Reptilian Impulse Factor

“Reptilian Impulse Complex”

A fellow Blogger was addressing the issue of anger and people losing their cool.  It was pointed out how that kind of behavior lacked maturity or insight at the very least, and could very well be an indication of much deeper dysfunctional behavior in a person’s psyche.  I began to comment and recall from my own studies and life experience observations over many years to see something that could be a root cause for these over the top reactionary almost inhuman and thoroughly unintelligent responses in highly emotionally charged situations where the stakes are enormous; in primarily the quest for power and control.  What follows are some of my specific thoughts about this societal dilemma we’re all facing on a global scale whether we want to admit it or not!

Perhaps there are too many individuals who by their own volition or just the inability to adjust to an ever-increasing volatile world with so much information and stress being heaped upon the public consciousness by Mass Media or Cyber Space, these people just won’t grow up and mature or get over it; always wanting it their way or the highway; which may very well be a byproduct of the enabling and out of control PC mind-set being employed from toddler age on through adolescence.  Of course we have gratuitous violence depicted in movies or cyber space interactive computer-generated games like Grand Theft Auto and the latest madness Fortnite which has desensitized individuals to the point that they lack empathic response in actual real everyday life!  Also, the fact that the nuclear family concept is now in a shambles where everyone is doing their own thing being quite disconnected from one another which is in stark contrast to past generations when daily interaction such as the entire family sitting down to have a family dinner was standard fare, and communication between all members with genuine love was a given.  Today its more about keep them occupied and in their own little world, while in the process far too many kids today are also being disconnected from genuine family values or interactions, while instead they’re immersed in fake artificial intelligence worlds or social media as a mainstay of their preoccupation.

Lizard docu

I did hear the term “Reptilian Impulse” used in reference to angry, hostile individuals, which makes lots of sense to me.  This Reptilian Impulse may not be the exact or sort of idea I’m remembering reading about years ago, but that along with watching many neuroscience educational programs that covered this general idea of how the cerebral cortex or brain stem function, is in some way similar to basic reptilian response to stimuli, basic nerve reflex.  As I recall, it was more a pseudo-science expression with some people I knew many years ago in college at the time being bandied about in reference to how some men were showing violent, blatant, unthinking rage in certain circumstances, so it was more of a basic brain stem cue or response in those cases, and though it’s been many years since, I have to admit it may have something to do with autonomic bodily function or basic nerve impulses, such as breathing, how extreme anger or hostility could be attributed to this nerve impulse factor, malfunctioning or short circuiting in some individuals.  I thought about this back then as a more zombie behavior or science fiction type monster, a “Frankenstein” if you will behavior.

Frankenstein monster docu

Fascinating stuff for sure and I know there are definite impulsive cues or responses built in to our DNA if you will, correlating with the Reptilian Impulse Complex, “reptilian complex, also known as the R-complex or reptilian brain.”,  a similarity along the lines of “fight or flight”  response by all complex living organisms that have sophisticated enough nervous systems.  Some people speak about this in terms of environmental conditioning which includes a wide range of developmental behaviors infused into as I see it now our DNA or life bodily function forces at work within us that are primal, and have much to do with survival or protecting oneself from a hostile environment overall!  We also see by example many times a person who grows up in a very violent always on edge environmental condition, as say on the mean streets with gang-banger’s; that often times these individuals will react to most confrontational situations with over-the-top violent behavior or overly aggressive attitudes to just about anyone that gets in their way, or face as they say!  These modern day behaviors are conditioned and could be potentially suppressed with therapies and biofeedback but in trying to understand the increase in societal violence whether physical or psychological I tend to target those very ancient primitive forces that are embedded deep in the psyche and nerve impulse layers of the brain stem/nervous system.  Like when someone sneaks up from behind and says BOO, we always jump or flinch, and even the fear of being alone in the dark which happens to all of us growing up thinking we see a monster in the closet at night or that a shadow is something more than that!  These innate subliminal fears are on a very basic level of “stimuli response” , maybe more like those studies done by Pavlov with dogs!

