Beware of Evil’s Little Atrocities

I write this article today, mainly to expose a practice being performed on dogs’ right under our noses as a society! The brutal removal of a dog’s vocal chords to silence them permanently! It is our responsibility as a society to call out unjust actions against any life, albeit another person or a member of the animal kingdom. I hope you will read the petition and sign it at the link I provide here! Also, if you could please go on to read what I say, so that you can consider for yourselves some of the deep seated issues that confront our civilization that have been brought to the fore by a bad thing happening to our four legged friends of nature.

First of all, thank you very much for helping! I’m sure you would all agree with me why this tore into my gut and made me so angry, if I tell you how for many years I had 3 Samoyed’s, a mother and two of her daughters that I adopted and they and I became so close they were like my children! We would many times together on cold winter nights out in the snow or sometimes even in the house do our wolf howling, and it was magnificent and I could see how much those beautiful creatures loved doing that singing in chorus together that way with me and for me! Then, when I think how some poor excuse of a human being tears those vocal chords out like that, preventing the dog from ever being able to do it’s singing, I’m beside myself! I got so hurt and angry thinking of this atrocity that I acted upon posting it immediately to contain myself! These vile persons took away that one joyful instrument that these creatures are “born with” and as Jack London aptly put it in his story named after their vocal chorus, “The Call of the Wild.”

I connect the evil component of this behavior of those persons performing this procedure with the thoughtless evil horrors of past behaviors of “so called humans” against one another that were true atrocities’ and abominations! I think we do see an increase on many fronts of indifference toward life in in general, which is very worrisome! Perhaps the greed and materialistic mind-set has taken over so much so, that it permeates some people’s very souls, creating a giant rift between knowing what is right and what is wrong, keeping some individuals from having an overwhelming desire to only do what is truly good and moral!
I don’t like to draw comparisons in these animal advocacy situations but I can’t help it in this particular case because it rings clearly to be a monstrosity and immediately bringing to mind the evil that Josef Mengele the Mad Doctor who did barbaric things to prisoners during WWII. Too horrible to even think about, but, when it comes to these dogs I believe what is being done to them to please some human who doesn’t like a barking dog is just as insane and evil to alter the poor innocent animal in this horrid way! I know anyone that had done this procedure whether the makeshift crude way that the breeder did or even a Vet in a surgical fashion are all worse than the lowest, and deserve severe punishment; this procedure must be banned and prevented by a major National Law under “Cruelty to Animals” framework or even “Crimes Against Nature!” I truly believe the jamming of a sharpened steel pipe down the throat of any animal to rip away it vocalizing apparatus is just as horrid as the aforementioned Auschwitz concentration camp doctor Josef Mengele’s vile acts, who was the worst of them all earning him the title of “Angel of Death,” and to me anyone that harms another living being for unnecessary reasons such as this, is doing an act of complete evil!

There are many things that have happened and still do that compare, but this is the same kind of lack in the soul of an individual to harm another living being for either twisted pleasure or selfish designs that are evil and that is the same I’m sorry to say, evil is evil and that is why I make the analogy, whatever evil I see I condemn it as such! Just as Edmund Burke stated in his passage, “the only thing necessary for evil to be triumphant is that good men do nothing.” These small matters if not stopped in their tracks can mushroom or morph into great evils and horrors, so the comparison is not to say this is anywhere near as bad as the atrocities that occurred in those horrible places in the past, but that evil is evil and it can grow and become just as bad or worse in the future! Our society and culture as a whole is very defective and callous or too indifferent to many things that are running rampant and this case is one little example, I could give you many more that ARE WORSE but that isn’t my mission right now! I want these monsters that do these things to be stopped dead in their tracks! Outside of me hunting them down and taking care of it myself, which wouldn’t be sensible, I think this is a good start! Again, we are looking at too different sides of the same spectrum of evil, one the most evil abomination on earth in the past and now still lower level evil thinking and acts, that if not seen for what they are can grow throughout society and become much worse. We just saw the story of the two teen girls in Texas stabbing a live cat and slicing it up like a joke! There is a menacing ugly side to our society now, and that is why I show the contrast of what we see now in front of us and how bad it can get, it all comes from the same seed of evil!

This is actually one example but there are thousands and much worse going on right now that demonstrate man’s depravity and lack which is so bad I dare say, it does come from the same source that those monsters of the past derived their motivation to carry out such horrors! We have not progressed to some idyllic level where we are assured that nothing so horrible could happen again, my point is proven, that these acts demonstrate how mankind is still infected with the same evil! Syria for an example, where we have witnessed today in the year 2018 a leader who used chemical weapons on his own people causing babies to die in a most suffering horrific manner, and we all do what? My point is that I call it out the way I see it! Our society has become too desensitized to all manner of horrid activities! That angers me because we know that if we do not remember our past and learn from it we are doomed to repeat it! Those horrors of the past have been happening in a variety of ways and places! And it could become much worse! I won’t accept that our modern age shouldn’t be able to stamp out all such evil practices and man-made horrors against one another and the innocent! I see where the infection in human kind is still waiting for its opportunity to do the most unconscionable horrors to the greatest numbers of humans! That is a sad state of affairs! If we don’t pay heed to Edmund Burke’s words then it will only get much worse!

“Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.”
Winston Churchill
Lawrence Morra

PS I’ve owned many dogs and I was able to communicate over time well enough with my dogs that they did nothing but try to please me as their leader and friend! Understanding comes sometimes much easier between different species than human to human! So, I can safely say there are some humans that I will never understand nor do I want to! Waste of time!

Following is the link to the Petition:

Author: Lawrence Morra

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