This is why the New World Order is doomed to fail

“a bright lamp of encouragement and hope shines on”
“Reaching beyond the stars to the Promised Land where hope forever meets fulfillment”

I’ve had an epiphany directly as a result of that tragic sad event of Liza Fletcher’s demise and her to me what appeared so exponentially unfair of course for her but also her loving family along with all of her precious students at Saint Mary’s School.  But now I see clearly her suffering which was not in vain and even the subsequent loss to this world of such “a bright lamp of encouragement and hope shines on;” in her own words, “Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. Shine it all over St. Mary’s school. I’m gonna let it shine,” that are shining far beyond where they ever could have otherwise; touching the hearts of multitudes now, showing the world that goodness always triumphs and overcomes all darkness!  I added in a posting this week the video that appeared in the news where she was reaching out to her students and sang that little song about let my lamp shine, which broke my heart seeing all of her love which was interrupted by no a man but a vile creature; and yes we learn that actual evil destroys itself always!

Just prior to this sad news of her passing I’ve been troubled, perplexed and even distraught at what I witness in this world with so much vulgar, disrespectful and rampant debauchery going on by multitudes of humans who live a lie lately in this paradoxically extremely troubled time.

She was a distance runner who “really went the distance” and actually “made a difference” for so many!  This is giving and the price of being Saintly; selflessness, carry that cross!

But a couple of things were brought to my attention immediately after my meeting an outstanding fine young man who happens to be a law enforcement officer that I had the opportunity to have a great and inspiring conversation with while out taking care of some business and he happened to be off duty which allowed us to actually get acquainted! Turns out we share the same ideas and perspective on many important issues, including our faith in God.

The timing of this meeting was not mere chance along with a few others things coming into my view which started with my suddenly noticing as I played an old Big Band Glenn Miller Classic “Chattanooga Choo Choo” online I saw a thumbnail photo with a description regarding a telecast that the Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen spoke about why God allows suffering.  And I admit I’ve thought over the years about that question and had realized some of the answer to that profound question, but, the Archbishop most beautifully put it all into proper perspective for me. As I think of it now this moment, I admit that the ugly underbelly of sin and hate have always done horrific damage causing unthinkable pain and loss for so many good souls that often times had to endure it all or even suffer a horrible death. But Archbishop Sheen helped me to crystalize what is actually going on in this spiritual battle between Good and Evil, between Right and Wrong which must continue to God’s appointed End Time; all because He loves us so much!  You see, I was thinking how all of this sin and debauchery is so over the top and nasty now that it really gets to me at times and I cry.  But I also see how even though human beings are capable of such horrible ugliness and rot we people of God are also so very capable of the most beautiful heroic, compassionate and loving acts of great beauty and grace that when I see it like this example with Liza and so many other instances I again must cry, but, this time it is totally tears of joy and deep happiness!

Yes some people disgrace, pull down and try to destroy humanity but some others are always there hoisting it up steadfastly lifting on high with the angels all the love and good it has to offer into the bosom of God!

You surely have seen my train of thought and from where it springs forth; and now this should blow your mind in a manner of speaking to watch this short video clip of Archbishop Fulton Sheen speaking to this very subject and time we are now living in well over 50 years ago; prophesy unfolding!

Don’t you see how God having made us in His image and likeness in doing so has placed that power and key to eternal bliss within us so that we might inherit and share in that absolute eternal beauty and love with Him! So He allows things to unfold to a point, that final point, when He knows and only he knows that everything will have reached that final fulfillment of His plan because He loves us so much multitudes are given the opportunity to make it to His eternal kingdom; “He Saves all those who will truly come to Him with humility and love!”

I hope and pray you have the time for all of this and can now watch this additional video clip that I just saw immediately as I was copying the link above of Abp. Fulton Sheen to insert in the text.  This is even timely because this following video of about 12 minutes in length is helpful at the root of my own personal dilemma lately, but, I know it to be crucial to anyone who is faithful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ following the will of our Father in Heaven!

Now then, to bring things in full circle and like tying a knot on a most beautiful bow upon a precious gift I happened to meet a most precious, charming and truly inspiring woman in the grocery market early yesterday evening who is an elementary school teacher, even remarkably so much in her manner and way like Liza, a dear wife, as well a precious mother of her own young children. The conversation we had was a gift from God and we were both so amazed, inspired and thankful with heartfelt humility that God made sure we had that chance to talk to each other; because it did so much good for the both of us at a precise moment that God chose and now it can be shared with great good effect to others like my connecting all of these amazing dots here in my thoughts and writing, that align perfectly with God’s plan; which is a work, as I see it a work in progress; just like a great artist’s masterpiece as it forms!  We actually got right into the subject that’s been on my mind and weighing heavy on my heart! Take courage and heart as Scripture says and do not be afraid!