This brings me to a general perception of so much hostility in our world today even in politics.  That blogger I mentioned earlier triggered some serious thought on this matter so much in fact that I had to say, “now you hit on a “Nerve,” mentioning the “partisan” politics and actually to me the tribal political “arena”  these days which is a prime example of what I’m driving at here!  Actually I admit I too had a sort of Reptilian Response to the very thought of the convoluted and wicked dynamics of the idea of modern current politics, by just hearing the word Partisan!  We can see plainly the actually madcap and emotionally fueled behavior in how these candidates respond to each other and the citizens in some of the debating or rallies as well as how those camps of supporters carry on, with sometimes accompanying protestors!  To me it’s all about winning of course, but more about the “spoils of war” here, and as we know from any of our history studies “to the victor goes the spoils,”  which is what winning at all costs looks like today politically speaking, in that they lust for power and more control either for themselves or at least their party (like gangs) not actually caring one bit about the constituency; as these patterns have been established for some time now especially by the “Dems” and their radial agenda or worse splinter groups within their own party just pushing the underlying agenda to win, and then after elections they stay right in the same groove of doing basically nothing of any great redeeming or substantive value for those they are supposed to represent or the good of the Nation as a whole, but instead seek out those spoils I speak of.  Biden is the epitome of a crooked, crony, lying, career politician that’s been lying for so long he can’t recall what truth is anymore, besides which he is mentally unstable!  This is a devious twisted devil that claims to be a Catholic but has no problem with full term abortions and as he stated during Obozo’s campaign that he has no problem with same sex marriage; all of which is a huge problem if you claim to be a Catholic or any true Christian believer!  My point is he uses anything even God, to promote himself or the agenda of the Dems.  If that isn’t a devil then this world is an illusion!

Biden insane over the top docu

Look at this photo of him screaming at people with his mouth wide open and veins popping out on his temples and neck in a complete out of control RAGE!  That is diabolical!.  The man is evil and a raving lunatic only interested in one thing, holding on to absolute power to absolutely corrupt as a minion of Satan himself!  This creep has lived high on the hog off the backs of American Taxpayers his whole adult life and is nothing more than a human parasite that hasn’t accomplished a damn thing for the American People!  He should be in prison!

Biden Devil docuBlasphemy 

It is in a sense a sham or con game and some of these career politicians are extreme con artists pulling the same wool over the eyes of the public as best they can each election cycle to perpetuate their own crooked existence!  To me it’s all sunken to the miserable level of just being “Political Warfare” or what’s typically referred to as political mudslinging!  Very bad sign of the times and to me a very ugly thing to be stuck witnessing time and again; especially by the same two-faced crony self-worshiping bigots!  Or in essence this is what I said earlier about a reptilian behavior in plain sight, albeit a psychological violence over a physical one, nonetheless doing actual damage to the society and process that is much worse than if it were actually physical violence with someone getting more lumps than the other guy like ancient tribal peoples did to one another when duking it out!  What we have here in the USA now is enormous power grabs and untold material wealth to be had which is a giant temptation; that I’m sure the evil one is working within because of the global effects and consequences of keeping one particular agenda going full steam ahead over another, namely the destruction of the human race!  As Christians we are charged with the responsibility to discern and as I observe I interpret as much as I can what the underlying facts or motivations are at least so I’m aware and as best informed as I can be; but getting involved is a total waste of time and I found that out the hard way when I put my neck out in a highly corrupted Blue Crony Dem State to attempt in speaking out for harm being done to my community and absolutely got myself targeted for an adjustment by those in power.  They came after me and we all know now how adept the Dems are at constructing weaponized accusations to destroy or at least derail the best of them.  What I speak to here is the very dark underbelly of nefarious operatives within these political power grids not unlike in more ways than one what the old Mafia was like before government intervention broke it down from its hay days, only to be replaced by government political thugs and cronyism on steroids, sub groups of individuals within that new form of deep corruption to rule with impunity.

