Pandemic to Pandemonium

“hell on earth and heading to hell in a hand basket”

Bernie Sanders Shows His TRUE Colors – Reveals What He REALLY Wants Out of this Health Crisis

bernie crazy man docu

“Communism forces men into slavery by force. Democratic Socialism does it by votes.”

Thu Feb 20, 2020

Jason D. Hill

The Attack that Began a Century Ago – by LM

Vladimir Lenin, Soviet Russia dictator 1917 to 1924.  Later his -THE “OVERRIPE FRUIT” QUOTE – reportedly said in 1954 was from Lenin, “First, we will take Eastern Europe, then the masses of Asia, then we will encircle the United States which will be the last bastion of capitalism. We will not have to attack.  It will fall like an overripe fruit into our hands. ”

NIKITA KHRUSHCHEV said many things relating to this topic that were later reconstituted as a quote but instead are paraphrases of the Soviet leader’s attitude towards the west.  But it summarized “in substance”” what the USSR leader had said.

“You Americans are so gullible.  No, you won’t accept Communism outright; but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you will finally wake up and find that you already have Communism.  We won’t have to fight you; we’ll so weaken your economy, until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.” Lenin

Karl Marx, Josef Stalin both indicated in rhetoric up to the time of Khrushchev in the 60’s; saying, “America would be destroyed from within!”

They sure got a leg up now didn’t they; regardless if that was exactly what they said the implied intent was there!  Isn’t this the case now; with Bernie Sanders a Marxist Socialist in heart.

“Inside Every Progressive Is A Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out”

@Horowitz39, David Horowitz

There are many who think Socialism is more about diversity and power to the people when just the opposite is true; as this form of social order is the framework of totalitarian governance which brutally suppresses and rules over the people with an iron fist!  I prefer to call it what it actually is, “COMMUNISM!”

The problem as I see it is many of the youngest generations have no clue of the past or are being fed lies and propaganda in many liberal schools that are socialist incubators, with the double whammy being many of them are now becoming snowflakes that are so much putty to be used in the hands of future tyrants or nefarious politicians that could install another Hitler or Stalin as their leader and they will fall for it “hook-line-and-sinker!”

Stalin fingers

Here is evil personified that the current AOC, Bernie, The Squad and actually many in the Democrat party are cheering on as the type of leadership they advocate being Socialists; while you can see him in this photo flipping us all the bird, double whammy birds from the past!  Many may laugh at what I say but EVIL is real and is at work preparing the big dining feast for souls when the final conflict comes!  People fail to see the simple PLAIN TRUTH right in there faces time and again ignoring the past and failing to learn from it; not taking to heart all the blood and destruction wreaked upon innocent humans, but only to end up allowing the past to repeat itself!  “Until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.” Lenin

lenin sm print   NIKITA KHRUSHCHEV

An old classic Beatles tune I believe gives the feel of the madness and mayhem that is coming down on the world if these diabolical agendas aren’t stopped in the short term.  Someone back when the song was recorded got some strangely enough vibes or a feel from the song that he said aligned with the coming race war he figured was about to happen back then in the 60’s, which I’m like any of you so happy he was totally all wet about; but sadly he picked up on a vibe in the song that connects with something that can be classified as nefarious and nasty which is what Paul McCartney said he wanted to create when he wrote the song, a sense of “hard and nasty rock and roll” and what many say was a precursor of heavy metal to come!  But, my main point is the nasty did correlate in some minds and this crazy cat back then who was all over this tune Helter Skelter” which gave him super inspiration to kill was none other than madman cultist Charles Manson who stated these chilling words quoted here from a published article!

Manson’s explanation for the murders was simple—and bizarre.

“It’s the Beatles, the music they’re putting out,” Manson, who, sentenced to death row, died at age 83 in 2017, said at trial. “These kids listen to this music and pick up the message. It’s subliminal … It is not my music. I hear what it relates. It says ‘Rise.’ It says ‘Kill.’ Why blame it on me? I didn’t write the music.”

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Original: Jun 13, 2019

“How Charles Manson Took Sick Inspiration from the Beatles, Helter Skelter”

Paul McCartney said the song was about a playground slide, but Manson claimed the music incited a race war and murder.

Lesley Kennedy

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Original: Jun 13, 2019

Manson docu

“Manson’s anger grew and he turned to the lyrics in the “White Album” to bolster “the scheme that was forming inside his warped mind, a scheme that would involve the entire L.A. area involved in a race war.”

