“Timely and Imperative”

“We’re all living on borrowed time for sure!”

The Ebbing of Truth

by Hadley Arkes on THE CATHOLIC THING


‘Ashes’ by Edvard Munch, 1884

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Zero Lift-Off

Only The Beginning

“Timely and Imperative”

Zero Lift-Off   by Lawrence Morra

June 17, 2020

I wasn’t going to post or respond to anything on this site today because I’m mourning the death of a little Mourning Dove I saved several weeks ago after it was injured on my property when a rabbit ran into it, and I’m more upset with myself along with being concerned how it appears that not enough Divine Intervention from my lowly perspective, is being bestowed it seems; upon not just little things like the life of a Dove and a man nursing it back to health to restore its place in God’s creation; but this little death of such a tiny gentle and innocent creature of God’s, which I blame myself for 100% having worked vigilantly with it to help it mend to only do a stupid thing or have a lapse of attention to detail which caused great suffering for the bird; but its demise just pointed out to me “this morning” 24 hours later, how the abhorrent evil that is a plague upon this planet right now is all being produced and orchestrated by wicked and totally rotten human beings who are capable of making matters much worse, which they are going to do, I have no doubt in my heart and mind about this. “Too little too late now,” is my caption, and the wicked would rather open up not just old wounds of the past like slavery or prejudice, but actually the pits of hell and release such horror upon all of us; and where is the “hope” in that, for this God forsaken human race!  With all the evil abortion going on in and of itself, I don’t know why God has not stepped in and said goodbye to this entire nightmare gone wild.

Allthe hoaxes docu

Excuse my candid demeanor today which is in complete agreement with what you said, so I unequivocally agree with you and this entire article 100%, but will be course and quite harsh in the comment I’m going to add here.  It was a comment I made just the other day to another article about BLM and Floyd’s death at the hands of police which as far as I’m concerned has been beat into the ground and way over played as a news spectacle event to generate more sensationalism and the promoting of the perpetual lies and agenda of the Left, Democrats and MSM who all answer to the most powerful mass manipulators, the filthy rich powerful elite the magicians behind the proverbial curtain, which does include the Chinese Communist Party, Soros, Tech giant Bill Gates, Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, all of the Democrat party that has gone completely off the rails into the realm of the diabolical, with some powerful Republicans that are RINO’s like the Bush political family waiting in the weeds to see which direction to head,  in order to maintain their own status-quo or power, of which arrogant former now deceased John McCain was one of these slippery eels and of course in my humble opinion because these people all live contrary to Jesus Christ’s teachings they are being directly influenced and even controlled by the master manipulator, Satan.  This brings me to the point where I must say Pope Francis is a huge piece to this nefarious group of minions and supporters of darkness and the New World Order, a hellish world, completely antichrist.  Because the comment is specifically speaking to the subject matter you included in this article but is lengthy, I’m going to reblog and add the comment there rather than take up so much space here on this fine article.

Thank you for your understanding and this opportunity to speak-out.

God bless you and may the Lord have mercy on us all.

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra

More white slaves


You know what I have a problem with regarding all of this is how such insane attention was focused on Floyd’s apparent worldwide witnessed murder then how the MSM hammered it and concocted it into this perfect storm of propaganda to divide the races and attempt to sow seeds of discontent throughout in a general election year that all the MSM and elite want BIDEN to win evil as they all are, using this as a such a tool, telling us all how unjust this death was and how Blacks in general are treated as inferior than the rest of us; and that just isn’t true!  Where the hell is all the media and the elites or Hollywood or Liberal wealthy Jet Set when all the babies any skin color are being butchered full term in New York State now or when Mike Bloomberg told his employee when she approached him with the fact she was pregnant and would need maternity leave, and he just said KILL IT! What the frig is that why aren’t all the same people screaming bloody murder out on the streets burning building down over the innocent babies being butchered or what about the Black murders every day by other Blacks? Or why isn’t the media making a 3 ring circus out of what Bloomberg said, why not; because he’s a rich powerful dirty rotten low life, but the MSM is bought off and won’t touch him. There are more violent crimes being committed by Blacks on Blacks than white doing the trigger pulling!  No outrage or MSM playing that tune all month long 24/7!  You know what I hate is “hypocrisy” and this country is loaded to the freaking gills with it and it comes in all shapes, sizes and colors; so I don’t buy any of this crap.  Floyd they are now finding did resist the police in a squad car and was extremely unruly which is a problem with many Blacks who cop an attitude and say don’t mess with me and they egg it on or encourage the poor treatment sometimes; even watching the highly publicized cases we see them run or try to fight the police and they make themselves look like out of control maniacs, so if I was a cop I would be leery of some drug crazed out of his skull Black suspect that will most likely start coping the race card or how bad they are treating him when it’s no different than any other suspect or person being questioned by the police. “Compliance with law enforcement is a cardinal rule,” for anyone that has their wits or half a brain.  They are the law enforcers so if you get pulled over and asked to step out and get frisked it could be that someone was seen fleeing from a crime fitting your general description or they have no description but you happen to be close to the scene of the crime. I got pulled over in my lifetime and all I did was say yes sir and no sir and if they wanted me to show them ID or asked me to open my car trunk I did it; I didn’t start screaming I got rights you pigs!  “Adversarial” that is what nobody should want to be with cops, just comply and be polite and things should always not escalate that way, and you can be on your way or if you did wrong them you go to the clinker for the night and get bailed out; that isn’t so damn complicated is it? We have way too many people in this country with lack of respect of authority like spoiled rotten punk attitudinal idiots, and even to the old lady down the street, this is like people have no clue what “normal civility” is anymore in some places.  Al Sharpton the race baiting floor flushing bum was all over this case making sure it’s us against them the Whites, the racists again, as he did his whole stinking career making loads of cash for himself which to me makes him a low life parasite and his skin color has nothing to do with my opinion of him; just facts, and he could be white green or purple that wouldn’t matter to me ONE IOTA, not to me!  I hate “deception and fakery” from any persons!  “That all came from Satan” himself with “the fall” from grace, so I’ve had enough about poor Floyd, this is all bogus bullshit now!  Sorry, I’m saying this here but you and others have gotten my goat big time, because nobody wants to be real and face the facts or the truth that this has been made into “a firestorm for POLITICAL PURPOSES” when it was another death and all the madness that followed and still is was “not warranted or justified” in the least; so what about all of that, are we going to face those animals that did all this destruction around the country the BLM and ANTIFA maggots, or how about the murders, rapes etc. in Chicago over the last week, will they all be taken into custody and put them in cages and beat the dead horse 24/7 till everyone knows everything there is to know about all those perps?  Not if the Chicago mayor gets her way the wacky left liberal!  This country and world is so “perverted and sick” people are not even worth talking to anymore, because there is just way “too much disconnect and propaganda flying around;” that it’s all become one big GAME!