brave heart 3Virtue

This all reminds me of more ancient times when monarchs where those that had all the power and the masses who had zilch, and that to try and resist meant certain death; case in point “Brave Heart” the film that did a good job of depicting what some of the harsh realities of living in those times was actual like for the common man, in that case how William Wallace the Scotsman paid the ultimate price for his rebellion.  In contrast after WWII the age of affluence and opportunity did bring about mostly wonderful change in modem times that seemed like it would just go on being better and better, but as we now know the curve has been a down trend ever since bringing us to this extremely volatile political climate we see all around the world.  Not a healthy thing to have with so much risk and potential harm sitting in the balance and as I said before to me this is a form of that Reptilian Factor at times taking the lead unfortunately.  I have observed that most people in my community don’t touch any of this trouble as they either don’t have time or they are put off by knowing how much these factions have in the way of power already and figure it won’t do any good at all, and so they fear those in power!  It really is a matter of “letting the chips fall where they may” for most people, and then there are those that cozy up for favor and “go along to get along” becoming one of them!  The old adage of “if you can’t beat em join em!”  This guy will never join any of that and they know that about me for sure already, so that is why I’m an outcast and someone they despise!  I’d prefer to be that and a “Brave Heart” than a joke or a little rat that crawled into its little hole when they snapped their fingers or Yelled at me, which they did in a variety of ways all not comfortable or pretty, using their corrupt power to cause pain and suffering!

Bernie evil commie docuCondemnation

As another current case in point of this political corruption I can say how Bernie who never worked an honest day in his life and after his marriage went to Moscow for his honeymoon has spoken to and promoted Marxist Socialistic values and agendas incessantly since his college days, and how those that have so much earned wealth should be giving up much of their own to the masses; while he has gone on to become a millionaire off the backs of the same taxpayers he is preaching to!  And, how in 2018 Bernie earned 1Mil and gave away to the needy 10K.  If that isn’t a two-faced bigot phony I don’t know what is!  Like I say this hood never worked for a living but instead has fed off the public like a parasite; he doesn’t know what real work is and is oozing and seething with sin!  Then consider the hundreds of millions and even billions that are being spent to make it happen for one’s own self or camp, tribe; that by its self should speak volumes to how wicked and sinful the whole charade has become, and I might add; in my mind’s eye very “Reptilian!”   This is all one very sick society and the wickedness is seething out of this madcap political arena like there’s no tomorrow!

God must be very displeased with such bigotry and worship of self or earthy power by such corrupted, sinful humans.  I see it as too bad that so much was allowed to go haywire for so long while many of the most sinister among us sunk in their roots and fangs, gaining too strong a foothold; and so another adage applies now, in that whatever anyone would think of doing to counter this force, “it would be too little too late.” So we have, “a world going to hell in a hand basket” unless of course God Himself decides to step in before it gets that far!  Perhaps this is exactly the way His plan is meant to unfold, after all He knows everything!  Up to the Man upstairs now!

Lawrence Morra

Supplemental info: Speaking about humans displaying reptilian behavior and Sci-Fi, there was an episode of Star Trek that to me was a fantasy based on this concept of we humans having some reptilian tendencies of aggression only it wasn’t a human battling his own inner demon or alter-ego but here in this case Capt. Kirk was dueling in a fight to the death with an extraterrestrial reptilian creature named Gorn; which I include for your pleasure and perhaps to stimulate your own imagination in this realm of human behavior!

“Arena” is the eighteenth episode of the first season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek. Written by Gene L. Coon and directed by Joseph Pevney, the episode was first broadcast on January 19, 1967” Wikipedia  

Gorn docu


Star Trek Kirk vs Gorn – YouTube

Author: Lawrence Morra

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    1. Thank you for saying so and perhaps it conveyed an honest perception of mine to you for some intrinsic value Sally; you have gotten me thinking about the poor behavior by so many people, but especially those whose task it is to serve the masses in a forthright manner and don’t! That is so wrong and actually disgusting! It could have been better if I would have spent more time on it but as usual I’m impatient and in this case with added anxiety because I got so irked thinking about how bad things have really gotten over the decades; and I’m sorry to say the eternal optimist that I always was from childhood to about 15 years ago started to fade out to now where I really only have an occasional blip on the radar of optimism here and there; so though it’s not completely gone, sadly this world looks too bleak to me and that isn’t the message as a Christian I’m supposed to put forth I know. But, Scripture does tell us plainly that in end times this world will be that bad, so bad in fact that it won’t seem like there is any relief! Now that’s a big problem to tackle for all of mankind, if only all the corrupt politicians would GO AWAY! If we aren’t in end times yet, we sure as hell are close! Of course I must temper this train of thought with the reality of how much, much worse so many people are having it than me, how there are those who suffer incomprehensible pain or sorrow; so that is the reality check needed to put it all in proper perspective. I must thank God for all of the abundance of gifts He gives to me each moment of every day! Be humble is the key.
      May God send special graces and blessings to you and yours. 🙏
      I appreciate your good comment. 🙏


