Covid Marshals

For Pete’s Sake

Indeed Baldmichael, how things are at least improving for the common folk a smidgen there mate.

With public coffers or funds being run into the ground to collapse economies so the only ones who have any money to survive will be those same boys at the top, the ever so wise pandemic planners, the filthy rich exclusive club of money laundering criminals the New World Order Ringleaders! Apparently they so far as anyone with a clue can tell, they do intend on, and are quite hell-bent on following through and getting their Way like the spoiled-rotten greedy SOB’s, sorry Mum’s but I’m sure if you knew at the time of their births they would turn out this way you would have screamed bloody murder if anyone tried to get in your way as determined women; of your fierce proclamation of “it’s My Body and it’s a Woman’s Right to Choose” and then would have immediately put an end to their pus-ball lives right quick and prevented the entire human race from suffering the way it has, and they still intend on making it by hook or by crook, emphasizing again the “Crook” maybe Pirates is a better one; for these bloody bastards!

Social Distance My ASS! Herd Immunity is what God himself gave me to have a good chance of being immune to the COUNTLESS variety of microbes that try to invade our Bodies and make use of these apparently sometimes useless hosts who are far bigger and grandiose than any microbes; but especially if of the classification of these SOB’s,  who are certainly the lesser between them and obvious Lard Heads! During the whole Fraud-demic I pissed on social distancing and masks and look at me, I’m still here and kicking some ass to boot; even nearly got my head crushed for that when I walked into an “empty of customers” bank without a mask and one of the 3 employees in there decided it was time to call the cops because I certainly didn’t look right to him being such a suspicious looking character in an empty bank of all places! Well I suppose I should have logically figured out that if I walked into a bank without a mask on they might think I’m some bank robber or something; probably a criminal! I was escorted out of the bank by no less than 5 cops that arrived in less than five minutes, me being such a dangerous foe they needed back up like that, and they told me when outside of the precious interior of that money-changers establishment, that I have to have a mask if in there so; I had a lovely conversation with them and we all went our separate ways back to trying to live a normal life, whatever that is these days!

Hey so when is the next Big Clown Act coming, maybe I can prepare better for this one huh?




God Bless!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

The Tree of Life

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

30th May 2022

This is now very old hat as we in the UK might say. Or maybe not. I see there is at least one idiot council planning to waste yet more public money to out source a contract worth 3 million quid. For 60 marshalls. £50,000 per head.

Excuse me whilst I utter a few profanities. WTF!!!! (What’s This For I think it stands for). Jim McManus director of Public Health forHertfordshire County Council is a complete cretin. If you live in Hertfordshire you should have complained bitterly. And get Jim to pay the money back if it has been spent already. See link below.

I don’t suppose the Covid Marshalls will be paid £50, 000. Somebody will be rubbing their hands in glee. Not the nurses that’s for sure.

So maybe £30,000 for doing what exactly?? B****r all that’s what. Mind you…

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