Divine Providence and God’s Will

“nothing that men can come up with alone devoid of God and His supernatural powers will be enough to overcome the enemies that surround us from without and within!”

UPDATED 9/8/22 from original 4/28/19 posting.

This long in coming big update to this blog posting is as follows.

After writing today’s new blog post once it was on site I noticed at the bottom of the page as usual the three suggested previously written postings, and the third one is something “very short and sweet” as they say, that’s unusual for me; which I had written back on April 28th 2019 that I had actually forgotten about, but once I reviewed it again I found it to be so poignantly fitting with today’s message in a remarkable way; so I decided to republish it!

It speaks to the subject of battles but specifically the American Civil War, along with pointing to one of my top three favorite historical figures President Abraham Lincoln!  In today’s new posting titled, “Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano warns humanity for New World Order” who I also greatly admire for his powerfully strong faith, dedication and saintly work in the Church.  But now also perhaps for his being a sort of Abraham Lincoln figure of the Catholic Church who warns humanity about a New World Order, a Global Civil War and the coming biggest war there will ever be in the entire universe; the Spiritual War between heaven and hell; “The Final Conflict!”  He warns or points out the battles now taking place in our lives or to come.  And I specifically mentioned the physical world battles taking place but the more important spiritual battle that is going on at a fever pitch in which Satan is seeking to destroy as many souls as he can before the Second Coming. Here is what I said to that point.

“He is up against powers and principalities both here on earth and in the darkest pits of hell in both a physical existence battle and the bigger unseen spiritual one for souls!”

I also said this in the article today.

“What I’m saying to you here is I hope you see how beyond radical all of what’s going on actually is and this is all a battle building to a “monstrous crescendo” the likes of  which is nothing the human race has ever seen, but, is “foretold in the Holy Scriptures” in the book of Revelation!”

I believe it is quite telling that out of my over 1500 postings how this particular one came up as one of the three suggestions and specifically the one that had that title of “Divine Providence and God’s Will.”

I think that is what happened today with this; because it was God’s will not mine.  Amen.

Archbischop Carlo Maria Vigano warns humanity for New World Order

The original now follows completely.

It’s said “follow the money;” and whose money is fueling what politics or projects to manipulate the masses; clearly things only get much uglier from here!  Time for more faith in God and doing His will is imperative, not our own.  The serpent has a mighty grip, struggling feverishly without Divine guidance is to no avail.  Like our forefathers who began this Great Nation to escape the clutches of the rulers of tyranny and oppression we must be in the ready to give all but only if truly being a servant of the Creator will these efforts be of a greater value and succeed.  Just like the words of Abraham Lincoln at his First Inaugural Address stated so well, “The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave, to every heart and hearth-stone, all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.”  This is the alignment we must strive for as we march into the battles ahead, because “nothing that men can come up with alone devoid of God and His supernatural powers will be enough to overcome the enemies that surround us from without and within!”  We Need His army of Angels with us each step of the way!

Lawrence Morra III

Archangel Michael Sm print

Author: Lawrence Morra

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