      1. Hi Lawrence ! I believe that many believers are tempted to be discouraged, but let’s help encourage the body of Christ – if God is for us, then who can be against us ? Please stay encouraged. All believers are wondering about all the stuff going on in the world. Jesus reminds us that in the world we will have trouble, but he asks us to take courage, for he has overcome the world. 🤗

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      2. Hi Sally! Yes you’re so right and these words are the truth He has given to us as evidence or the tangible to hold onto, as He knows full well we are here and not in heaven where there is no worry, so we need encouragement and the means to the end as we carry our crosses. Its not a party or happy days are here again kind of scenario but a difficult road to travel I believe, so that should be obvious to anyone; how life wasn’t meant to be a bowl of cherries but only that means to an end to make it all worth the effort, but indeed effort is required! Thanks for the insight and uplifting testimony! I said earlier proper perspective is required but courage is mandatory as you have clearly pointed out; Jesus did all of the heavy lifting or the impossible for us, so we don’t have that huge a burden when one thinks about it properly, we just need to be faithful and hold on to “Hope” and “Faith” through His word which He will never break! 🤗


      3. For sure, and of course the older we are, and the more life we have lived, it is easier for us , if we are not careful, to become discouraged. But we pray that God encourages all of us, in the body of Christ. And, He will !
        I like that verse in the song “Amazing Grace”, when it says ” through many dangers, toils and snares, I have already come….
        God has led us, and continues to lead and guide us.
        It was raining here today, which has taken away much of the snow. I can see a little bit of lawn. Spring is almost here ! 😁

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      4. Hi Sally! Yes encouragement is ours to claim in the body of Christ! That is a beautiful hymn and those words are so true to His glorious Salvation. I love hearing that song almost as much as I love Ave Maria but both equally touch my heart and soul in such a special way I have to say they are truly inspired works from God! But, Ave Maria will always make me cry like no other song as I have a special affinity to it because my mother when young was a trained classical soprano who would sing it in the home when I was a little boy and into my teen years, and she trained under an opera coach sometimes perhaps dreaming of being an opera singer. She didn’t go to the big time but did perform in family weddings or local talent contests even into older age when possible. She always said she was happier being a mom raising all of her children…… I’m actually now opening my music archive to listen to the Maria Callas rendition which I just clicked play; and as always it has that eerie soul searching effect on me enough that I actually can’t help but tear up every time! Such a beautiful virtuoso and lady she was and she too had her difficulties and sadness in her life as well as her attaining such greatest; I think for God, but like my mom too, fulfilled her purpose here! She worked so hard to be that wonderful. I wish I could have been around at her performances to watch her live and meet her; I would have fallen all over myself! I must say my mother sounded very similar and so concise with all of the notes; so I got to hear beautiful singing right at home, which none of my friends growing up could claim having presented to them by their mothers! Yes, the perennial grass is about to start a new cycle of life and growth in the warm sunlight being bathed with the power of God with energy from the sun animating all those earth elements and all of the accompanying joy of life in its abundance during the springtime, the time of birth and renewal…. It will be raining here tomorrow and I see how the grass has already gotten a richer green hue to it activating in anticipation of the light and warmth that is nearly at the doorsteps here to gently knock at the door asking all to come outside and share in the rejoicing; just counting down the days now to fair and mild temperatures! Amen. 🙏

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  1. Hi Lawrence ! Your mom was a beautiful, devout Catholic woman, devoted to her family, and musically gifted.
    I sing too, and play classic guitar, and have sung Ave Maria at Catholic weddings, at the brides’ request. I love this song, and also other hymns in Latin. 🤗

