Stock Market Tells the Tale: Trump Set to Win in November

Folks the sabotaging, hateful, corrupted and even evil Dem party has done nothing for America since the eight years of Obama and after that Dark Period in America’s history they have only done less, if that is imaginable, because they spent time, money and nearly American blood to work feverishly day and night trying to come up with any scheme to topple the Trump Presidency, so they can have complete control of America; and not to do us any good, but to destroy us all as they have become a body of nefarious sinister desperadoes on steroids wielding power and evil tactics, not only on the Unborn on day of delivery being snuffed out as in New York major Dem territory, but also to take away your Constitution if they can, so they make you a slave to whatever they dictate or you will die too! Here are two simple points mentioned in this article that are driving this current situation toward a favorable outcome for Trump our only hope, the Man that can hold the People of America safely above government tyranny and put the Deep Swamp creatures where they belong behind bars and away from us all.
1-“Besides the hope for an improving economy, what has been happening to the Biden campaign is a pandemic of self-destruction. There are several growing scandals surrounding the Biden campaign that are unlikely to go away before November.”
2-“Washington’s interventions in the markets has had a calming effect on prices and volatility, allowing investors to begin to look ahead to November, where it seems that President Trump is ever more likely to win re-election”. By Mark Deutschle Posted on May 29, 2020 by MyLegalHelpUSA
God Bless America!
Lawrence Morra

Author: Lawrence Morra

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4 thoughts on “Stock Market Tells the Tale: Trump Set to Win in November”

    1. Absolutely and so positive a thing for you to say! Thank you Amber! I’m actually happy that you are so alert and wise to what is happening and the deception has been ramped up to a fever pitch since the Obama admiration threw out the rule of law as being a primary precept of any true Republic, while they were and the Dems still wanting to abolish the US Constitution and have Communism in its place with them being the ruling class while the rest of us the People do as they dictate! I mean look at the bold faced arrogant and miserable behavior of Pelosi during the concluding moments of the State of the Union her just taking the House’s official copy which is part of the historical record and archive of the people and tearing it up in shameful spite and hate!!! And she called herself a Catholic like Biden does but they love full term abortion and same sex marriage and any other human behavior aberration or in the case of babies infanticide! OMG, they get me going and I need to stay calm, I’m so inflamed to see these things over and over again. But my faith is strong enough, tempered by my trials by fire that made me suffer, which I needed in order to put me in the better place I am now; in spite of those (man)ufactured hardships. I truly appreciate your honest objective thoughts and I pray that the majority of Americans will wake up and smell the coffee seeing clearly how so actually blessed and fortunate we Americans have been since the Founders established this Nation under God of the People, by the People and for the People! They escaped the tyranny they left and established this God blessed Nation only to now have these despots that will sell us all out with it for self-gain and evil desires of power; to bring back tyranny! But, you hit the proverbial nail square on the head and we owe all to our Lord God, who is totally in control; even though so many on this earth are attempting to throw it all out of control and as you say into chaos, there is no way anything that isn’t of the Father’s will, is going to happen; we are at His mercy and only need to humble ourselves to His greatness and Mercy which is greater than His perfect judgment! Looking forward to any of your input on this and all matters of importance! You made my day and renew my faith in humans! That means so much to me! Keep up the great attitude and work you do for the Lord and God bless you! I’m with you and all those like you with every bit of my being!


    1. Nitin My long time no see Friend! I am well thank you and I should hope you are very well that is my deepest wish for you! You’re very encouraging and it helps me to believe there is hope for many of us humans! You are welcome always! Your ancestral lineage has given us some of the most blessed and skilled surgeons in this world, as some of my kin folk were saved by the complicated surgeries performed on their hearts saving their lives, so the least thing I can do is hope my friend Nitin a Singh is given many blessings in honor of his family of “Champions!” Good hearing from you anytime! 🙏🙏


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