Moments in Time

You puzzled me, I know you are busy but I don’t trust anyone but was trusting you more than anyone else, then some inconsistencies and others suddenly appear and play mind games with me; while you disappeared from the scene indicated to me I was right others are manipulative and playing games with me or aren’t truly and completely honest with me and that angers me to no fucking end!  I know what I’m talking about and I hate deception or in essence backstabbing!  If someone has something to say or has talked behind my back about me then I want them to tell me not treat me like they need to play me or give me half fucking truth! I’m sick of fucking people!  People are liars and connivers and self-interested assholes; and I should know I was always MR NICE GUY and did nothing to hurt anyone and yet I was targeted and stabbed in my heart and soul by nefarious evil rotten PEOPLE and plotted against and set up!  I should love people now!?

And I know you talk to others, and who, behind my back about me!  So in a sense you have not been totally up front with me as the old saying goes!  All of you on this fucking internet haven’t been totally honest with me and that in itself even sucks.  I open up to so few people and then when I do I get FUCKING GAMES and HEAD TRIPS!   I’m so sick of this fucking messed up no fucking good useless human race so many assholes and DEVILS, so few truly good!  I would love to see them all gathered together and tossed into the pits of HELL!  And the evil ones and nefarious will!

Did you have a clue that other than you who I told many details to there is a sister and a priest that I told more to, and actually up until this past weekend I had not even told the priest some of the things I told you?  Then you get into this behind the scene talking behind my back BS and all the PEOPLE on the peripheral edge of my personal life are all giving me a half truthful connection here, I’m the subject yet I don’t get the direct honesty from those that talk about me!  WHY?  I don’t talk about any of you to any of the others around or anywhere, I talk directly to each person as to who they are to me and what I have to say and know to that person and that person alone!  If I was going to talk about you say for example with my closest sister I would tell you and then I would tell you how that went and what she was saying and thought about you!  DECEPTION and MIND GAMES ABOUND ON THIS FUCKING NET!  Why did you think I don’t have Facebook and never will?  WASTE of FUCKING TIME TO ME!  I’m sorry; but I’m too weary of all human beings and I don’t know any more what to make of any of you, I think the world is too fucking crazy now; humans have dug a fucking road to hell and are just being complete fucking stupid morons about it and not hurrying to fix the mess; they are wicked and or stupid!  GOD IS REAL and there is a HEAVEN and a HELL, I’m POSITIVE; yet the world goes on playing the fucking GAME!  This shit is going to end and sooner than most think!

We are in a world of hurt and it’s going to hurt a lot more!  See what I mean, I wake from a sound sleep and have to start spewing all this shit to you and we don’t even really know each other and probably never will!  This agony has been going on for 10 years and started before that with plots and evil people out to silence me or ruin me!  I fought it all hard in my own way and didn’t let them succeed in breaking me and causing me to do what they were pushing me to do and that would be to go after them and then they can kill or annihilate me!  I showed them I’m no fool they can’t trap me like that, I won’t let those fucking low life scum put one over on me the muther fuckers!  Then I beat the crooked system on my own in my injury case in court!  So then, when I started talking on the radio about the corruption all around here what did these nefarious do?  They plotted again, even with doctors who take a Hippocratic Oath that some may as well wipe their asses with because they did something to damage my health more than before with the injury set-up!  Alexander Litvinenko the former Russian spy was destroyed by a poisoning as you must know; and although not that final but maybe even worse in some ways I was poisoned by these devils here and it damaged me and is still doing damage but I’m not going to do anything about it because I know it’s too late!  They got me, just like they wanted to the devils, and damaged my suburb health and genes through doctors who were the agents of evil in this case, the spies if you will, and rather than take me out with a bullet or kill me off like they did the spy practically overnight, they got to make me suffer and squirm in a misery and sadness that they had no right doing to me and I didn’t deserve any of it not one shred of it!  I dared to point my finger at them and say you guys are bad, and then they say kill that punk!

Why am I telling you all of this?  I’m not even sure because it isn’t going to change anything and I’m sorry to say it won’t help anything!  I guess somewhere in me there is still that Nice Guy thinking it might be nice to talk to a nice person about truth and what’s really going on in me and around me, if for no other reason than to bear witness to truth from the perspective of the one experiencing it!  Sort of a Star-ship Captains Log!  As the ship with no crew is being sucked into a worm hole in time and space or maybe a seafaring vessel, that is out in the middle of the vast ocean taking on water and the inevitable is clear and apparent that this ship is going down, it may as well be torpedoed and be done with it!

Lawrence Morra

Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

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