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    1. Fantastic and remarkable that you do that Sally! Those are beautiful gifts to have straight from God! I actually secretly wish I could sing that beautiful, is so magical and from the soul to me! I don’t think I would like all of the hard work or dedication it takes to become expert at it! Yes she was all of those things doing her rosaries incessantly with all of her loving heart for Jesus! At Tridentine Mass that I’ve attended a few towns away at a beautifully restored older church at times; I do tear up again when the choir is singing in Latin, It all gives me a feeling of getting closer to heaven! Imagine the glory of God and all of the angels with such beautiful music which He has in his perfect kingdom! I luckily studied Latin for two years so some of it connects well, but I do think it would have been even better if I had studied Latin much more back then, even to have had a calling! 🙏


      1. Hi Lawrence- you were greatly blessed to hear your mom singing so beautifully.
        I love Latin, but have not studied it formally.
        My very very favourite piece of music is Ave Verum Corpus, by Mozart.
        I have never attended a Latin Mass, but perhaps one day I will be able to.
        Thanks, as always for your kind comments.🤗


      2. Ave Verum Corpus, by Mozart is absolutely astounding and true genius at work in humans via the miraculous gifts God has bestowed upon His creation and infused His own likeness into man so we can perceive that fact and imitate His greatness in our behavior as His children; which is why I believe I feel like crying whenever I hear such masterpieces or voices projecting God’s beauty and love! The unfathomable becomes tangible albeit incomplete and rudimentary in comparison to actually beholding God and being in His presence; nonetheless a view into God’s beauty and genius, which is a precious gift of inspiration to seek Him! I actually don’t have this Mozart masterpiece in my music archive an oversight on my part that you helped me to correct; later today I will have it! Oh yes I do see it the way you put it, that hearing my own mother singing that way and such an important song as to what it represents; was a great blessing and I never thought it to be that others or my friends were inferior in any way. Always like sharing these important connections or Dots with you, as I get so much good from your perspective and interests! Right now I’m in the middle of writing a letter to another blogger who hit the nail on the head today about a major issue that had plagued me for some years regarding government abuse of power. So I was completing a comment to the blog but also a longer letter and some documentation to him directly as he has a PhD in this realm of expertise and I’m sure he or some associates will have some valuable input just like you allays do about the topics we discuss! Thank you again! Your comments mean a lot! 🤗


      3. Thanks, Lawrence. It is good that you were able to connect with a blogger about the issues concerning govt. abuse of power. There are so many interesting and highly talented bloggers. 🤗

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      4. 🤗 Sally I have to share with you as a fact that God helped me again today receive His blessings and a Godsend for me to just start connecting the dots again! I am so joyful to see His actual presence in my personal life and though I’m a sinner and failed him plenty of times He hasn’t given up on me and is offering His help as always! After I addressed that blogger who was carefully placed in my view, virtually another huge dot for me to connect with others, I made a phone call and actually spoke with a highly renowned attorney whom I never spoke to, who believe it or not gave me an hour of his time to kick it around only because it was a perfect moment where he could do what he normally wouldn’t be able to; and as well I opened up with a few things that kept him in silence and that is very extreme that any lawyer would do that with me let alone this top self-expert; I’ve had friends that are local attorneys tell me to shut up you’ve been talking 5 minutes non-stop! “It was meant to be without a doubt” and I’m still not sure where it’s going but I know God does, so I just have to, “let go and let God!” Mom was always telling us this, Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6 🙏❤ Tears again!