Just like the Collusion Delusion Witch Hunt was by the evil, corrupted, Dem party of treasonous liars, and are any of them being raked over the coals 24/7 now that we know it was “ALL LIES and FAKE” to have a soft “Coup d’ etat” of our current president!  “There is no JUSTICE anymore” and so we should cry a thousand tears for FLOYD and rip apart the police when the Traitors in Washington go along with their billions whistling, “I don’t have a care in the world!” This is a nuthouse joke, and so “hypocritical and evil!”  Everyone is going to have hell to pay for all of this “DECEPTION and EVIL!”

There are so many phony two-faced people in this country now, “in high and low places,” that I puke in my head on loop!

Look at the Pope, he is a heretic, and supporting a predator!  “Lies abound and Rule!”  “Pelosi and Schiff are prime examples how crime pays and the dirty get away with murder!”  So of course this “immorality” trickles down into the gutter and even all the punks cop a badass attitude; saying if they can get away with all they do, “those criminals in Washington;” I ain’t doing anything this cop pig tells me!

“We’re all living on borrowed time for sure!”

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

Lawrence Morra

CP&S Comment:  “Wise up everyone: there is another agenda behind the lies, anger and anarchy we are witnessing. These riots are being used as a smokescreen by some sinister powerful men and organizations to chip away and destroy our civilization. They aim is to use them to help herald in Satan’s One World Marxist Government. Our tragedy is we have not heeded Our Lady’s warnings at Fatima! She gave us the solutions to fight the evil now afflicting us.”  by Catholicism Pure & Simple

I’m including a few of links that I think are warranted and helpful here.

https://lawrencemorra.com/2020/06/17/lies-abound-and-rule/       (reblog)






Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

3 thoughts on ““Timely and Imperative””

  1. Hi Lawrence !
    My condolences on the passing of the precious Mourning Dove you had rescued and you were caring for.
    It is a caring and tender act to look after an innocent creature like this beautiful dove. 🤗🌷

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sally…thanks you for the consideration and insight. This event was a horrid reminder of how so much love and effort can be put into doing the right thing and helping only to have it yet turn into a disaster in that because of my own oversight or glitch the creature that came to depend on me for all of its care by circumstance ended up suffering and dying because of my error. I try but I won’t forgive myself or not feel pity for the dove. It could have been such a much better result in just a matter of days more; for that Dove. I’m angry at myself but that is only a defense mechanism to cover my pain which all derived from my not having prevented the demise of the Dove and not being able to do a damn thing about it now; because if I could bring it back at any cost I would, it’s too much an injustice and raw deal for me to accept! But, it’s not about me; I only didn’t want that the Dove would suffer, that was the whole point to my rescuing it to start with, and then I helped that horrid outcome to happen in the end. I’ll tell you one thing this whole human race being out of control and generating multitudes of wicked people or whatever else they are becoming is making the whole thing pretty hopeless, like the Dove in a tough situation, the whole human race may be like the Dove in this way, that nothing is going to stop what is coming. The wicked pandemonium going on all over is I think the main reason my accuracy and thinking went askew; I would have been better to kill it quick to prevent this outcome, but how can I know the future! Take care.

      Liked by 1 person

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