Credit to:

To me this crazy scene of the late 60’s pales in comparison to what is happening now on the American home front and around the globe, Manson’s wild insane fantasies of death and destruction were child’s play to what we are now living in with the “Global Pandemic” that was initiated and carried out by people WHO make Manson look like a Boy Scout!  Hundreds of thousands of people have just died because the wicked and powerful are bringing the world to a cataclysmic juncture just up the road; let’s just say we are on the “Highway to Hell” in the fast lane and death, mayhem and destruction are looking for the great opportunity to make this world “Hell on Earth” and they have the vibe going strong!  There are leaders running countries that are calculating and nefariously in the shadows planning the most diabolical moves inspired from Hell itself!

“The Who: We just wrote the heaviest song there is. Paul McCartney: So you have chosen… death.”  (Pete Townsend with Paul McCartney)

manson tongue docu

“One of the darkest aspects of The Beatles’ career was the misguided belief, by the psychopathic murderer Charles Manson and his ‘Family’ of followers, that the group’s songs incited violence and depicted Armageddon.”

“Look at the songs: songs sung all over the world by the young love. It ain’t nothin’ new… It’s written in… Revelation, all about the four angels programming the holocaust… the four angels looking for the fifth angel to lead the people into the pit of fire… right out to Death Valley. It’s all in black and white, in the White Album – white, so there ain’t no mistakin’ the color.”

pandemonium b docu

“Philosopher Ayn Rand noted: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism — by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.”

“So when the Democratic Socialist Congresswoman from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, says we have enough billionaires, I know she is placing a moratorium on the precondition for wealth creation: the stupendous creativity of the human mind, and, therefore, a strike against the mind and the human brain.  When her idol, the presidential hopeful, Democratic Socialist Senator from the state of Vermont, Bernie Sanders, declares he is a Democratic Socialist who intends to change the overall structure of the values of not just the trading market, but of Americans themselves, it is time to pause and ask: what’s going on here? Is there a fundamental difference between socialism and communism?  If one can be regarded as constitutionally inimical to the United States Constitution, can the other — democratic socialism — be just as anathema to our political DNA and legal system?  I think the answer is yes.  I think that if a so-called democratically-elected socialist government were elected in November of 2020, that it would need to be rendered illegal and overturned immediately.”

“Bernie Sanders and his socialist comrades are dangerous, not just because they want to fundamentally change the fundamental values of the United States of America, but because of the nature of what that change would entail.  First, it would involve a massive form of social engineering that would inculcate in Americans the idea that they have an entitlement to the wealth creation and achievements of others.  This rests, in part, in allowing them to bypass the fundamental moral law by which they and all of us must live by: are we or are we not responsible for the procreative choices that we make in life?  All children are born of a sex act which results in a human life.  Socialism at its core says: the consequences of the consensual sex act you engage in are the moral responsibility of all society.  This dispensation from moral accountability leads to the second moral violation socialists are able to execute without accountability: legalized fiscal theft.

socialist march web less

It takes a lot of money to finance the reproductive choices that others have made through their sex acts: free education, free health care, subsidized housing, Medicaid for all — you name it. They all stem from a Savior Complex that will allow the state to appropriate your financial resources on a scale that violates what I call a decency or moral threshold. To tax individuals at more than fifty percent of their income is so egregious a violation of the right to property that any government that comes to power in the U.S. and implements such a means should be abolished immediately.”  © Copyright 2020,

But we have a double edged sword come at us here in America with the same intent, which is to conquer and control the Great America!  These two enemies I believe get their inspiration from the same place Charles Manson did, which is hell; and the two diabolical opponents in full opposition to the American system of government of “One Nation under God” are the Muslims and Communism.

I recently wrote to another blogger who had similar discussion with me regarding how the world has gotten into this present state of secularism and those pushing its agenda to get away with leading humanity by the nose down the road to a slaughter.  I’ll share some of what I referred to as, an extremely well written explanation of how people can serve the beast or evil and not really think they do anything wrong but in most instances by not doing anything or speaking out against these deceivers; they are cooperating with the evil, thusly serving it!