      5. Hi! I am happy that things went well today, and you had a chance to speak to the attorney who listened carefully.
        Your mom was an amazing woman who taught her family well.
        Yes, it is so important to trust God , for sure, his ways are higher than our ways.
        I have experienced things that could have made me bitter, but really they have made me better, and wiser.
        God makes no mistakes, and knows exactly what to do to develop our patience, and our perseverance.
        Thanks for sharing, and remember that the Lord is always guiding us. 🤗

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      6. Sally, I know enough about you by now to say I see a strong brave and very wise woman who is so blessed and gifted even in spite of any unhappy events that had hurt you in your past! I see this as a good metaphor, the flight of the phoenix rising up out of the ashes, in a sense being very down trodden and in an injured vulnerable position to be seeing nothing but defeat and loss; but look what happened by the miraculous loving power of our Lord Jesus Christ! He reached into your heart and healed it blessing you with strength of character and intuitive insights that you would never have achieved otherwise! Same with me in a way; as over the last 15 years I could say evil and nefarious deeds were directed at me to punish and torment my heart and take away the joy and happy go lucky kid that was always there but now though I felt sorry for myself at moments or angry and disappointed I never allowed that to overwhelm me because of my faith in Jesus that my parents and grandparents instilled in me; and of course God when He planned me in His infinite wisdom designed me to be who He needed me to be so I could grow to be who I am now in spite of those destructive attacks upon my life and heart, and to ultimately do His will. I too wouldn’t go back if I could and get an easier path to avoid the hardships and pain because I know now, and Jesus of course does, that I’m better off because of my not giving up or trying to fight fire with fire! Discernment you mentioned, and that is the key, I had to carefully learn my hard lessons and discern as I could with Jesus leading the way, but learning how to do it so much better than ever before, to be receptive and listen to Him closely from my inner most heart! My mom was always a beautiful woman and not perfect by any means but not a disaster like some friends I had growing up with alcohol or other problems. My Mom was emotional and that took me time to learn how to understand her more as I grew up, but she had some difficulties even like you did, but she was always attentive and loving to all of her children like a true Mother, like the “Blessed Mother!” My grandmothers along with my mom all used to tell me growing up when the kids get all messed up or in trouble out in public they blame the mother because it’s her task to teach them and guide them properly in all matters of behavior and civility, to have a conscience and proper respectful attitude; and of course always loving Jesus! Such good women I had, OMG I want to cry thinking of them all, really fine women like you! “The best of the best!”
        “He is always holding our right hand!” 🤗
        God Bless You! 🙏❤


      7. Very kind comments, Lawrence, thank-you. The only way God can strengthen us is through adversity, and he lovingly allows things into our lives that we can never comprehend, in our own understanding. But he is with us through it all, and asks us to pray for discernment and guidance. Yes, a mom who is attentive and loving is a gift. Motherhood is a precious vocation. 🤗

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      8. Sally!
        More than happy to send these thought to you my friend!
        You said that perfectly and like a great mother too! I have to admit I have the utmost respect and appreciation for mothers, especially if they give it their all! It is indeed the most Precious Vocation!!!🤗


      9. You’re welcome and it certainly doesn’t, how does that adage go, “a mother’s work is never done!” Maybe you and your husband can really have a nice time if you can watch that movie this weekend or soon even if you had in the past always inspiring to me just the time it was made and the character of the people!

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  2. A fellow blogger and devout Christian wrote a wonderful article regarding fear and how the evil one is always looking to use it as a means of defeating God’s children! I had to include here one of my comments to her blog because it has such imperative relevance to this blogs theme as well!
    Relentless fear leads to a self-fulfilling prophesy of whatever one fears becoming true, as the old saying goes “you brought it on yourself.” We can be our own worst enemy allowing negativity to creep into our hearts and cripple us, to live as failed and lost, letting go of our hope and promise that our Lord brought to us when He took our places on that cross, that single most important act carried out on earth wiped away all of our tears, worries and fears! The enemy wants us to fail so if we allow him the opportunity to convince us that we have something to fear and that we are doomed, he will work that fear until we’re are living as losers without hope or direction. Which is contrary to what Jesus told us and He said not to fear He is always with us, to allow Him into our hearts and have faith in Him alone, so that we walk with Him as He holds our right hand without any fear; as He leads the way. Because we are victorious when we do this, as He leads us to victory and everlasting life which nothing can take away, by our having an abiding faith in Him. He is our Rock and Fortress to protect us until we join Him in His everlasting glory and peace in heaven. Thank you Meghan; for this lovely offering of truth and insight, giving us the opportunity to reflect as we continue to discern the truth that our Savior Christ Jesus has provided to us through our faith in Him.
    God Bless You and Yours.