“26When the disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were terrified. “It’s a ghost!” they said, and cried out in fear. 27But Jesus spoke up at once: “Take courage! It is I. Do not be afraid.” 28“Lord, if it is You,” Peter replied, “command me to come to You on the water.” Matthew 14:26-28

John 16:33 “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

This precious woman and me did say that the children have just gone through an extremely strange and trying period but they are resilient and are with many of us adults on the upswing to more enlightenment and the positive changes that God required of His faithful! Amazingly I’m up after midnight writing this because just a couple of hours ago that fine law enforcement officer I befriended had called me back after my trying to reach out to him a couple of times since we met and though he works the 3rd shift and so was calling late in the day, which I had in my previous message said or suggested to call any time of day or night; this timing couldn’t have been better because though we could only have a very brief conversation while he was working it helped me to get motivated to stay up and write, and most of my best writing always seems to come in the wee hours of the morning, even if I’m tired and want to sleep; the time-frame is more spiritual for me when much of the world around me is quiet and sleeping as I head to a quarter to 4am!

This is to you Liza! Chattanooga Choo Choo there you are!         A Stellar Ending!

But all of what I just said ties perfectly into another gift that came my way early in the evening after I met the school teacher and was about to turn in for the evening, I saw an email message just came in from a very admirable and fine individual from his site that jumps right into the heart of the matter of what has happened to the world and we human beings over the last few years, and puts all of what I’ve written here into this “fantastic brave outlook” that “God wants for us,” so that we can “hang on and never quit or be defeated;” because I know deep in my heart and soul we are going to make it to the “Promised Land!”  “There is nothing to fear but fear itself” and darkness and evil are weak, already defeated, so it’s really just all of this material world having to catch up with “God’s Truth and Absolute Perfection” which includes “total unshakable love for His own” and he absolutely knows who each one is, so none of His truly chosen and loving children will perish; “the time-span we are now part of must catch up and be part of the timeless; the omnipotent, all-knowing God Almighty!”  Thus to “be in paradise!”


Reaching beyond the stars to the Promised Land where hope forever meets fulfillment!

Read the follow except from the great news that came to me in the early evening last night and I know you will see where I’m coming from and I pray you will draw all this same Truth and Power from our Lord Yahweh the Father of the Son of man, in the glorious name of Yahshua our Savior Jesus Christ who reigns in heaven with the Father and Holy Ghost as the true and living God Almighty our Creator!

“We have to be strong in faith, hope and love, and help one another. Be a source of support for others, in any way you can.”

“We may see some hard times, but if we stand strong in faith that sees BEYOND the mountains of trouble, we will come through as better people. Because when we keep our faith, hope and love during hard times, it builds our character and makes us people with more strength and vision, who can do phenomenal things.

So hang in there. No matter how huge and intimidating this worldwide ‘tower of Babel’ may look, as the globalists build their mastodon of the New World Order – that blocks the sun for humanity and wants all to live in its chilling shade – we see how it is wobbling to and fro already, cracking at the very foundation.


know as a fact that the current eruption of evil serves for their own downfall. They are being exposed, and the insanity we witness with them – the absurd, irrational, over the top, mind blowing, absolutely freaking madness of these globalists shows they have been blinded in their minds, for their own folly.

They are “beheaded”, and have lost every semblance of wisdom, or common sense, causing them to expose themselves to all of humanity.

I know that the majority of the people is still blind, but every day millions wake up. Every day people worldwide begin to see the utter madness of these tyrants, that are digging their own graves, by their boundless insane acts.


✔︎ In the Netherlands the government is seizing land from farmers, and killing thousands of cattle, while raising property taxes so high, that countless people will be forced to sell their home. The energy prices have increased tenfold! TENFOLD!

✔︎ In Switzerland people get thrown in jail for turning up the heat in their homes too much.

✔︎ In Britain people are told not to work in their garden because it will cause cancer.

✔︎ In China millions have been locked down for months, and there is no release in sight.

✔︎ In the USA the criminal FBI is raiding the homes of many innocent, good patriots.

✔︎ Pfizer is openly refusing to release vaccine trial safety data.

✔︎ The World Economic Forum is publicly stating that all the elderly must commit suicide, because they are a burden for the economy.

✔︎ The World Health Organization is desperately trying to push a new pandemic with Monkey Pox, and is failing miserably.

✔︎ Governments worldwide try to cover up the explosion of millions of vaccine deaths with the most ridiculous excuses.

✔︎ Biden is positioning blatantly derailed transvestites at the highest positions in government, for all of America to see their utter craziness.

✔︎ Governments in several nations are arresting citizens whose electric bills are too high, while while simultaneously pushing everyone to switch to electric vehicles.


And these are just a tiny few of the countless examples. They are acting like a bunch of totally out of control madmen and this will get much worse.”

Additional presentations by Abp. Fulton Sheen that pertain to right now!

“Why Society Is So Toxic | Bishop Fulton Sheen”

“Prophecy Of Stalin & America’s Death | Fulton Sheen”

A prophet from God has spoken in our modern era and we should pay attention to what he was telling and teaching us; as God himself instructed this man who is a saint!

God bless you and yours!

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III

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