VIDEO The IRS Says if You Believe in God and the Bible, You Are Working for the GOP

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By?streiff?|?Jun 18, 2021 (IRS) Christians Engaged?is a group-based in Garland, Texas. It has a simple purpose, to engage Christians in politics to advance moral causes based upon Biblical principles. CHRISTIANS ENGAGED exists to awaken, motivate, educate, and empower ordinary believers in Jesus Christ: PRAY – Commit to pray for 5 minutes…

Hey I’ve got a News Flash! The IRS is working for Satan, especially now with this current renegade Puppet POTUS Organized Political Crime Syndicate Racketeering Administration headed by the Figurehead Puppet himself Biden, with his cohorts in crime Scary Nancy Pelosi, Old Chucky Boy Schumer and the entire Marxist, Atheist driven Demo-Crime Party!

This excerpt says it plain as day and is the God’s Honest Truth!

Obama Devils Own

“This is exactly the same kind of nonsense the IRS engaged in under the maladministration of Obama’s goon, Lois Lerner. The IRS letter — improperly, in my view — uses the political backgrounds of the officers of the organization to declare that the whole group is just a part of the GOP. If this standard was followed with any semblance of equity, then virtually all the left-wing non-profits would be snuffed out. The Bible, yes, IRS, the word is capitalized, is not neutral on the sanctity of life. It is not neutral on homosexuality. It is not neutral on marriage. It is not neutral on justice.”

Then as if that wasn’t bad enough; there’s this to top off the evidence of the “Clear and Present Danger” that’s at work against “All Free Citizens” and especially Christian ones, as the “Marxist Jaws of Oppression and Hate” rears its Ugly Head in America; to begin the enslavement of this “One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for All!”

“Every year, we hear the left and various Vichy Cons guffaw about the “war on Christmas,” as though Christianity is not under direct assault. As we saw yesterday, the US Supreme Court is unable or unwilling to take very simple steps to defend religion from a relentless assault by a hostile and secular culture despite the guarantees of the First Amendment.”

There it is the huge “Truth” of how the “Secularism and The World Culture of Death” has permeated all facets of our society all the way into the Supreme Court, where these Wishy-Washy decisions are being made that absolutely go totally contrary to all of the original Precepts and Foundational Godly Principles that our once thriving Republic under God held in the highest esteem! And from the time of our Founders, as I say up to the “Great Generation” with some who carried forth that same “Spirit of God and Righteousness” on through the last several decades to arrive at this shameful and utterly disgusting mishmash of a horrible society; full of malcontents, anarchists, communists and godless people that are now willing to pull it all down into hell with Satan! A nation that once was a leader in benevolence is now pushing complete asinine heathen conjecture and falsehood of CRT upon children that are being brainwashed with half-truths and total lies!!!

Auschwitz docu

They now give the “Devil his Due” with Interest Compounded over the decades to sign it over to him, “lock stock and barrel” no strings attached complete and utter defeat to Tyranny!

I dare to ask the question of just how many of you Citizens realize what sacrifices and treasure in human life was required to beat back Tyranny; going back to this Republics Founding Fathers and then on through an internal Civil War, but once Fully United was able to “defeat” not just push back an Oppression that was headed for America from Nazi Germany and the Imperial Empire of Japan under Hirohito, their God in the flesh. If the “Great Generation” didn’t accomplish the feat of saving the world from those onslaughts all of these complaining pussycats whining about nonsensical issues, and spitting on the American Flag while doing it; would never have been in such a Great Free Country to open their vitriol filled traps, because they would have been speaking German and if allowed to live be either members of the original Nazi Party or used as slaves for the “Third Reich” the New World Empire after the “Old Roman Empire!” Too many fools are running loose and shooting off their fly trap mouths that spew nothing but crap, when they don’t have a clue or know how to care for what is Good, Just and Proper!

Pearl Harbor Attack

You all better hope that they and many of us Americans that are Wishy-Washy, wake up fast to what is being perpetrated upon us; because in short order your Freedom and even your very lives will be vanquished by the Enemy Satan, who works through so many of these current officials! This is a Spiritual Warfare and Hell’s Gates have been opened wide to fill this earth with “demonic forces” that are having a field day with stupid pagan minded people that don’t give a damn and will suffer for it eternally!
God in Heaven in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ help us!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

The following essays should be interesting to you and the “Putting Things in Their Proper Perspective” is a long one but I do believe much of the content is worth your time to read it.


Bystreiff|Jun 18, 2021


Christians Engagedis a group-based in Garland, Texas. It has a simple purpose, to engage Christians in politics to advance moral causes based upon Biblical principles.

CHRISTIANS ENGAGED exists to awaken, motivate, educate, and empower ordinary believers in Jesus Christ:

PRAY – Commit to pray for 5 minutes a week for your nation.

VOTE – Commit to vote in every election in 2021-2022.

ENGAGE – Commit to engage in some form of political education or activism for the furtherance of our nation.

To further their goals, they applied to the IRS for tax-exempt status. This should be a no-brainer. If you visit the website, it is very clearly non-partisan in nature. That, however, was not how the IRS saw it. In a letter from IRS Office of Exempt Organizations Rulings and Agreements Director Stephen Martin, the group was accused, without evidence, of engaging in…

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