Hannah Arendt which I know fits the bill here in this matter you are putting forward!  She said it perfectly how evil takes over and has in the past which it is gladly doing now with all of the dumb block heads, that don’t care or love sin!  The world is going crazy and it has to be stopped or it will soon be too late!

Absolutely the Gestapo rule Book is being employed to stop all resistance to the plan of evil that is well advanced already but must be stopped!

“Yes, there is a time when good men and women must stand up for what’s right, even when it involves risk, but that moment comes only after evil has already been well established and is powerfully on the move.

Evil is inherently weak.

The truth is that evil survives by tricking the good into doing its will. Without thousands of basically decent people confused enough to obey, evil would fail quickly.

Hannah Arendt summarized evil this way: The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil.

These people wouldn’t initiate murders by themselves, but in the name of duty, loyalty, unity, and/or the greater good, they cooperate with evil and give it their strength. But each plays a small part—none of them stretches so far that they’d have to contemplate the final effects of their actions.

In the 20th century, however, the actions of such people led directly to the murders of 260 million people. And they did this precisely by avoiding decisions… by merely obeying.

People think of murder, lying, and robbery as sins, but none of those has nearly the death toll of obedience.

Basically decent men and women obey agents of evil for very mundane reasons. The process often goes like this:

  1. Being confused and intimidated, they look for the center of the pack.
  2. They try not to make waves.
  3. They learn that they can avoid making waves best if they adopt the perspectives of their overlords. So they run the overlords’ slogans through their minds as a default program.

In the end, these people don’t make up their minds. Rather, they take on the minds of their overlords and do their will.

And so, the vast majority of evil done on Earth traces back to minds and wills that have been abandoned to fear and laid on the Altar of Obedience.”  Hannah Arendt

This is the real deal and such powerful language that cuts to the chase and right to the door of truth! LM

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

I know this is a long explanation, but I feel it should be helpful in hopefully opening some eyes to the simple plain truth that our world is spinning out of control on so many fronts because for too long people have sat on the sidelines being lazy saying let someone else worry about that or they figure by just going along with the powerful officials they can gain favor and get some help with one little problem or another down the road.  They basically are passing the buck or going along to get along!  In so doing they actually are making a decision to not care enough and to just accept whatever the master manipulators will push upon a willing public!  Nobody wants to get their hands dirty so they take the easy way out and allow these monsters to get a python snake’s grip around their foolish necks!

To me this is not taking a stand for Jesus Christ either by giving into evil that will eventually destroy the Church once they have truly taken control of the peoples will.  We need to be willing to stand up for what is right and denounce vehemently what is obviously sinful, destructive and diabolical seeking to take human rights and freedom away from the masses making them slaves to the new world order.

Many as it states in Holy Scriptures would serve the beast in the End Time, and this is how it is happening right now, many willingly accepting this evil or some are too lost to have their wits about them enough to have a clue they are being possessed and snuffed out!

I will fight to the death if I must down the road to stand up for what is right and serve my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  His will be done on earth as in heaven.  I only mention this because our faith must be as strong as it can be to face these extremely trying times ahead.

When Trump was elected it was a miracle and a last chance for all Americans to wake up and take a stand for righteousness on the side of all that is good and from heaven or they will get what they deserve; a hell on earth and heading to hell in a hand basket!  Like the old time posse would say in the Wild West, “time to saddle up!”

This is a crisis like no other in modern history and all spawned from hell!  Rule of law and actual justice even take a back seat here and this madness will only lead to destruction of the societal fabric that has given people a chance to live in peace and to live lives worshiping and loving God, while honoring family and country!  The locusts have infiltrated and are devouring all of the fruits of our labors!  This is a horrible plague!

