Do You Want to Get to Heaven?

We All Have to Choose

or; Do You What to Crash and Burn

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Every candle with its little flickering flame comes to the end of its wick!

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To All Fellow Human Beings That Have a Clue and Especially Those That Need One.

                             Wake-Up …..Drop the Attitude.

Time is growing shorter by the moment….

Climb down off that Pedestal before you fall…. you might break your neck or worse!

Get down on your knees…put your hands together and pray!

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Start Your Day the Right Way and Pray…

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Lawrence Morra  5/25/20



Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

24 thoughts on “Do You Want to Get to Heaven?”

    1. Sally hello! 🤗
      Look what came to my attention just now in my comment cue Sally! “Don’t Call Me Hero”: The Catholic “Attitude”
      by Fr William Slattery. “This made me cry it was in the cue just ahead of “lifesavingprayers,” she is one of the nice two ladies that had simultaneous notifications in the cue Sunday morning and I had zero contact with them prior. This was meant to be as her photo in her blog along with the specific Scriptures that I got Sunday morning inspired my writing this blog, and I can’t go into it all now but there is absolutely no doubt it was Divine intervention, a God Send. God is clearly speaking to us all if we will be humble and listen to Him! I was feeling so ill last week after doing that demolition that I thought I was protected from any contaminants with a construction mask, but possibly a full respirator would have been perhaps enough to protect against pathogens, but maybe not.
      Look at this, “The following article illustrates historically what the recent Rorate Caeli article entitled “A theologian analyzes the morality of the cancellation of public Masses and the closure of churches by the State” documented theologically: the attitude priests must have in administering the sacraments. The author is Fr. William J. Slattery, Ph.D, S.T.L., author of The Logic of Truth (Leonardo da Vinci, 2016) and Heroism and Genius: How Catholic Priests Helped Build – and can help Rebuild – Western Civilization (Ignatius Press, 2017).”
      I felt I must write what I did Sunday and I spoke to dropping the bad attitude that many people possess and here is why! There is a “Right Attitude,” to God it is one of complete humility and servitude to our Lord, only then are we performing on a moment to moment basis the way we were meant to as true disciples of Jesus Christ to emulate all of His beautiful qualities of love, compassion, empathy or actually saintliness so that we may do our Fathers will who is in heaven! Here is the link for this Article in case you hadn’t seen it yet which I know you usually do see them anyway.
      Thank you and God bless you.

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      1. Hi Lawrence ! I am happy to hear from you. Sorry that you were feeling ill after the demolition work that you did and I hope that you are feeling much better now.

        I will check out the link that you shared.
        Yes, I agree with you, we do not ‘hear’ the Lord unless we humble ourselves and adopt an attitude of servitude to our Lord. This is the only attitude acceptable to our Father in heaven.

        Today I have been studying about the North Star, Polaris.
        It is fascinating to watch the moon and the stars here by the sea.

        I had never realized, before moving here, how the moon affects the tides.
        There is a new moon now.

        I will read the article you recommended now.

        Thanks, Lawrence. 🐎😊


      2. Hi Sally! 🤗 Wonderful that you are observing and studying celestial mechanics that Newton put into great scientific terms to give order to our understanding of such things, which I used to be quite involved in as a young fella, very into this science and astronomy which is mind boggling when we try to comprehend the distances and time that light particles have been traveling though interstellar space and on out to the edges of the universe or eternity! Einstein said he was in “awe every day” and because he could wrap his head around so much; but by so doing it blew his mind in a sense, LOL!
        Yes those gravitational forces between the earth and its satellite the moon actually expand or contract the oceans and are always exerting forces on these bodies of water or fluids just like they are acting on our bodies and everything else on the planet!
        As far as my mess up, I had a construction mask on when I did this demolition in the basement but too late I decided I should have had a respirator on to prevent inhalation of pathogenic organisms which could be deadly from the mouse that was nested in the huge piece of furniture I was dismantling! That may not have helped prevent the problem either but now in retrospect or hindsight I see 20/20 how maybe I could have just hired someone to take it all away! I try to be so self-sufficient and repair anything from my heating system to working on the roof of the house, but I better slow down maybe too! I improved but still have something going on which seems serious enough that I may need to get to a clinic for antibiotics! I just posted a long explanation to that site about the Divine intervention Sunday which if you got reading too soon you may need to go back and see that! Keep enjoying these fascinating astrophysics and all the wonders of this amazing creation of Almighty God’s which is so wonderful, because think of it, if He can do all this how simple is it for him to solve any problem especially the ones we children cause and who mess things up and He needs to correct at the appropriate time! I will keep you posted as to what I do about my difficulty.
        Thank you in advance for any prayer you can send my way, and of course I will say them for you also my friend. Again thank you for everything!
        God bless you! 🐎😊

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      3. Hi again, Lawrence. I carefully read the article about the hero priests, and found it very moving.
        They acted as true spiritual fathers to their flocks.

