VIDEO President Trump Signs Executive Order – Prevent Censorship – End Orwellian Tactics – Twitter Retaliates

This is so hugely important for all of us to check out and be educated on the circumstances and potential implications that will occur if these major Tech companies are not restrained! Zuckerberg says that social media shouldn’t be the arbiters of truth which proves to me he is an idiot just like I knew, the first time he opened his mouth and announced the launch of Facebook, which I never signed onto! Does he think that the impact of these giant social media communication platforms has a negligible effect or impact on public consciousness and public opinion? This guy needs to be locked up if he thinks they should just be free to operate the way they want while you and I the public need not be protected from them and others who might manipulate them to carry out any agendas via the social media platform. Major oversight review and checks and balances must be imposed on these giants to keep it all REAL!
Lawrence Morra


This afternoon President Trump held a press availability in the oval office answering questions from the media as he signed an executive order [Available Here] directing the prevention of on-line censorship in social media platforms.

The president was joined by Attorney General Bill Barr, and both leaders delivered remarks and answered questions from the media. [Video Below, Transcript to Follow]


[Read Executive Order Here] – In the periphery of this executive action there are indications, and a widespread expectation, the DOJ is close to filing an antitrust lawsuit against Google Inc and their affiliated companies. There is a strong possibility the controlling ideology of ‘big tech’ is about to merge with legal action by the DOJ.

The DOJ action has not yet happened, but there are signals it is very close. There have been visible signals, subtle but…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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