The fast pace growing digital AI world has set a stage in a sense that can propel nefarious agendas globally; and linkage of like-minded leaders or governments have more opportunity to align their resources and agendas for mutual increased power and control over the masses. This to me correlates well with the Islamic plan of converting all non-Muslim peoples remotely by this gradual death of a thousand cuts via infiltration of a host Western nation as we are seeing in Europe and America, then to gradually bring enough suffering and internal conflict or tenderize, the native peoples over time for an easy take over at the right time.  I see this chaotic mess we have here in America and how the political machine is bogged down with conflicting factions and agendas that is basically leading to more division, and as the saying goes, “a nation divided unto itself cannot stand;” this is the “divide and conquer” tactic of old and the devil knows it very well.  I hate to say it, but it’s like a virus invading a weakened host, it won’t take long for the virus to replicate itself and destroy the healthy from within.  And look how the world has just been attacked by a virus; is this a metaphor of what is to come?  Are these infiltrators perhaps analogous with the locusts mentioned in Revelations? I see since PC was promoted to the hilt in America that school systems have been dumbing down and cultural shifts away from traditional family and religious values, while simultaneously they’ve promoted the fringe as the leaders in proper decorum or in some cases the new normal, which led to perverting or corrupting the youngest among us which to me is part of that tenderizing of the masses; all the while we have radical thinking Muslims now in elected office to keep building on this headway being made.  25 or 30 years ago this wouldn’t be happening, because as a friend mentioned earlier to me, “people have lost their focus” (Matt), and allowed too much exception to the rule and now the rules are askew or as Bernie Sanders just announced how he thinks this is a pivotal time where we have an opportunity to fundamentally change the entire system and how the government actual works!!!

Bernie evil commie docu

Bernie Manson (Sanders)

Sounds to me like that SOB just came right out and said lets finish the job in this pandemic and destroy from within just the way Lenin or Marx and eventually Khrushchev stated how America would be destroyed from within, and, “like a ripe piece of fruit fall from the tree into their hands!!!”

Here my friend made a perfect one line assessment of the past and present tyrants’ game plan.  “Politicians and people with evil intentions exploited it and took it to the father of lies to railroad people on the highway to destruction.”(Matt@The Searchlight The Good of Humanity) I thought he read my mind or shall I say God via His glorious Holy Spirit has us connecting what I like to call Dot’s as He leads us on our paths!  Here is what I told my friend, I have a piece I’m working on which goes to the heart of what you just said because there are those that are being inspired by the powers of darkness presently to implement such atrocity that Hannah Arendt was referring to in her writings which by the way are also being referenced and exploited just this month by the Left and Progressives in various articles, even in the NY Times, pointing to Trump as being the sort that will carry out this plan to seize control if not stopped; so they are employing the old Nazi Gestapo tactic of accuse the opposition of what you are guilty of doing, which has been precisely what the Dem party does in spades! 

Creepy Joe web


We know the Dems are the most desperate of criminal nefarious types running loose in high positions of governance and have pulled out all of the stops as desperate people will do to get their way no matter who or how many get hurt, as we just witnessed with the Pandemic!  Now these evil twisted sisters want to milk the devastation for all its worth and exploit it; creating a narrative vis-a-vis with the propaganda arm MSM to get back the control they need in Congress to overwhelm and subdue all their enemies; of which I’m one of them!

There are leaders running countries that are calculating and nefariously in the shadows planning the most diabolical moves inspired from Hell itself!  It’s funny or amazing actually my friend said how these diabolical who are all around us now, are using these concepts and history to take again, “to the father of lies to railroad people on the highway to destruction.”  It’s so good that I took a break from writing and saw his comments and wanted to answer at least one immediately, but the fascinating thing is I wrote about the Highway to Hell in my piece here just prior to reading my friends comments, and how this is all being orchestrated by the father of lies!  We have the same view it appears and this is good as an indicator that perhaps multitudes are seeing this as well and looking at it as a call to action to prepare in all regards to take heed on what is coming so we can together defend all that is good; and just do God’s will.

I’m determined and praying as I hope all is calm and peaceful there wherever you are, and let’s keep the right in focus as we try our best for the Lord!

“This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9

Faith in your heart sm print

Lawrence Morra   5/21/20


Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

48 thoughts on “Pandemic to Pandemonium”

    1. Hi Lia! Why thank you my dear Lady! I try to serve God and then to hear from you and anyone that finds any value in what I’m seeing and thinking to me is a blessing which humbles me more. Hey, maybe I even get something right once in a while; right! God bless you and yours friend. ! 😊 🙏 ❤

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      1. All so well said, and it’s just the same for me. It’s a true pleasure to get to know you and your work. Thanks, and likewise, Lawrence. 😊🙏💛🌟

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Great and thanks again Lia! See that, at least there’s a bit of good news every day, we just have to be careful not to overlook it as best we can. Have a lovely day and take care! All the same to you!!! 😊🙏💛🌟

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  1. Great, informative piece. I am very scared of what the future holds in store for us. I am fighting this fight too, but often times, it feels like I am fighting this all on my own. I am the bad guy because I DO NOT want Socialism, under any circumstances. I see what’s happening all around, but so many people just want to turn a blind eye, and don’t want to make waves. Like you so aptly said, ” how people can serve the beast or evil and not really think they do anything wrong but in most instances by not doing anything or speaking out against these deceivers; they are cooperating with the evil, thusly serving it!” It really scares me, but people think i am the problem for speaking up against it and for fighting against this evil called Socialism.