        My husband’s great grandparents came to Canada from Ireland on one of those ships.

        Newfoundland is very much like Ireland, even down to the accents that many rural folks speak with.

        Thanks again, Lawrence. 🤗

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      4. OMG!!! Look at that Sally we are connecting huge Dots here; that is amazing that they came on those ships to the North American continent!!! Isn’t this exciting and so fulfilling that God is giving us all this enrichment and opportunity every moment of every day, it is all there for the asking or taking! Amazing and beautiful!
        You’re so welcome and thank you again for sharing and helping!
        Did my long comment appear on the site yet? 🤗

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      5. Yes, Lawrence, your insightful comment is on the site now.

        My husband’s great grandfather brought a table with him on the ship. It is a beautiful handcarved table.

        I have that table in my prayer corner now. I really treasure it. 🐑🌷

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      6. Hi Sally! WOW, yes I would treasure it also; that is history and a family heirloom that has not just sentimental value but actual meaning as a handcrafted useful and essential family item! Remember in The Passion of The Christ how Jesus was depicted making such items and he showed Mary that table that was high off the floor to which she said it won’t catch on, I laugh now she was so beautiful and endearing; so she thought, but Jesus showed her how it could be sat at and he was sitting so nicely with no chair!!! I laugh when I think of that scene and so beautifully done, both fantastic actors that I love! The table to me is also an item that makes me think of the last supper, so the symbolic nature of this item means so much to me, and it is yours so I feel happy for you and your husband, that you actually have it there giving it now giving it such a beautiful function and purpose! God blessed them that made it and came over to North America with it, and now you are triply blessed to be making good use of it still! I’m still smiling thinking of Jesus showing Mary the table He just completed!!! Beautiful movie and representation of our Lords final days here on earth which Mel Gibson who I love did a miraculous thing getting that completed, and its epic now, as to me one of the best movies ever made if not the most important!!! That one and Brave Heart do me in whenever I watch them, and of course I have the DVD’s; watched them many times which I just might do with one of them tonight! I want to see that table scene but of course I’ll cry a lot if I watch that movie too.
        Thanks for reading that comment on the Catholic blog and letting me know how it worked out!!! 🤗🌷
        You’re an angel of a Lady! God bless you!

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      7. That is very kind of you, Lawrence. Thanks for mentioning the significance of the table, and the tender scene with Jesus and Mary.
        I think that the Mel Gibson movie is exceptionally well made and very moving.😊

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      8. Hi Sally! I thought you would like that film for its quality but of course for the story of our Lord and Savior. It was the first thing that popped into my head when I pictured your handcrafted table because in the film as you know that was all about handcrafted in that time. I could have thought about the Colonial days here in America or much earlier times in Europe and back to the Great Empires but that scene of Jesus and Mary is the one that came to my mind and I’m glad! Pope John Paul II at the time said, “It is as it was,” I always felt great admiration for him and he said it right! That is one of the handful of movies that makes me weep!
        So glad you have that table Sally it couldn’t have ended up with a better person or kin folk I’m sure! 🤗 😊 🙏 🙏

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      9. Wow, Lawrence ! I just watched that beautiful table scene in the movie on YouTube!
        It’s a great reminder that our Lord, and his father were carpenters.
        Those actors are fantastic.
        Thanks for mentioning this scene from the movie.
        Watching it was a great blessing for me. I think I will watch it again. 🐑🌷

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      10. Hey Sally! WOW good for you! I’m so glad you got that curious and wanted to see that scene and isn’t just beautiful and the quiet simple performances and depiction of what life was like for our Lord Jesus and our Blessed mother Mary when they were together! I love that scene! I bet you wanted to watch it more than once!
        I may retire for the evening early and put that DVD in the player to at least watch the first portion of the movie so I won’t be sad before sleeping!
        BTW, I just sent you a comment about the list and as soon as I clicked send you sent this message to me, isn’t that nifty! Dots again! 🤗 😊 🙏 🙏

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      11. Ha ha see you will watch it again maybe a third time as I’m going to do in just a bit! Good for you and take that scene in and think how wonderful they were when on earth back then but how the good news is that we can join them in heaven someday and they want us to join them so much!
        God bless you my friend and sister in Christ! 🐑🌷
        Good night Sally! 🤗

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      12. Yes I did leave a long one to you, but, I had another on the catholicismpure site in response to that wonderful article, which I was hoping you saw as well. It’s always great getting your opinion on any of them!
        And your text came in now; thank you for the prayers my dear friend! Maybe I will not need anything but that I think! 🤗

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