Too primitive to perceive


Indeed Sanjeet, some radical thinking or fantasy here.

We are talking about the finite matter and energy universe here, which for all practical purposes is our reality; a dead-end by default! From this frame of reference and the fact that we contemplate space-time continuum via the particle physics and the electromagnetic spectrum, if there are other intelligent life forms advanced enough to do the same or most probably much more than that they still would be able to dumb down enough to make contact in a meaningful way or at least leave us some handy clues and hard evidence, so I don’t buy into any of the theories or extrapolations as to why they are not showing up in numbers to either enlighten us dummies; or instead what would be more plausible would be to collect us all like those ants you mentioned and take us all away to their laboratories; and there subject us to all sorts of nasty experiments like we do with all the poor lab specimens here on earth; and you know Fauci could tell you all about that, especially the beagle breed of dogs of late!

No they don’t and won’t bother with us because they don’t exist and I’m positive! I have a few reasons for thinking this but the most important one is my Christian faith and the actual hard historical record of evidence, archeological, prophetic and witness along with being faithful having a communion directly with my God the actual Creator through the one He sent Jesus Christ to be the one and only bridge or stranger if you will, that came from even farther away than the edge of the universe and beyond; actually not even in this limited finite realm to connect with us and then help us go beyond this finite material realm on into eternity and live there forever with God and all that is good!

Now there are some other visitors and they are spirit beings or demonic and people do have connection with them from time to time so there is more to the picture than meets the eyes for sure, but the information we have is enough to wet our beaks as they say to know we are here for a “grand purpose” and that we are part of a bigger and better plan than anything we can ever come up with even in our wildest imaginations and make it a reality even if we had millions of years to tinker, but we do not have that much time or anything anywhere near it. God’s plan rules and will prevail for those who have faith and trust in Him! Outside of that they are “shit out of luck” and lost forever. I know it sounds crass but all these far out spacey star trek ideas are all bogus and poppycock to me! Elon Musk is a big baby spoiled mega rich boy, living in this realm but trying to live in a dream fantasy world; he is a joke! To me he and all like him are a waste of time and I’m never impressed by any of them; they are actually quite silly and foolish as I see them; deniers of the obvious and actual truth; but spoiled brats are like that aren’t they. Bill Gates is a monster in human form a horrid creature of a man, so yea those power mongers bore me to tears and piss me off simultaneously! I bet they would have been better people, “real human beings” and most benevolent or saintly, if they had gotten their asses kicked badly when they were younger punks, but they didn’t; so they got to be grown up punks! Whoopi do.

Oh well there we are with my sharp perspective because I’m in a mood!
Thank you very much!
Hope you are at least laughing too! 🤣🤣 😉 👍 🙏 🙏

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

et bottom line

Science is our Home

Let’s be honest. We have thought about whether or not aliens exist out there in the universe at least once in our lives. There can be different opinions. They live but are not intelligent enough. They once existed but have died out. Or they simply don’t exist and that we are alone in this vast universe.

There is something called Fermi Paradox. Physicist Enrico Fermi once asked this question – “But where is everybody?” There are so many sun-like stars in our galaxy alone. Many have planets like our earth in habitable zones. Some stars like Sun must be billions of years older and would have developed life even before us. Even at a slow pace, those civilizations would have gotten intelligent enough and traveled through the galaxy in a million years. But we have no evidence they are out there or ever visited us.

I read this article where…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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6 thoughts on “Too primitive to perceive”

  1. Thank you for your views brother. I think faith is the most important thing and I cannot deny your views because they come from your faith to your beloved God and Religion.

    I sometimes wonder too if all this is waste of our resources to wander in space and is the promise of one day becoming an Interstellar species worth our resources.

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    1. Thank you Sanjeet for the stimulating and thought provoking writing here.

      Well you hit the nail on the head as the cliché goes, waste of resources is one thing that does anger me; is it wise or humane to watch others starve to death while talking boldly and with pride that they are taking a ride to the edge of space like Bezos and Shatner the former Capt. Kirk did. My dad used to tell me when I was a teenager how certain rich cousins of mine were living like playboys with all of their decadence and expensive luxury cars or toys always having a party living it up but they have no idea how to be practical and humble living for pleasure while wasting their precious time that God gave them to do good in this world; in other words they are becoming very selfish takers not givers. My dad taught how it’s much more important to be humble and a hard working practical person who is respectful and appreciative of this gift of life.

      To your point of wasted resources I again must say immediately the words Far-fetched and Extravagant come to mind. Just being sensible, realistic and totally honest couldn’t all of this far-out fantasy be a rabbit hole that turns out to be the deepest bottomless pit. Just for the sake of argument say tomorrow we could warp time and space with some time machine space travel contraption and blink out here only to appear thousands of light years from here on earth to some distant star system to one of its many planets and be there in real time but not here anymore. What good would that do and more importantly what would we do there, if there was even an atmosphere very similar to ours here just imagine what microbes or say viruses might exist there which are obviously totally alien to the ones that our immune systems are adapted to here, so what would these voyagers do to not become deathly ill or prevent themselves from bringing back to humanity some alien killer virus that could wipe out the human race; I mean look at all the crap we go through already with the viruses we have on earth and the ones these maniacs are altering their gain of function to make them more deadly!
      With just this one fact to ponder do you honestly think the human race or certain power mongers here on this planet are ready and could be trusted with such questions of survival for the entire human race or should we be thankful for what we have and like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz classic film says, when she wakes up to reality; “There is no place like home!” I think resources should be wisely used to maintain and improve our home.
      There is an older film by the way about some virus that comes to earth called the Andromeda Strain, kind of old film by today’s CGI standards but a very timely advanced story from a good 1969 novel which was made with Old School Film Technology that I like more, then its more about the quality of writing and performance that carries the show and it was directed by one of the Film Legend directors Robert Wise whose work I love in all of his many classic films!

      The day the Earth Stood Still for one is a fine film; made when the craft of movie making was real art!

      There is another version of the film that was made recently and a 2008 TV mini-series. But I like that old one for entertainment more.

      This old classic is worth watching. I also did enjoy the later version.

      I liked the later version with Keanu Reeves, but that’s mainly because I like Keanu a lot as an artist and person.

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      1. Very concerning topic you pointed there brother. Our immune system surely won’t be ready for any outside viruses and that can have deadly outcomes for our human race. Immune system keeps track of many viruses but if suddenly thrown against some interstellar bacteria, it is going to face hell lot of problems.

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      2. There is an old adage, “Don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong!” Or how about they also say “you might be better off leaving well enough alone!”
        I say we can’t even efficiently and properly manage what we got on our collective human plate here on earth and we are not qualified to go buzzing the universe, even if we could do it; doesn’t make it right or sensible!
        I agree with you and we have a “hell of a lot to deal with” right now in our “own backyard” as they say!
        Humanity needs so much divine guidance and absolute truth.
        Keep smiling brother!

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