  3. Andrea Widburg

    “The specter of Americans voting for an open socialist is frightening. We’re way past 1972, when Americans rejected a hard-left candidate. Since then, leftists acquired a stranglehold on education, creating a generation of young people who think socialism is cool. Bernie could have won.

    Bernie’s probable departure shouldn’t cause us to ignore that Joe Biden is a terrible candidate. He’s usually wrong, famously dishonest, almost as hard-left now in his policies as Bernie himself, corrupt, and showing signs of severe mental degradation.

    (Regarding the incipient senility, Dorothy Parker’s cruel question when the famously taciturn Calvin Coolidge died comes to mind: “How can they tell?” The same can be said of Joe’s mental decay.)

    With almost 50 years in office, there’s a laundry list of “awfuls” attached to Biden: Borking the esteemed Robert Bork, plagiarism, leading the hi-tech lynching against Clarence Thomas, crafting the 1994 crime law that warehoused generations of black men in American prisons, leading the intemperate pullout from Iraq that led to ISIS, and helping credit card companies ride roughshod over Americans all spring to mind.

    Kyle Smith has an excellent run-down of some other painful and dirty Biden moments:

    Even at his best, Biden was notorious for being loopy, digressive, and sloppy, and he’s long past his best. Clarence Thomas noted of Biden’s line of questioning during his Senate confirmation hearings, “You have to sit there and look attentively at people [who] you know have no idea what they are talking about.” His bizarre 2012 debate with Paul Ryan consisted of bursts of strangely out-of-context laughter and boorish interruptions. His own aides panic every time he goes off-script, to such a degree that David Axelrod once quipped that Biden was being kept in a “candidate-protection program.” When he starts riffing, he is given to making false claims such as that he was arrested trying to visit Nelson Mandela in prison. His answer to all questions in debate is a subject, a verb, and Obama.

    Moreover, Biden looks moderate only in the context of the insanity that is gripping the Democratic Party, only by comparison to wackadoodles such as Warren and Sanders. He has so far escaped scrutiny for the implications of his policy proposals, such as a “public option” for health insurance that would inevitably destroy the private insurance market. He was specifically asked whether this could happen by the New York Times and replied, “Bingo. . . . Sure they would.” He blithely said that when employer-based private health insurance dies out, people could simply go on “the Biden plan.” His health-care policy is just a slo-mo version of Sanders’s and Warren’s policy. He has called for massive tax hikes, offered public health care for illegal immigrants, said such immigrants should not be deported if they’re convicted of drunk driving, and endorsed the $93 trillion boondoggle known as the Green New Deal.

    Tucker Carlson documents that Joe is willing to prostitute himself to Democrat Party extremists if it means finally winning the White House:

    And then there’s Biden’s corruption. No, he didn’t enrich himself personally, but he used his political connections to set up crooked deals that sent millions of dollars to his family members. Had Trump done that, he would have been kicked out of office to universal approval.

    Lastly, even honest left-of-center journalists are noting that, of late, Biden isn’t just being stupid; he’s decompensating:

    If journalists keep referring to Biden’s cognition failures as “gaffes” they are deceiving the public. His brain is deteriorating and it’s obvious to anyone paying attention. Not surprising for a 77-year-old man, and not a comfortable subject. But it’s the truth: stop obfuscating
    — Michael Tracey (@mtracey) March 4, 2020

    Glenn Reynolds made an astute comment about Joe’s appearance, which is familiar to all of us who have seen our loved ones fade away:

    I’ve also noticed a change in the way he looks. Just a few months ago I was thinking he looked pretty good for a guy his age. Lately I’ve noticed his head is developing that skull-like look you see in the old and the sick.

    In addition to talking about Biden’s willingness to sell himself to the highest leftist bidder, Tucker Carlson has shown a short montage with just a few of Biden’s most recent departures from reality (beginning at 1:30):

    The Democrats know exactly how bad Biden is. That means we need to keep a close eye on his running mate, because there’s a decent chance that, if the Democrat establishment gets Biden into office, it will then use his declining mental state as a way to get him out of office (the 25th Amendment), leaving his veep as the new (and, for Democrats, real) president.” americanthinker


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