Is “God and Caesar” Still a Realistic Model?

Is “God and Caesar” Still a Realistic Model?
Posted on June 3, 2020 by Catholicism Pure & Simple
This reblog and my accompanying articles are dedicated to all of the Unborn and Innocent Children of God that were destroyed here on earth by a willful, sinful fallen persons and abhorrent evil forces. May their precious souls be where I believe they are in the inner glory and presence of our Lord God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I also dedicate this to John Grodelski along with the wonderful clergy and all our sisters, brothers and consecrated women of the Church. Amen.

Lawrence Morra
Thank you so much for this highly cerebral commendable comprehensive article that goes right to the heart of what to me is indicative of this wayward generation or in essence the lost generation in my eyes because of the sheer levels of decadence and secularist take and keep taking mindset or today’s global mantra
I want to reblog this because it fits so closely with a few of my most recent articles as to what they all keyed in on which I hope will be self-explanatory and most important inspiration to awaken people to the fact they are playing in a world of fire that wants to consume their entire being. God bless you for putting this beautiful masterpiece of timely, imperative writing together for us all.
Blessings and mercy to all. Amen.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra

Catholicism Pure & Simple

from John Grodelski on the NATIONAL CATHOLIC REGISTER

A man whose allegiances depend on the approval (or tolerance) of Caesar is a man who is a slave of the state.

As Catholics grapple with religious impact of civil restrictions imposed in the wake of the Coronavirus contagion, many are prone to invoke the paradigm of “God and Caesar” to delineate each side’s competence. When the Pharisees sought to trap Jesus (Matthew 22:15-22, Mark 12:13-17, Luke 20:20-26) by asking whether it was lawful to pay Roman taxes — knowing that a “yes” would alienate him from many Jews while a “no” would give them grist to use against him with the Romans — Jesus was somewhat evasive, replying we should “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s” — without necessarily saying what belonged to whom.

Christians may reflexively treat the “God and Caesar”…

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