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    1. Hi Jeanne! Thank you for this excellent responding commentary here, and your being so vocal in acknowledging these major issues facing us all in this Nation under God. I hope I conveyed the most urgent points in such a way to help others to see the imperative we’re all facing and inspire them to remain alert and vigilant while hopefully doing so, that our collective prayers will be heard and answered to save our Nation and all of its great attributes along with the genuine Americans that I see as a good people like you, that want to help or stand ready to defend and protect. But I’m sorry it gets scary and we would be arrogant fools to not be intimidated at times. The serpentine sinister, master manipulators and con artists have been trying feverishly to get our backs against the wall slow but sure, where now the Dem party and their over the top horrendous criminal mutinous behavior is right out in the open with the MSM running the phony narratives and they don’t give a rats ass; that’s very telling in itself! Imagine trying to have no conscience or self-respect and mercy for others, I know you and I could never carry on like that! But here we are with multitudes of citizens and then supposed leaders that are very much OK with being like that. To me it’s like too many people have lost their moral compass or never had one and would sell their souls to the devil for some dope or material things and even just acceptance into the fold or herd. I’m hopeful though, that there still is a strong quieter silent majority that will not accept continuation of the same smoke and mirror trickery that’s been par for the course for a lot of years now. There are some very bad people with very bad plans moving forward to accomplish their agenda and it’s not for the sake of humanity, I know that! You’re so right, it is evil, and it would never be this projected idyllic utopia society the crazies are trying to sell the fools that are listening or have no clue, it would be complete and utter brutal control, communism! Let’s keep hopeful and seek guidance from above, one day at a time, as we move forward with hope and faith. thank you again and look forward to touching base more about these and any other important concerns along with just some fun interesting pastimes to share!~ 😉 👍

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      1. Well said. Even my own husband doesn’t completely get it. He doesn’t understand why I am SO scared and frustrated by all that’s happening all around us. And I don’t understand why he doesn’t get so worked up about all this stuff. Sadly, he has fallen into that complacency and is part of the problem too. We had a bit of spat about this very thing last night. I just don;t understand how any one c=who claims to love our country can just sit back and let all this happen, regardless of who they are. Is it just us?

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      2. Hi Jeanne! Sorry about the domestic spat over this subject matter and I hope I didn’t make matters worse or fan any flame!? It can be tough when family members can’t align on major or crucial matters that really can or will impact our lives greatly. I can understand though how some people just think they have no time to think about let alone be concerned about things they figure are out of their control. I get that at times around my area when out and about if I get into a conversation on political matters, some people clam right up while others will say the current status-quo is good enough and they aren’t going to change anything so they don’t stress over it all. I agree with the idea of not stressing but to me being cognizant and aware of the truth or facts is my responsibility as a human being or I might as well be a wild animal or jellyfish even, with no contemplative powers; but just taking whatever happens and going with it. I also think it has a lot to do with a philosophy or belief system to begin with because too many people these days are secular or very materialistic and they don’t put much emphasis on what’s really going on or where they’re headed in the big picture, so why bother with stuff if it doesn’t float their boat; so they tend to just like their given routine and pleasures. I’ve seen how that can be a rut which can be like for example saying I like being stoned all the time, so as long as I have a supply and can get spaced out I’m good, and I know some people like that as I’m sure you met a few over the years too! I never was into lying around zoning. To me maintaining good health and one’s outlook in all regards is a best way to live.
        Some people would just say to me with my outlook, yea, OK to each his own. But I bet what you experience is very commonplace now with the upheavals in the world, and this pandemic really did slap or kick people to the curb, so its major and hard for people not to conflict over things now at some point!

