James Woods Calls Out Bubba Wallace For Peddling ‘Noose’ Theory On CNN After FBI Ruled It Wasn’t

James Woods Calls Out Bubba Wallace For Peddling ‘Noose’ Theory On CNN After FBI Ruled It Wasn’t
j Uncategorized June 24, 2020
Jon’s Place Blog
Jun 24, 2020

By James Conrad

James Woods Bubba noose neck.jpg

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Only The Beginning by Lawrence Morra
“What no Al Sharpton in all of this by now?”
FBI Concludes No Hate Crime Took Place-Looks like it’s time for a huge pity party!

A lot of people are comparing this guy to Jussie Smollett…I actually think he’s WAY MORE arrogant and nasty https://t.co/pyp4yEunyM
— ✭ Wayne Dupree ✭ (@WayneDupreeShow) June 24, 2020

What no Al Sharpton in all of this by now? The guy who can lay claim to having made a fortune being the biggest mouthpiece, race baiting-race card playing expert, with the loudest mouth in the business; to whip this into more riots like he did for George Floyd? I’m dumbfounded, where are you Al, when the world needs more divisiveness, and wild crazy nights of burning, looting and rioting across America! Hey Bubba, what’s taking ya, can’t you get Jussie and big Al to join you for a major MSM junket to start blasting the world about how bad you have it and explain how there’s all this racial hate going down by whites all over the place? I’ll tell you this, I’m pretty fed up with the likes of the small minority of losers within the mostly sensible and hardworking Black community; but this smaller subgroup of malcontents who will never be happy think that they can still play the blame game for things that happened hundreds of years ago, as this old excuse that means nothing to us in the present as far as living our lives and accomplishing constructive things, rather than all the destruction and bellyaching that’s been transpiring the last several weeks! What kind of pitiful messed up people want to play these games and do so much injustice to others in the process with businesses and lives destroyed, and helping to cripple their hurting country!

Pelosi demon with graval docu

I know let’s get Nancy Pelosi to pray for you guys; that should really turn things around, her being such a lovely devout Catholic, Ms. “don’t mess with me,” Pelosi, such a compassionate human being that cares about the American people!

Lawrence Morra

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