Nancy Pelosi’s “Prayers” For President More Hex and Curse-Like Than “Prayerful”

Nancy Pelosi’s “Prayers” For President More Hex and Curse-Like Than “Prayerful”
Wake Up To The Truth
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Uncategorized June 19, 2020
By Judi McLeod —— Bio and Archives—November 23, 2019

“This is a very sad time for our country. There is no joy in this,” she said. “We must be somber, we must be prayerful and we must pursue the facts further to make a decision as to, Did this violate the Constitution of the United States? Which I believe it did.”
“Pelosi’s appearance at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin on Saturday comes just four days after she announced the U.S. House of Representatives would pursue a formal impeachment inquiry of Trump.
“I’m heartbroken about it. I would just have hoped that there would be something exculpatory, something that would say, ‘This is not what it seems to be,’ but that’s not where we are right now,” she added. “I think that right now there’s a cover up of the cover up. This really goes beyond.”

Pelosi demon with graval web

Zero Lift-Off by Lawrence Morra
Only The Beginning
“If Nancy Pelosi is a Catholic, then I’m Cinderella”

We all should know by now how Nancy prays or more importantly to whom! I’m a Catholic ranting in front of the MSM Nancy is no Catholic by any stretch of the imagination! I was brought up as a Catholic and have been my whole life, knowing that what she says and does its impossible for her to be a member of the Catholic Church while she advocates full term day of delivery abortion along with all of the Leftist, atheist, fascist, same sex marriage, transgender sex change, paganism, Communism, lying, cheating and stealing from the American people, and as if that weren’t enough, she is full in on the New World Order agenda ushering in the antichrist! This most despicable evil human being saying she is a Catholic is akin to me saying I’m Cinderella! And, we know I’ll never be Cinderella; so let’s dispense with this rubbish of her being a Catholic from the get-go! She is the enemy to not only Americans but to any decent God fearing human being! She is damned to hell!
I’m including an article that I wrote recently which though it has entertainment value which I know many of you will get a chuckle from; it does indeed drive home the fact that this is a very evil person we are talking about here, and the seriousness of the matter should never be overlooked! The second one will help give further perspective.
God bless you.
Lawrence Morra

Wake Up To The Truth

After all that’s been said and done, Pelosi would have us believe that she prays for rather than preys on President Donald Trump

By Judi McLeod —— Bio and ArchivesNovember 23, 2019

Nancy Pelosi’s Prayers For President  More Hex and Curse-Like Than Prayerful

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s oft mentioned “prayers” for President Trump are far more hex and curse-like than prayerful.

Pelosi, a Catholic who unabashedly advocates abortion,  tosses the terms “prayer” and “prayerful” around almost as frequently as she and her Democrat colleagues screech: “Impeach!”

Pelosi has long presented herself as “heartbroken and prayerful” as the Dems move forward with their televised impeachment ‘inquiry’, many call a ”sham”.

Her most recent reference to “prayerful” was this:

“This is a very sad time for our country. There is no joy in this. We must be somber, we must be prayerful, and we must pursue the facts further to make a decision as to ‘Did this violate the Constitution of…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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29 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi’s “Prayers” For President More Hex and Curse-Like Than “Prayerful””

    1. Wicked isn’t harsh enough, that witch is evil and done for; by God! Doesn’t bat an eyelash about all the lies and treason she and Schiff drummed up to make a false impeachment! In earlier times they would have faced a firing squad already and deservedly!

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      1. Its way past the time that they should all be in GITMO! Not sure what it means anymore because they made up a false charge from lies and secret meetings to frame the President and here we have proof positive evidence some that was played out right in front of everyone’s eyes and these creatures are walking around? The only thing I can figure unless they are all crooked and playing the game is that they know if they start bagging all these high officials they will need to declare Marshall Law and the country will go into something the likes of which we never have seen before. This is one huge explosive mess!
        That SOB Schumer I just read was sobbing in the Senate over the SCOTUS decision for DACA! I’d love to get my hands on that low down piece of work making a show like that and pandering to all the minorities and at the same time showing how evil and insane he is! I can’t stand we have such bottom of the barrel evil people running our country it makes me sick that all the good people that went into harm’s way and kept America strong and great so these pieces of garbage can do what they are doing! I usually don’t get this upset and maybe the Dove event has me wound up but I’d love to mop the floor with that scum and show the world that you do what these crooked dirt bags do and you never get away with it the people get you! They got away with so much while that devil Obama was in for eight years destroying anything they touched. It’s so unconscionable what they are doing!

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      2. Exactly they got away with play acting to America for decades and now they are so used to it they think we’re all dummies and will not see right through them! He needs a slap that sinister Schumer! I can’t say here what Schiff needs!!!

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    2. My little Dove friend that I was tending to for months died at my hands and I was so hurt and wondering but now I know it was a sign that many are going to die before all this wickedness is out of the way! Like a sacrificial lamb and also to wake me up even more to all the details I can find and deal with! I don’t like animals suffering and I did give it comfort for over a couple of months when it would have been dead for sure, but the suffering death bothers me! Part of life my dad always would say to us about pain and suffering and he knew plenty about it firsthand all the way back to when he was a young man!

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      1. True up till I F**D up, and was a sleepy head not staying focused on the fact I was doing something different than the precise routine I had established and that should have put me on my toes even though it seemed harmless enough that always isn’t true or the case and hazards can be hidden in plain sight and easy to overlook unless well thought out; but I was not thinking of all potentialities or contingencies so all on me for not taking a couple of safe measure to prevent catastrophe or at least check in more frequently! In a sense i see it as watching children you won’t turn your back on them too long because that could be all it takes to allow a bad outcome. I’m still waiting on God to point more out to me about the why did it happen, what is the positive takeaway and hopefully it wasn’t as bad as I imagine it was for the Dove.

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      2. Well that is a nice thing to say but actually my best was not put forth, by my not just taking a little more time and giving more thought to what I did, then not allowing myself to be too distracted or sucked into other things until I knew I had the Dove situation under control. Sure people make mistakes and I sure did but I shouldn’t have is my dilemma; I was an ass! Like I say, I’m still waiting for God to tap me on the shoulder in His special way and let me know something was important about things turning out how they did.

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      3. I know when I had a dog die a few years back my mother said that and told me learn the lesson and now you will be that much better for the next one, but, I hate failing an innocent animal if it will cost its life. I did have a lady say you did so much because most people would have just left it lying on the ground and not care but still I should have done better is all.

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      4. Sorry that happened….it is rough having these four legged companions go through some of the hardship because as this nice lady vet I used to know told me we invest so much emotionally into our pets that it’s as hard and harder in some ways than losing a loved one. I had no disagreement with her on that! I went through hell losing a couple of my dogs over the last dozen years! I would say the physical suffering I’ve experienced doesn’t come close to my heart felt pain when it goes wrong and they are gone. I resolve it at some point but always miss them. I had written about this how I lost one of my dogs and spoke to a priest I knew pretty well and told him I have to see them again in any existence I’m heading to after this ends. He said, “With God all things are possible.” That helped mend my broken heart but to seal the deal was when he said, “Just remember what dog spelled backwards spells,” as he smiled! I left right then and said, “that’s it God answered me today!”

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      5. Never; that was why I had that talk with the priest/friend, also an EMT who I knew had some wisdom and a good heart to share, and he made the difference a few times for me, but sadly not many years after he got cancer and died. Life is a battle field.

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