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      3. YEP!!! Thank you for your concern and kind words. Larry and I are fine. It just kind of stung a bit more than I was expecting it to, especially since I didn’t see it coming. Oh well. Like I tell everyone all the time, I have big broad swimmer’s shoulders for a reason. Most of the time, things just roll right off, and this will too. I am a power swimmer, so my shoulders are built for holding the weight of the world. 🙂


      4. Dang, a power swimmer; and I wish I was, good for you! I mean, I can swim but a power swimmer, forget it, that is talent and real power through the whole body core! Awesome and great way to keep fit! Man, the eating thing you got it licked and now the fitness to boot, which is the deal you want!!! Hey keep that chin up, and you are power, don’t forget that! All the good feelings are always there tucked away in a safe place within all of that power! Awesome!🙂

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      5. Heyyyy!!!! It’s all true though and God bless you! 🙂 Still wish I could swim like that, mine was like my ice skating, ehh! I love watching a great swimmer doing laps! Tarzan and Jane were both great swimmers weren’t they? 😉👍 🇺🇸 🙏 🙏

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      6. Hey COOL… Yea “ME TARZAN YOU JANE” Johnny Weissmuller fame and Olympic Gold Hero! He was a heck of a swimmer I saw some movies with him actually diving and swimming and WOW! I bet he could swim the English Channel in his day or did? And you’d be right along aside doing it with him!
        I’d be filming the whole event from a boat real close by, so nothing goes wrong!!! 🙂

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      7. He might have swam the English Chanel. I’m not sure. I know I am definitely NOT ready for that. it is a 26 mile swim in COLD waters. The most I have ever swam in one swim is 4 miles or 6400 meters.


      8. I think I’ll go try to dream about a movie like that and I’m making it; because right now I have a sort of cold/flu thing happening and should get a nap! Feeling cruddy and all; so I’ll use my imagination and who knows maybe I’ll imagine this cold away! Try catching up later for sure! Totally to the max! Stay safe! 🙂

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  2. Hi Lawrence !
    Good article.

    The word ‘pandemonium’ was made up by John Millton for his work ‘Paradise Lost’ in 1667.
    You cite numerous examples of greater chaos being created in our world.
    Thanks for posting. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sally! Excellent reference to bring up here and I do solemnly appreciate it as you reminded me of my college days and all reading that included Paradise Lost along with Dante’s Inferno which are great masterpieces of literary importance and I just thought how in a way I wish I could go back for a redo and even dig deeper into o the literature and philosophies I was immersing my mind into back then when my hunger for knowledge was pure youthful exuberance and fascination. Chaos you said the central thought and key word here because that is what the evil one is pushing in order to gain the final upper hand with the human race! Done a pretty good job so far but I think his time to get kicked in the teeth and put into his shackled and totally subdued place is fast approaching!😊

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  3. Hey Lawerence🙋‍♀️ Hope u r feeling better? U already were sick b4. Dont like to hear that ur not feeling well again. Could maybe be allergens? I know I got hit with my allergies just the other day full throttle. Let me know. I worry


    1. Thank you so much dear friend and my sister in Christ! This is so astute and wise of you to bring this to our attention. I was not aware of this book and want to read it now that you brought it into my sight. I have been aware of exactly what you said here and how there has been a great deception perpetrated upon America and its people! This is a horrible state of confusion we’ve been thrust into and virtually it is the Third World War. This will not end pretty and discernment along with complete vigilance is imperative now for anyone who wishes to not be caught unaware and who wishes to do God’s will while they can. Please stay safe and keep in touch with me anytime you like to bring up anything your heart desires or just to wish each other well. My email is here listed at the bottom of each article page with author stats, to use if you should have anything to write to me about as well, that option is always available! I’m very moved by your thoughtful gesture here and I truly appreciate it. God bless you.
      Thank for the great comments here on this blog post!

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  4. the European Union is the Soviet Union part 2 instead of killing Christians on the street they are killing Christian culture


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    1. Perfectly said and you are 100% precisely correct! You see reality and are nobody’s fool fine Lady! What a blessing to have you and that you should come to this blog and make this appearance brings a tear to my eyes! This Communism is all an evil cancer that has infiltrated societies globally and not only is it Vis-a-Vis the Communists hell-bent on global conquest, but it is a plan straight from hell itself and all that is evil. I know we can be of great service to our Lord; but even in these simple ways with each other we are making a positive difference just as God wants us to. You bring inspiration and courage to the fore and I’m so thankful for you! Please take care and I feel great today knowing you are out there helping! I can’t say it enough and I tear here, God bless you.

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