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I had a good laugh here when I read this sentence because we are inundated with them!

“I don’ think when the first call was made the poor inventor ever thought he was at the forefront of breeding a society of telephone addicted twits.”

I’m still chuckling here! You hit the nail I’ve been pounding for a while, right on the proverbial head; actually my head figuratively because just yesterday I thought I’m so resistant to cell phones and have been since they came out; I used to actually like to check my phone messages when I would get home from working at times up to 16 hours a day and then make return calls when I could, not this eat and sleep with a cell device; and yet mine is still in the older flip style, no use for a computer going with me wherever I go! And I actually practically shit-canned mine by leaving it home and off often lately, so I can just live the way a human being was meant to live and function, certainly not like some cyber machine which is what people are becoming; who are “more clueless and stupefied” as people than ever before with their “herd mentalities” and whining B.S. “Armchair quarterbacks or digital warriors galore,” but, like the old TV add when Burger King was getting it’s butt kicked by an “old lady” stating for Wendy’s upon looking at the hamburger, chuckle, chuckle “where’s the beef;” these fools today don’t have a leg to stand on in reality, so they “flip out” regularly, maybe like just flipping burgers or the middle finger; “it’s so easy to do!”
God forbid they should struggle and suffer producing something of value in this world for God’s purposes!

“Those who have a better grasp on history and artful facts than I do.”

I’d have to say that often times even those regarded as wise sages or the person in the know are flat-out dead wrong and in some cases they don’t mind if we’re dead because of what they profess to know; a.k.a. Anthony Fauci or Klaus Schwab to name just a couple of those rising stars or really falling comets; heading to their own deep pits!

I like how a certain writer warned us of this tendency to accept that so called experts always know best and more than we do, or in the thick of it have far more wisdom than we trivial common folk! I say “rubbish, and phooey on that,” because wisdom comes from God as I see it, if one is truly attuned to life and its intrinsic “God given purpose,” then God’s Holy Spirit conveys wisdom to whomever God Himself wills! I don’t trust the science of men and women per se just because they have “Credentials or wrote some books; for Pete’s sake 15 year olds get to do that through Amazon now these days, so I’m supposed to be impressed?

This man or author who I really fancied as a young lad because I had a wild imagination and liked strange spooky tales as many young people growing up did and still do, sometimes; was none other than Edgar Allen Poe who did put it nicely stating, “Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.”

The crux of the matter is absolutely in my humble opinion what you stated here!

“The internet did not bring us together – it has been used as a tool to pull us apart. Divide and rule is alive and well in the 21st Century.”

You shook my head in a good way to hear a real woman say this!

“I for one, don’t need you. I do not feel oppressed by the patriarchy, I do not feel I have been held down nor do I believe there have been any hurdles placed in my way as a woman. Everything I have achieved in my life I have done by pulling up my own bootstraps.”

And I had to choose one more hard truth out of the many I liked here straightaway!

“Respect is earned, it is not given out like candy. If you want something, then I suggest you work for it – don’t expect to be handed things on a platter simply because you are a woman.”


Oh and yes history always repeats itself as far as the human race is concerned and evil most assuredly exists and is always devising a new and improved way to subvert, conquer and totally control the masses! Hitler and the “Rise of The Third Reich,” was just another attempt at that goal of world dominance just as China with its CCP are burning the midnight oil continually to eventually do just that! Biden, Putin, Ayatollah Khomeini, Klaus Schwab, George Soros and many other wonderful folks like them are chomping at the bit to get this historic long term goal to really happen! And they will do their damnedest to get it to finally happen!

I recently wrote a bit of my take on what is being fed to the populace and how so many opinions are being promulgated extensively throughout the internet and even in our daily lives in “reality!”

She was saying like some people I run into these days how she, “isn’t a huge fan of social media.” Neither am I; and don’t plan to be ever! Social media to me isn’t social, its trouble; and firstly it’s being used by the most nefarious globalist masterminds to ensnare the human race, and we should know as Christians who the real mastermind is behind it all, so “thanks but no thanks” to her offer of joining another platform she just hooked up with! The diabolical is actively working in it, thusly attracting and promoting more of the same, continually coming up with “a better mouse trap” and “we are the mice,” so therefore its much worse than a double edged sword, not of “righteousness like the Lord speaking;” but one of “great deception and mainly ulterior designs;” exploitation gone wild!
“4They worshiped the dragon who had given authority to the beast, and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast, and who can wage war against it?” 5 The beast was given a mouth to speak arrogant and blasphemous words, and authority to act for 42 months. 6And the beast opened its mouth to speak blasphemies against God and to slander His name and His tabernacle—those who dwell in heaven.” Revelation 13:4-6

I know you have read this previously Eva; but just in case, I leave this excerpt above with the full piece; so if some other reader has the interest they can check it out!

I found all of this you said here to be very refreshing as a true reality check that not enough people are cognizant of or even slightly inclined to have the forthrightness and character to come right out and say! I got more than a “bang for the buck,” out of this and that is why I had to carry on here a bit!


God bless you!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Thoughts Depart

As we all know, there are certain things we cannot question. History, although written by the winners in any given conflict, is in certain aspects sacrosanct. We have been given a set of numbers, however improbable, and a series of events that are unquestionable because, well, they are and if you don’t agree, bow your head in shame, you will be called names, run out of town and labelled a series of terrible things.

As you can see, I am practising self-censorship.

Why do I do this, you may ask? Because I live in the vain hope that someone, anyone of you might have the idea on your own one day to look past what you are told and with an open mind, look at what you have not been told. I can’t call things by their rightful name because otherwise, you will feel obliged to call me names and…

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2 thoughts on “Friday Rambles”

  1. Respect is earned, it is not given out like candy. If you want something, then I suggest you work for it – don’t expect to be handed things on a platter simply because you are a woman. or a homosexual or because of the colour of your skin. The list goes on.
    I very strongly agree with this.
    Just because you are older than me does not mean you have earned my respect. I have met many vile seniors. Look at Sodom, it was the seniors that instigated it. Look at Jesus with the woman caught in adultry, it was the seniors that left first because they had the most sin in their lives.
    The same goes for police, doctors and employers. I will be respectul towards you as long as it is recipicated. When it is not then I go formal on them


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