A Conversation about Belief in God vs Atheism and the Path to Redemption

First of all Stan, the only retort to my previous text messages was this from you: Is that an opinion or indigestion? To which I responded: Same observations whether I’ve eaten or not Stan! Should that matter? AND: BTW, I have a direct question for you! Is that a hint of Muslim sympathizing that I detect in your tone??? May as well share that with the world while we’re at it!!! AND: BTW, I not only assert that they are insane but I also say clearly that they are EVIL!!! Love it or Hate it is what it is!!! Tough Monkey Pooh!!! Anything else Boys? Then you retorted with: Lawrence Morra well, you’re beyond redemption. And you will never know it.
To which my response was: Who are you God now!!! If you think that you can wipe your ass with that PHD because that’s all it’s worth!!! What an Ignoramus, the radical Muslim sympathizer that thinks it’s OK for Mohammad to have been a child molester!!! What criterion do they hire people like you to poison young people’s minds in the university??? Must be some very bizarre heads of faculty in that nut house!!! Maybe there’s some diddlers in there? And I added: And don’t come up with premises about me Mr. I know who I am what I am, as straight as an arrow!!! I doubt you can honestly say the same!!! And I added:Yea talk to Robert he’s more your speed, stoned out of skull every day!!! You guys can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen pussy cats!!! You want to play hard ball and all you have is a skirt and a thong on!!! Guess they don’t teach you that where you studied, how you need the right equipment if you want to play hard ball!!! You guys are all too used to playing kiss my ass and I’ll kiss yours!!! What a bunch of stoners, and you talk about being beyond redemption??? That’s actually heresy for you to even utter those words!!! Heretic!!! (I said that because of your title and education thinking you were a theologian)
You need to pipe down and go about your silly corn-ball business!!!

In review I find that later after all of that you had other retorts that didn’t show up until now apparently?

Here is what popped up from somewhere just not in sequence!!! YOU GO ON TO SAY: Lawrence Morra No. What you detect is hatred of injustice. I have no particular sympathy for Muslims. Have you not seen my posts about FGM, about child marriage, about girls’ education in the Muslim world? Have you not seen that I am an atheist? Why should I have sympathy for Muslims as opposed to Vietnamese, or US blacks and Hispanics, or any number of other oppressed people or peoples throughout the world? And for that matter, do you allege a hint of sympathy for nature in my posts because I protest destruction of the rain forest, or exploitation of the environment in Alaska and the NW, or greedy drilling in beauty spots and the Trump policy of rolling back all environmental protection? I could go on for a long time about my antipathies. What they all have in common is two things: 1) unjust behavior by one ( changing ) group of people to another, or to the planet; 2) the hypocritical self-serving and self-deluding apologists for such injustice, whether Hasbara or climate change deniers. ‘Even hatred of injustice makes the brow grow dark’ (Brecht). (edited)

Now getting up to speed, if I had seen some of those particulars I would have most likely turned off the interest in any response because you say some things here that no I never read in any of your posts, which I hardly had time to do anyway!!! One of those points where you state that you are an atheist which is the clincher!!! You profess so many things that are wrong and you want to see justice but yet you know more than God!!! Why, because you know there is no God!!! I don’t even waste my breathe on that sort of fool!!! Einstein when speaking with other theoretical physicists about the concept of the millisecond before the Big Bang and what was happening that would account for this massive event to have been triggered, as one of these scientists said with enough random events and cycles of the quantitative and unknown forces or energy even without a space time continuum the right combination must have happened randomly to bring all of the right components together at that precise juncture!!! To which Einstein replied: “Ah yes my friend but you are forgetting one thing, God is not random!!!” You see Stan the man, I’m in the loop with Einstein not you and not swamp people in the bijou, he was able to admit and see with his humility that the vastness and greatness of existence reveals to him that there is a High conscious power at work in order that the miracle of existence would even have happened!!! People like you are too busy trying to disprove God when the facts and power of the truth of God is starring you right in your obnoxious, arrogant, self-righteous and rebellious self!!! Atheists are some of the stupidest people I have ever met on this planet and I have met many from all walks of life!!! I will tell you that I have talked to ditch diggers that are more brilliant than you!!! They have the light of God in their heart and soul and you show and demonstrate to me that you have darkness and don’t give me that horse shit about wanting to enlighten the world and then get on the soap box and rant about how bad Trump is!!! You are a left wing nut and you and I know that, so don’t try to hose me buddy boy!!! Maybe this shit flies in your orbit where you get certain funding if you promote this shit or that!!! I am all over you and know what the hell you are!!! Don’t even think about selling me your snake oil and jive ass BS!!! I will run you into the ground boy!!!

Now, if you want to be a real man and grow a pair by starting to reassess who you are and what you have been denying for so long, then you and I could possibly have a real fruitful conversation, but without that humility and admission of thinking you know it all, then it would be pointless to even utter our names to one another!!! Like I said earlier, I know who I am and what I am, but more importantly I have seen enough evidence and experienced enough to see that Einstein was correct in his perceiving the presence of the most powerful intelligence at work and actively involved in this existence, which he was not afraid to admit as being God!!! If I were even a gambler or a betting man I would put (all) my money on Einstein and not a fraction of a penny on you!!! You do realize of course that Einstein saw things that no one else did up to the point when he eventually proved that seeing unknown and unseen things doesn’t mean that they are not real!!! Much of his perceived and proven theory has been further quantified and carried out to new horizons such as string theory and dark matter or dark energy over shadowing all of know existence and being much more powerful and greater in size than all of the universes!!! The basic point is that the miracle that Einstein could wrap his head around was a vision of God, you lack that!!! You have banished yourself by claiming that you know more than God and there is no God!!! You are in trouble and you better fix that or you can wipe your ass with that PHD sooner rather than later!!!

BTW, you brought up Redemption, and there is a power of redemption at work in the world which you have heard of!!! I have been working out my path to redemption and so don’t you ever say I’m beyond it, because I have some chance!!! You on the other hand have none at your present position and outlook, as you can only begin to be on that path if you will be humble enough to admit that there is God in the world and the plan is that you be redeemed!!! The choice is yours!!!

Lawrence Morra

Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

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