“The Unreality Snowflake Mind-Set of Liberals”/ “New Babylon The Great Has Fallen”

Led to: “NO MAN’S LAND”

Now that New York City is an “Abandoned Hell-Hole” and a hollowed out carcass or shell of the “Greatness” it once was, the former “New Babylon The Great,” I thought it’s the right time to revisit my blog essay that I wrote about two years ago, “The Unreality Snowflake Mind-Set of Liberals” to make it clear what the @ucked-UP Liberals, Democrats and Marxist’s have accomplished and done in such a short span of time; so they can feel proud as they ride the ONE WAY ESCALATOR TO HELL! ENJOY YOUR RIDE DOWN IT’S YOUR LAST!  Any of the poor innocent FOOLS that got sucked into all that chaos, you might have a chance to hurry and pull your heads out of your asses; but you better make it fast!

God Help Us; Please!

Lawrence Morra III

October 13, 2019!  Intro of The Unreality Snowflake Mind-Set of Liberals.

I just wanted to share a long comment I posted in reaction to a woman’s comment about how difficult it is for liberals to find jobs that match their education and skills! I think we see clearly what their skills are or certainly what they lack! Get a CLUE!

Do you liberals believe in Utopia or Shangri-La too? There is no panacea! Lazy ass complaining liberals need to grow up and face reality and while they are at it get some faith in God Almighty! If they believed in God as they should instead of being heathens or pagan people; they wouldn’t have any major snafu in moving forward with Hope and Faith in HIM!

The Unreality Snowflake Mind-Set of Liberals

Why America Will Disappear from World Prominence