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Something for people to think about Joe, especially parents with young children now growing up in this propagandized world to the hilt! Actually there is something to the idea that the newer generations are lazy or lacking something vital to their being able to cope and navigate this messed up world being resourceful and ready to take on any and all adversaries that would do them, their families and country harm!

I don’t blame the young people for any of their shortcomings as I see them but they pretty much have been dealt some shitty cards with this techno-plastic, fakery, smoke and mirrors numb-nuts world they’ve been brought into! I like to compare what I see going on with any current generation by looking through the prism of what the “Great Generation” were all about and what they lived like or could handle from a very young age on to their final days! I can say even from my own family tree that some of my kin of that generation were like Audie Murphy, guys that as young as 15 or 16 got their documentation fixed so they could walk on into the nearest Army recruiting post and sign up to go kick Adolph Hitler’s Nazis or Hirohito’s Kamikazes “sneak attack” minions butts, in order to save the day for America and their loved one’s! I mean all I got to say to anyone who is pissing & moaning about one thing or another is; could you do that now, actually lay your life on the line out of love, honor and for country as a 16 year old?


I can say with certainty, that faced with an identical dilemma as the Great Generation, right now, I know that all the young folks today are too busy getting wokism or bitching about some diddly-squat issues or hair across their ass imaginings; to even give a rat’s ass!

But, a huge question I really would love to find the absolute answer to; is who is behind all of this decline and weakening of our fundamental strengths as a Nation under God; I tend to see a “cultural revolution” taking place, being incrementally fed to the populace for decades, not to help America, but, to “tear it apart” from the inside out, so it will be on its proverbial knees begging for mercy! And guess who will pounce on this golden opportunity to “subdue and conquer” us all; and I believe that to be the same entity which has been very well behind this destructive process, a nation that knows full well, how cultural revolutions can lead to ultimate complete control; Communist China!


God bless America!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


I graduated High School in the mid 1980’s. I can remember by Eighth Grade Government Teacher saying things like, “kids are lazy. Kids no longer car about anything important. Kids aren’t tough these days.”

The same teacher would walk across our small town each morning instead of driving to the school. Granted, a small town of 2800 does not take long to navigate. Thinking back, he may have discovered a way to walk up hill both ways; both to and from the school. I did walk up hill both ways, of course.

For as long as I can recall, grownups have been saying, “this new generation is weak and lazy.” Or, as least something to that effect. At times, these statements may seem brutal and unjustified.

Allow me to be creative, and make up some s**t. For the sake of simplicity, let’s say a committee sat down for a meeting…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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    1. Hey Joseph my Brother in Christ! You pointed out the operative word which is all part of the inevitability you allude to here; and that is WAR! It is on the way Big Time! Good of you to point these things out!
      God bless!


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