Hunted – Part II

You’re welcome and I surely owe you a great thanks for your enlightening inspiration here Eva! Your illustrating of this particular period in history was powerful to me and it correlates well with what I had been thinking about regarding the current state of affairs regarding how far humans have slipped into a dark quagmire of deceit and vanity!

So many are not learning from history and only repeat the grave errors of the past but now even worse they are currently making matters exponentially worse with their arrogance and folly! Virtue and honor are all but faded memories from the past and I see a “culture of death” and “evil rising” where woman are so far removed from what they once where, as the once virtuous, nurturing and genuinely compassionate females in those past annals of history! To where they are now glorifying deception and self-destruction as they follow not the “Almighty’s precepts and purposes” but rather those that are derived from the darkest places in the universe! Now many women “rebel and destroy the most innocent” like there is no tomorrow, and for many of them there might as well not be with their discarding of what is truly valuable to be replaced by the most vile and ugly concoctions imaginable! Social media has been a double edged sword and accelerated our loss of humanity, as now far too many play a digital artificial game of deception living in a fake and totally unreal cyber world! This “cyber fool’s errand world” where a woman calls herself a doctor and she then besides seeking to “inflate her own prideful ego” did all she could in this medium to trash Jesus Christ and the natural order that God created; so the only doctor I see in that behavior is one of the diabolical; a witch doctor. This is part and parcel of what many women have subjugated themselves into becoming, following the “radical militant feminist movement,” which is so obviously the destruction of genuine femininity and their womanhood!

I saw in this writing of yours how Mrs. Mawe with her goodness and bravery was a clear powerful voice echoing from the past of what it meant to be a real woman, there in that tragic ordeal of terrible human suffering, and what today can or most certainly should be seen as insurmountable challenges that required “absolute endurance” stemming from “true character built on genuine faith in God,” so that people “could take heart” and courageously push forward not falling backward into despair or defeat! These people showed us now in the present, what it means to be human beings and children of God, who are trying to find our way home to safety fighting not only a physical battle, but more importantly as they fully demonstrated, the spiritual battle which is what this is really all about; and therein is our true value or worth! Because there is a way to safety and some will be on the path to find it and all righteousness, while so many will be traveling in the opposite direction to utter doom, darkness and complete failure!

I want to include the link to my latest posting that may hopefully fill in some blanks of my dissertation as to “what I see happening to humanity” via the “denigration of womanhood” in a wayward world where women become witches and men nothing more than pimps for them!

I pray more wake up before it’s too late; this I do pray in Jesus’ holy name! Amen.

So beautiful is The Litanny of the Blessed Virgin Mary! Thank you very much for that!

God bless you and yours Eva!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Mutiny Reflections

We pick up the story of Captain Scot and the Nowgong fugitives where we left off in the last chapter – posing as prisoners of the remaining sepoys of the 12th BNI. They were standing on the outskirts of the city of Kabrai and the de facto leader of the sepoys, one Durga Singh was making himself troublesome.

He no longer believed there was any authority left with the EICo nor in the men, he had once recognised as his officers. The women and children continued to be a nuisance and their very presence was making the ruse difficult to sustain; in short, he wanted to be rid of them.

The city of Kabrai too, posed a problem. For some reason, the very name struck fear into the sepoys and they suddenly asked Scot and the others to go and hide in the jungle – they promised to come back…

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