Dem Boston Mayor Supports Removal of Abraham Lincoln Statue – The Man Who Ended Slavery in the United States

Dem Boston Mayor Supports Removal of Abraham Lincoln Statue – The Man Who Ended Slavery in the United States
Posted on June 17, 2020 by MyLegalHelpUSA
by Jim Hoft

“Abraham Lincoln and Republicans freed the slaves in America.”

Zero Lift-Off
Only The Beginning
by Lawrence Morra

This posting is a tremendous and an absolute must read history lesson for any American Citizen or anyone who understands what birth pains occurred here in America in order for a great nation to be born and go on to be the most powerful and great land of opportunity that it did in spite of some extremely serious obstructions that existed at the time! Abraham Lincoln was one of the top three if not the greatest President this country has ever had and this headline of his time “Slavery abolished in America with adoption of 13th amendment” was due to his great determined efforts to see no persons used in slavery as he detested it. This statement I’m quoting from the article because it tells it like it was with Lincoln’s determination all along to free all slaves; “October 29, 1864: African-American abolitionist “Sojourner Truth” says of President Lincoln: “I never was treated by anyone with more kindness and cordiality than were shown to me by that great and good man” But in spite of such powerful history in America and one of the greatest men to ever walk the earth I do believe, Liberal Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh is pushing to remove the Lincoln statue located for nearly 150 years at Park Square erected there back in 1819! Mayor Walsh not only suffers from toxic Leftist thinking or Trump derangement syndrome he apparently is afflicted with what Dr. Michael Savage said in his books and over the years on his program; “Liberalism is a mental disorder!” These Democrats don’t think like most normal human beings in my humble opinion and are off the rails out of touch with not only history but reality. Back in December 18, 1865 when Slavery was Abolished with the 13th Amendment and the law passed with 100% of the Republicans voting for it while only 23% of the Democrats did! And, they are up to their same old tricks today as they were back then, even worse with pandering to the minority vote especially the Blacks, always spending tax payer dollars for more useless wasteful entitlement programs to keep minorities enslaved to a system that gives them in a sense lollypops and promises while consolidating the real power and resources with the elite Democrats and their many political minions around the globe in the manner of peddling political influence to foreign nations just like Joe Biden and his son Hunter were doing for years! So basically the Democrats have been selling us all out and especially the Blacks with a con job while Democrats build and amass power to eventually be a totally fascist power machine around the globe. The Democrats have become a party of lunacy and division with enough treasonous criminal traitor behavior and crimes under their belts to go around for the whole rotten party. God help us if most if not all aren’t voted out of office or even removed by court order for at least breaching their oath of office to the American people.
Lawrence Morra

Author: Lawrence Morra

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