Home From Hospital

Hi again Ellie! You are strong and absolutely getting even stronger! A glass half-full sort of Lady; and attitude is where it all starts!

You do point out the most relevant and important points to keep in mind, which is actually very helpful to me as well, because it’s great to be self-sufficient and depend on God first of all then our own resiliency and inner fortitude. But I know God doesn’t want us to lock up like a clam and not interact where and when it will do the good needed; so a timely message from afar can have the greatest impact, like out of the blue! You’re so right about not needing much and I just thought how I always heard the expression, “we come into this world naked and we leave it with nothing too!” I have to say I’ve learned over the years how “modesty” and “humility” are really “beautiful attributes” being so “virtuous and strong qualities,” so that is what and where I want to be in my day to day life!

Of course you’re positive about your recovery, as you are full of good and God’s light in your heart, and with these great attributes you’re on course “steady and true!” You also said that so well about having to fend for ourselves alone at times, but, that does build character and puts us in touch with what really matters overall, because the opposite of being always in need of a crowd or many people to lean on is a crutch as I see it, and many a celebrity has hit the skids or rock bottom when they were up so high, but came crashing down when all those groupies went away, it became for some an impossible hole to climb out of, or the fall from that artificial perch was so much harder to take; and that is too sad! I see how many things in this world can be a trap or an enabling tool, which weakens a person leading to more problems! We’re here for a purpose!

So yea like you said; “even just one good friend is something to be extremely grateful for.” That’s a great point and we should be grateful for everything we have and even those things we don’t, which wouldn’t be what we really need anyway!

For me, I’m telling you after having gone through the gauntlet to some extent, by some hard circumstances and battles that came my way, with most of the preceding years having been smooth sailing, it was a shock and beat me up a bit; but I tell you God has blessed me and I’m actually doing fine, I have no complaints nor should I!

I can tell Ellie, that you have what it takes to get through it all and come out smiling; so you keep this great approach to life going and I’ll see you on the “Bright Side!”

I think this is where our heads and hearts are at in spirit!


Many blessings to you! 💖🌞🤗 🙏
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Essentially Ellie

I just thought I’d pop in briefly to let you know I’m home from hospital now. My friend came and collected me from the hospital this morning and was kind enough to stay some of the day at home with me. You’ll be pleased to hear my operation was successful. There was a minor complication, but the hospital really did look after me well. I have to visit my GP in ten days to have my stitches taken out. I’m also on antibiotics, still somewhat wiped out and have very little energy. Not surprising, though. Early days yet.

I was lucky to have been on a reasonably quiet ward, or as quiet as wards can be, with the general hustle and bustle of hospital staff being as busy as they are. That, along with a variety of pings and beeps from hospital equipment. The doctors and nurses were all lovely…

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