Chinese Media Calls US Riots ‘Retribution’

US Riots ‘Retribution’
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by depatridge. June 3, 2020
By NTD Television June 2, 2020 Print
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by Lawrence Morra
It’s inevitable that this sleeping evil satanic dragon is not going to change for the better; they were milking and bilking all of us for many years but their long range goal has always been the same; world dominance and control!
I believe that the fundamental fact that they are devoid of simple basic Christian principles proves that their hearts are ruled by only material forces and the lust for them which leads ultimately to a lust for more power and control. They are tragically flawed as human beings yet they rule one of the largest nations on the planet and have WMD which I still say the Wuhan Corona Virus was fallout from a research program that went awry. Some facts that point to this being an underlying reason for this pandemic outbreak are surfacing but I knew immediately by just a few of the things that were happening with regard to the false narrative and simple truth that there were victims in Wuhan as far back as November which wasn’t being reported to the media until it was time to use their propaganda to blame others outside of China, namely the US their main adversary.
Lawrence Morra

Fearless Blog

By NTD Television June 2, 2020 Print

The Chinese regime issues a response three days after Trump declared an end to Hong Kong’s special status. Beijing says there will be retaliation.

In the middle of escalating tensions over the Hong Kong issue, the U.S. government is reportedly selling their consulate housing there.

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) wants the United States to grant asylum to people in Hong Kong. He revealed his plans for new legislation over the weekend.

Chinese state media takes a mocking tone over the sometimes violent protests over George Floyd’s death, calling it ‘retribution’ for the US.

And hundreds of students in China developed fever and cold-like symptoms after schools reopened in April. But the schools won’t test them for the virus. A student tells us more.

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