YES, it’s communism we face, and the revolutionary playbook is unfolding right on schedule

YES, it’s communism we face, and the revolutionary playbook is unfolding right on schedule
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Reblog: Zero Lift-Off by Lawrence Morra
Only The Beginning
There are many who think Socialism is more about diversity and power to the people when just the opposite is true; as this form of social order is the framework of totalitarian governance which brutally suppresses and rules over the people with an iron fist! I prefer to call it what it actually is, “COMMUNISM!” LM
The problem as I see it is many of the youngest generations have no clue of the past or are being fed lies and propaganda in many liberal schools that are socialist incubators, with the double whammy being many of them are now becoming snowflakes that are so much putty to be used in the hands of future tyrants or nefarious politicians that could install another Hitler or Stalin as their leader and they will fall for it “hook-line-and-sinker!”
Both of those evil tyrants butchered millions of their own people and others to gain and maintain complete control over the populations with an iron fist! We now see massive numbers of the population here in America tearing down our monuments of history and even shutting down the “Aunt Jamaya” Pancake icon, calling it racist, and her grandson is so upset that they are destroying her legacy and the truth, that there is nothing wrong with that depiction of a Black woman in the past that was happy being who she was and representing a good product! This is how the enemy of Communism begins by dividing and taking away our shared and varied heritages in this melting pot called America, to where now they rip down like a piece of garbage a stature of Christopher Columbus who did something quite epic at the time; to cross an ocean in a wooden sailing ship seeking out a trade root and discovered America.  Now these enemies want us to believe he and others that followed were racists and killed off natives which is absolutely false; and what killed many people back then including the Europeans coming to this New Land were pathogenic invaders or disease which nobody was aware of then, and no malice was intended!  But, today I just read how there are those working with the radical left and Dems that want to send in Covid infected people to the Trump rally to infect, kill and ruin!  That is Diabolical and evil from hell!  The evil racists and killers are the “Democrats and Elitists!’ They must and will be stopped dead in their tracks by God Almighty! They are the most vile people since Adolph Hitler or Pol Pot spurred on hate, evil and death in their times.
“God bless America and all her Patriots!”
“Happy Father’s Day Weekend”
Lawrence Morra

Supplemental articles I wrote which should be both entertaining and informative for you!  Enjoy.

Wake Up To The Truth


By Lance D Johnson

One of the primary ways to psychologically manipulate a nation into accepting communism is to divide people into classes and motivate these groups to prioritize their group identity over their individual freedom.

With individual freedom there comes opportunity, risk and personal responsibility that yields both consequence and reward. Freedom itself is the fairest concept, allowing each person to forge their own path, with various results. But there’s no guarantee of fairness in the result of our decisions, and there’s definitely no equality in the trajectory of our personal reactions, associations and beliefs.

In the inevitable disappointment and grief, we can choose to be a victim of circumstance, a victim of another group, or a victim of “systemic oppression,” an idea that has been planted in our minds. In this victim mentality, we cling to group oppression identity

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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