposing the irrationality of his peers. His famous line, “all I know is that I know nothing” reveals Socrates’s humility in confronting his own limitations. It was this humility that led him on a quest to discover which of his contemporaries possessed wisdom and if he could learn from them.

Plato’s work The Apology describes how Socrates searches within three groups – politicians, poets, and artisans for insight. His findings can inform us where we should – andshouldnot – look for wisdom today.

The Politicians

The Death Of Julius Caesar, Vincenzo Camuccini, ca. 1793-1806 [1]

The first group Socrates entreats in his search for wisdom are the politicians. Surely…

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