The Vax is Worse than the Disease

Fantastic and totally TRUE report here and people better wake the hell up fast!

Global Extermination Weapon

And I quote this imperative factual truth!

“Artificially inflated antibodies triggered by booster shots signal to your body that you’re always infected, and the resulting immune response could prove to be detrimental to your health.”

Anyone out there listening I have to repeat myself here once again, as I have countless times since early 2020! You do realize by now I hope, that they are trying to kill us off right?

Besides the massive shift of wealth going on with most to all of it going to the top 1% gluttons of the world and the consolidation of government power globally to one group of evil men and women tapped directly into the WEF/WHO organizations the massive elimination or culling process is well under way.

The only outcome can and will be act like sheeple and just continue to play the game by their rules and be SLAUGHTERED, or massive citizen uprisings that take on the entire Establishment which will have to be worse than any such scenario we’ve seen in Sci-Fi movies; and will make the summer of 2020 riots by the “BLM and Antifa radical terrorists” look like Child’s Play!

Keep praying but get ready for the Horror Show Coming!


Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


  • The FDA has authorized the use of a booster COVID-19 shot in children ages 5 to 11; less than one-third — only 28.8% — of U.S. children in this age group have received the first two doses of this experimental gene therapy
  • Effectiveness of COVID-19 shots in children wanes rapidly; a CDC study found that two to four weeks after the second dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 shots, effectiveness was 60.1% among 5- to 11-year-olds, but this fell to just 28.9% by month two
  • There is still no data on whether the booster is effective against COVID-19, and whether the effectiveness will quickly wane, as it has with all previous shots as well as booster doses in adults
  • Artificially inflated antibodies triggered by booster shots signal to your body that you’re always infected, and the resulting immune response could prove to be detrimental to your health
  • COVID-19 shots are associated with…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

2 thoughts on “The Vax is Worse than the Disease”

  1. Everybody I know that took the shot is getting deatly sick with cancer and aoutoimmune systems and with destruction of their bones.
    I honestly do not know how these legalized dope pushers ( inculding those in the government ) can sleep at night.
    I am glad I am not them because Jesus’ judgement upon them is going to be terrible and justified

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    1. I agree Brother Joseph with every word you said and put so precisely! They can sleep because, one they lost any conscience they may have had, while they also became obsessed and possessed with money and power, then there is of course the actual demonic possession going on right in front of our eyes without any doubt in my mind; they are taken and apostates of hell already!

      Sadly I don’t see it getting any less horrific moving forward but much worse and our Father in heaven is the only freedom, safety and escape from all of this wickedness going on.

      Here is some of what I just said to another Christian Brother who is where we stand on all of this too!

      I absolutely agree many people have been on something and perhaps some microwave transmissions while they sleep to prepare the wind up soldiers for their daily activity; subliminal mind control! I figure something like that was absolutely going on in Texas with all of those children being butchered that way, because the plan in motion by our current dictators is to cease all law abiding citizens weapons rendering the public helpless from the tyranny to come! Plenty of smoke and mirrors right now my Brother!

      To your point we can see some people were having some serious side effects in this video clip! Slightly inhumane and overreaction to say the least!

      When you have time check out my thoughts on some of this from a while ago! Funny how this one I published just before that bank confrontation!

      People Are Too Busy Wanting Likes to Have True Love

      Look what poor Dr. Noack got for his speaking truth in Germany! God rest his soul!

      This is the blog essay I had included that link in which has another of him speaking at length, but in German about his scientific findings that got him killed along with some other worthwhile documentation in there.

      MURDER! Just Hours After Publishing the Secret of the Vaxx, Dr Noack is DEAD

      Joseph I’m so sorry to say this but too many people are playing dummy and just coasting along like sheeple or worse mushrooms while the totally diabolical from hell is taking over the planet! This is why I never liked the idea of cell phones as I saw the diabolical at work in it and its mushroomed into reality the crazy one I imagined decades ago when I saw this thing people want to have with them everywhere they so now more than God or their own conscience or life! This isn’t going away until Jesus returns! Look at that creepy Facebook apostate Zuckerberg as one example of what is happening to the human race!

      Never took his Facebook and never will. Cell phone I had to for work have one but a flip style hat i kept shut off and used like a portable phone booth only!

      The world is screwed big time now!

      maybe people on this internet are lost souls and weak minded minions already!


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